Acta Crystallographica Section A

Foundations of Crystallography

Volume 64 (2008)

cumulative author index

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Aagaard, C., p. C282
Aakeroy, C. B., p. C114
Abakumov, A. M., p. C120
Abbas, N., p. C52
Abbas, Y., p. C543
Abbas, Y. M., p. C470
Abbey, B., p. C119, C129
Abdala, P. M., p. C631
Abdeltawab, I., p. C470
Abdeltwab, E., p. C543
Abdubek, P., p. C361
Abe, A., p. C311
Abe, E., p. C533, C601, C621
Abe, H., p. C432, C479, C532, C619
Abe, K., p. C557
Abe, M., p. C254
Abe, T., p. C65, C130
Abe, Y., p. C166, C449, C529, C635
Abela, R., p. C49, C140, C196
Abidin, Z., p. C505
Abrahams, B. F., p. C407
Abrahams, J. P., p. C75
Abrosimov, N. V., p. C441
Abu-Youssef, M. A., p. C467
Abukhader, M. M., p. C365
Abul-Kashem, M., p. C44
Aburaya, K., p. C390, C444, C446
Acton, T. B., p. C363
Acuna, L. M., p. C631
Adachi, H., p. C27, C232, C235, C243, C244, C246, C246, C247, C247, C309, C556, C571, C572, C572, C573
Adachi, K., p. C585
Adachi, M., p. C244, C247, C371
Adachi, N., p. C377
Adachi, O., p. C242
Adachi, S., p. C49, C204, C358
Adachi, W., p. C522
Adam, A., p. C543
Adam, A. A., p. C470
Adams, C. J., p. C475
Adams, P., p. C364
Adams, P. D., p. C22, C44
Adams, T. G., p. C347
Adhami, F., p. C56
Adiguzel, O., p. C600
Adipranoto, D. S., p. C186, C463
Adir, N., p. C231, C330, C334
Adir, V., p. C231
Adschiri, T., p. C19, C494, C590
Aehle, W., p. C257
A Fantini, M. C., p. C533
Afonine, P. V., p. C22
Agapova, E. I., p. C459
Agari, Y., p. C290, C361, C361, C362
Aghabozorg, H., p. C398, C480, C484, C484
Ago, H., p. C258
Agui, A., p. C556
Aguilar, M., p. C634
Ahlgrén, M., p. C485
Ahn, D., p. C180, C543
Ahn, H.-C., p. C257
Ahuja, R., p. C42
Aida, Y., p. C329
Airenne, T., p. C245
Aishima, J., p. C37
Aitipamula, S., p. C476
Aitken, J. A., p. C510
Aizawa, K., p. C186
Ajeigbe, N. A., p. C640
Ajima, T., p. C185
Akahoshi, D., p. C510
Akai, Y., p. C375, C377
Akaogi, M., p. C490
Akasaka, M., p. C502, C502, C503
Akasaka, R., p. C278
Akasaka, T., p. C490
Akashi, M., p. C563
Akashi, S., p. C121, C332
Akaska, M., p. C501
Akatsuka, T., p. C421, C421
Akazome, M., p. C391
Akella, R., p. C357
Akey, D. L., p. C35
Akhtar, M., p. C250
Akimoto, T., p. C380
Akiniwa, Y., p. C630
Akio, T., p. C175
Akita, Y., p. C399
Akitsu, T., p. C416
Akiyama, S., p. C92
Akiyoshi, M., p. C269
Akutagawa, T., p. C407
Akutsu, M., p. C276, C317
Alagiri, S., p. C345
Albanesi, D., p. C26
Albanez, J., p. C408
Albayrak, C., p. C388
Alberola, A. J., p. C128
Albesa-Jove, D., p. C355
Albrecht, L., p. C397
Alekseev, E. V., p. C505
Alekseeva, O. A., p. C453, C459
Alessio, E., p. C410
