Acta Crystallographica Section A

Foundations of Crystallography

Volume 56 Part 4 (July 2000)

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Abramov, Y., p. 332

Chang, S.-L., p. 394
Chao, C.-H., p. 394
Chen, C.-K., p. 394
Coppens, P., p. 332

Dirl, R., p. 401
Dmitrienko, V. E., p. 340

Gatti, C., p. 332
Goodman, P., p. 359

Huang, Y.-S., p. 394

Juretschke, H. J., p. 394

Kopský, V., p. 370

Leoni, S., p. 383
Litvin, D. B., p. 370
Lunin, V. Y., p. 375
Lunina, N. L., p. 375

Nesper, R., p. 383

Ovchinnikova, E. N., p. 340

Saitoh, K., p. 359
Sokolis, D. P., p. 319
Stetsko, Y. P., p. 394

Tanaka, M., p. 359
Terauchi, M., p. 359
Theocaris, P. S., p. 319
Tsuda, K., p. 359

Urzhumtsev, A. G., p. 375

Volkov, A., p. 332

Welberry, T. R., p. 348

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