Alexandrov, G., p. C466
Alexanyan, H. A., p. C513, C528
Ali, H. M., p. C412
Ali, Z., p. C543
Ali, Z. A., p. C470
Alig, E., p. C391
Aliouane, N., p. C473, C518, C519
Alkorta, I., p. C566
Allaire, M., p. C175
Allali-Hassani, A., p. C343
Allen, A. J., p. C555
Allen, F. H., p. C443, C487
Allen, L. J., p. C65
Allen, M. D., p. C134
Allibon, J. R., p. C637
Allix, M., p. C127
Alpaslan, G., p. C394
Altomare, A., p. C19, C94, 326
Alzari, P. M., p. C26
Amado, D. F., p. C394
Amano, H., p. C252
Amanokura, N., p. C387
Amarantov, S. V., p. C226
Amaro-Luis, J. M., p. C382
Amemiya, Y., p. C44, C124
Ames, B. D., p. C285
Amirkhanyan, Z., p. C172, C577
Amstutz, P., p. C272
Amunts, A., p. C111
Amzel, L. M., p. C79
An, J. Y., p. C320
Ananda, S., p. C587
Andersen, J.-P., p. C90
Andersen, R. J., p. C346
Andersen, S. J., p. C606
Anderson, I. S., p. C137
Anderson, R., p. C232
Andersson, C., p. C98
Ando, H., p. C607
Andre, G., p. C127, C519
Andre, V., p. C477
Andreev, Y., p. C62
Andrell, J., p. C252
Androulaki, M., p. C306
Androulakis, S., p. C153
Andrzejewski, B., p. C642
Ang, S. G., p. C416
Angelkort, J., p. C102
Angkawidjaja, C., p. C253
Anil Kumar, G. N., p. C395, C396
Antao, S., p. C28
Antipin, M. Y., p. C382, C488
Antipov, E. A., p. C120
Antipov, E. V., p. C448, C451
Antonangeli, D., p. C544
Antonenko, A. A., p. C574
Antonio, M. R., p. C406
Antonov, V. E., p. C432
Antony, P., p. C324
Antonyuk, S., p. C101, C110
Aoki, K., p. C354, C522, C533, C607, C610, C621
Aoki, T., p. C222
Aoyagi, S., p. C145, C208, C609
Aoyama, H., p. C288, C289, C370
Apolloni, A., p. 549
Aracne, C., p. C544
Arafune, K., p. C489
Arai, M., p. C186, C189
Arai, S., p. C337
Arai, T., p. C292
Araiso, Y., p. C25
Arakawa, E., p. C16
Arakcheeva, A., p. C618
Araki, H., p. C615
Araki, K., p. C452
Aranda, M. A. G., p. C629
Arapan, S., p. C205
Arata, Y., p. C338
Araujo, M. B., p. C448
Archer, J., p. C637
Aree, T., p. C419
Argyriou, D., p. C518
Argyriou, D. N., p. C126, C519, C622
Arici, C., p. C417
Arima, H., p. C67
Arima, T., p. C524, C576, C605
Arimori, T., p. C275
Arisaka, F., p. C339
Arisawa, A., p. C291
Arita, K., p. C246, C305
Aritake, K., p. C344, C367
Ariyada, O., p. C88
Ariyoshi, M., p. C246, C305
Arjuna Gowda, K. V., p. C385
Armstrong, J. A., p. C499
Arnold, E., p. C37, C164, C241, C348
Arora, K., p. C209
Aroyo, M. I., p. C160, C527
Arrowsmith, C., p. C580, C632
Arrowsmith, C. H., p. C276
Arslan, B. N., p. C417
Arslan, H., p. C404, C445
Artsimovitch, I., p. C15, C332
Artz, J., p. C632
Artzner, F., p. C123
Aruga, K., p. C426
Arvanitis, D., p. C98, C106, C147
Asada, Y., p. C234, C487
Asahara, Y., p. C497
Asahi, H., p. C217, C593
Asahi, T., p. C433
Asai, N., p. C310
Asaka, G., p. C103
Asaka, T., p. C510, C519, C524
Asakura, K., p. C550
Asamizu, S., p. C295
Asano, T., p. C376
Asano, Y., p. C259
Asaoka, S., p. C175
Ascone, I., p. C53, C294
Ashaks, J., p. C418
Ashida, H., p. C261
Ashida, Y., p. C393
Ashton, A., p. C173, C174
Askhabov, A. M., p. C593
Aslanov, L. A., p. C95
Aslantas, M., p. C177
Aso, N., p. C525
Asyarie, S., p. C436
Atake, T., p. C463
Atakol, O., p. C417
Atchley, K. M., p. C188
Athay, R., p. C28, C364
Atomi, H., p. C292
Attar Gharamaleki, J., p. C484
Atwood, J. L., p. C24
Au, S. W.-N., p. C328
Au-Alvarez, O., p. C442
Auluck, S., p. 368
Austen, F., p. C258
Austin, B. P., p. C335
Authier, A., p. 337
Avdeev, M., p. C75
Awuah Asiamah, I., p. C45
Azaz, D. A., p. C417
Azul, H., p. C490
Azumaya, I., p. C478

Baasov, T., p. C381
Baba, N., p. C274
Baba, S., p. C177, C202, C262, C264, C264, C265, C270
Baba, Y., p. C279
Babaev, E. V., p. C386
Babaryk, A. A., p. C588
Bacchi, A., p. C474
Badea, R. A., p. C233
Badica, P., p. C558
Bae, W. J., p. C307
Baechli, H., p. C176
Baehtz, C., p. C59
Baerlocher, C., p. C213, C213
Bagautdinov, B., p. C439
Baggio, R. F., p. C561
Bähtz, C., p. C616
Bai, Y., p. C90
Baik, S., p. 192, C524
Bairava Ganesh, R., p. C489
Baisch, U., p. C487
Bajt, S., p. C118
Bak-Misiuk, J., p. C147, C441
Bakalova, N., p. C323
Baker, D., p. C428
Baker, D. W., p. C426
Baker, E., p. C353
Baker, E. N., p. C168, C357, C376, C639, C639, C639
Baker, H. M., p. C357
Baker, M., p. C354
Baker, M. L., p. C46
Baker, P. J., p. C349
Baklanova, I. V., p. C468
Balaji, A. K., p. C386
Balakrishnan, G., p. C33
Balas, M., p. C194
Balasu, M. C., p. C233
Balasubramanian, M., p. C157
Balasundaresan, D., p. C110
Balcewich, M. D., p. C341
Baldaniya, B. B., p. C398
Balic-Zunic, T., p. C498, C608, C617
Ban, C., p. C375
Bán, M., p. C545
Ban, T., p. C513
Banaszak, K., p. C253
Banci, L., p. C110
Bandeiras, T. M., p. C272
Bandwar, R., p. C37
Bannani, F., p. C481
Banshchikov, A. G., p. C556
Bansil, A., p. C138
Baran, J., p. C453
Baranauskiene, L., p. C349
Barannikova, S. A., p. C456
Barbour, L. J., p. C125, C486
Bardhan, J. P., p. C219
Barinka, C., p. C315
Barla, A., p. C106
Barr, A. J., p. C38
Barr, G., p. C488
Barrett, T., p. C80
Barsky, I., p. C452
Bartlam, M., p. 204
Bartoloni, P., p. C637
Bartunik, H., p. C340, C346
Barty, A., p. C118
Baruman, J. D., p. C37
Bashkin, I. O., p. C432
Basso, S., p. C27, C372
Basu, I., p. C357
Basu, J. K., p. C119
Batat, P., p. C28, C205
Batdemberel, G., p. C441
Bate, M., p. C153
Bathori, N. B., p. C82
Bats, J. W., p. C391
Batsanov, A. S., p. C442
Battaile, K., p. C632
Batten, S. R., p. C483
Bau, R., p. 12, C186
Bauchau, S., p. C610
Bauer, G., p. C9
Bauman, J., p. C241, C348
Baumeister, W., p. C4
Baumer, V. N., p. C588
Baumli, S., p. C122
Baumstark, M. W., p. C198, C336
Baykara, S. Z., p. C530
Bazterra, V., p. C226
Beale, T. A. W., p. C575
Beasley, A. G., p. C131, C136
Beaud, P., p. C49, C140, C196
Becker, B., p. C161
Becker, M., p. C35, C179
Becker, P. J., p. C54
Beckers, D., p. C633
Bedi, R. K., p. C454
Begum, A., p. C263
Beissbarth, T., p. C232
Beitelman, A. D., p. C384
Beitz, A., p. C153
Beja, A. A., p. C415
Bekoe, S. L., p. C639
Belaj, F., p. C219
Belakhov, V., p. C381
Belicchi-Ferrari, M., p. C403
Belik, A. A., p. C519
Belio-Reyes, I., p. C60
Belkhiria, M. S., p. C414
Belsley, M., p. C384
Belviso, B. D., p. C94
Belyakov, S., p. C414, C418
Ben-Ari, E., p. C440
Ben-Shimon, A., p. C445
Benatia, J., p. C635
Benavente, J., p. C308
Bendeif, E., p. C567
Bendeif, E.-E., p. C438
Bendeliani, N., p. C492
Benedetti, L. R., p. C544
Benedetti, S., p. C555
Benhamed, K., p. C224
Benn, R., p. C179
Benning, M., p. C161
Bentley, P. M., p. C189
Benz, J., p. C259
Berar, J.-F. J., p. C192
Berger, I. F., p. C510
Bergfors, T. M., p. C47
Berglund, H., p. C143
Berkemeier, F., p. C331
Berman, H., p. C3
Berman, H. M., p. 88, C155, C364
Berman, L. E., p. C175, C177
Bernardinelli, G., p. 484
Bernhard, R., p. C194
Bernot, K., p. C416
Bernstein, H. J., p. C160, C195
Bernstein, J., p. C135, C447, C452
Bertini, I., p. C110
Bertrand, T., p. C355
Besnard, C., p. C27, C372
Bessho, Y., p. C361, C361
Bethanis, K., p. 450
Betz, K., p. C143
Betzel, C., p. C48, C314, C357
Beyerlein, K., p. C597
Bezdicka, P., p. C159
Bezirard, V., p. C319
Bezirganyan, H. P., p. C182
Bezirganyan, S. E., p. C182, C563
Bezirganyan Jr, H. H., p. C182
Bezirganyan Jr, P. H., p. C182
Bezjak, J., p. C145
Bezrodna, T., p. C453
Bhadbhade, M. M., p. C425, C568
Bhaskar, A., p. C59
Bhat, T. N., p. C164
Bhati, M., p. C349
Bhaumik, P., p. C271
Bhowmick, T., p. C342
Bian, W., p. C564
Bienz, M., p. C319
Biermanns, A., p. C591
Biertuempfel, C., p. C69
Bigelow, L., p. C240
Bijelic, M., p. C542
Bilani-Zeneli, O., p. C462
Billing, D. G., p. C455, C455, C512
Billinge, S. J. L., p. C7, C62, 631
Binda, C., p. C37
Bing, L., p. C79
Binz, K., p. C272
Binzet, G., p. C445
Biou, V., p. C333
Birumachi, A., p. C185
Bisceglie, F., p. C403
Bishop, R., p. C392
Bisson, W., p. 214
Biswas, S., p. C249
Blaauw, L. V., p. C573
Blaber, M., p. C627
Black, R. S., p. C455
Blakeley, M., p. C367
Blakeley , M. P., p. C100
Blakeley, M. P., p. C101
Blanco, F. J., p. C239
Bland, S. R., p. C575
Blangy, S., p. C326, C334
Bläser, D., p. C115
Blaszczyk, M. P., p. C440
Blat-Yrieix, M., p. C604
Bleloch, A. L., p. C65
Bleuet, P., p. C54, C183
Blount, J. W., p. C256
Blum, A., p. C344
Blum, M.-M., p. C280, C371
Blundell, T. L., p. C10, C374
Bobeth, M., p. C465
Boccaleri, E., p. C41
Bochkarev, A., p. C276, C580
Boctor, N. Z., p. C609
Boer, R., p. C105
Boese, R., p. C57, C115, C447
Boettcher, J., p. C344
Boeyens, J. C. A., p. C545
Bogan, M., p. C118
Bogani, L., p. C416
Bohnsack, D., p. C146
Bokhimi, X., p. C597, C634
Bolanos-Garcia, V. M., p. C374
Boldyreva, E. V., p. C34, C53, 218, C453
Bolotina, N., p. C492
Bombicz, P., p. C545
Bombicz, P. A., p. C390
Bond, A. D., p. C447
Bondareva, V. M., p. C531
Bonev, S. A., p. C63
Bong, S. M., p. C365
Bonnete, F., p. C200
Bonneville, M., p. C314
Borca, C. N., p. C49
Borchert, T., p. C284, C365
Bordallo, H. N., p. C34, C53
Bordet, P., p. C519
Borel, F., p. C295
Borisov, M. M., p. C574
Borisova, I. V., p. C412
Borissova, A., p. C473
Borkar, S., p. C413
Borkovcova, P., p. C319
Borkowski, L., p. C608
Borkowski, L. A., p. C609
Borochowitz, Z., p. C231
Borovilos, M., p. C240
Borowiak, T., p. C429, C444
Bortel, G., p. C197
Bortoleto, J. R., p. C592
Bosak, A., p. 598
Boscherini, F., p. C555
Botoshansky, M., p. C381
Bott, R., p. C257
Botton, G., p. C66
Boudet, N., p. C192
Bouexiere, D., p. C492
Bouhmaida, N., p. C21
Boukli-hacene, L., p. C224
Boullay, P., p. C145
Boulle, A., p. C106
Bourenkov, G., p. C340
Bourgeois, L., p. C597
Bourhis, L., p. C148, C218, C219
Bourhis, L. J., p. C18
Bourne, S. A., p. C82
Boutet, S., p. C118
Bouyanfif, H., p. C521
Bovezeau, V., p. C315
Bovornratanaraks, T., p. C608
Bowler, D. R., p. C548
Bowron, D. T., p. C66
Bowyer, A., p. C250
Boyer, P., p. C241
Brabers, V. A. M., p. C575
Bracher, A., p. C352
Bradley, J. A., p. C157
Brady, L., p. C342
Braga, D., p. C487
Brammer, L., p. C81, C92
Bramnik, N. N., p. C59
Bramwell, S. T., p. C152
Brandao-Neto, J., p. C173, C173, C174
Brandt, A.-M., p. C245
Brastianos, H., p. C346
Braun, C., p. C493
Braun, D., p. C206
Braun, H. F., p. C508
Brayer, D. G., p. C263
Brayer, G. D., p. C257, C346
Brayshaw, S. K., p. C399
Breiby, D. W., p. C520
Breit, S. N., p. C436
Bressler, C., p. C49
Breugnon, P., p. C192
Brey, G., p. C452
Breza, M., p. C128
Briand, L., p. C319
Bricogne, G., p. C78, C113
Bridges, C. A., p. C127
Briggs, J., p. C348
Brito, I., p. C356, C408
Brock, C. P., p. C115, C167
Brockhauser, S., p. C51
Broennimann, C., p. C112, C162, C192
Bronstein, L. M., p. C459
Brooks, L., p. C392
Brooks, N. J., p. C53, C613
Brosius, J., p. 560, 564, 571
Brostromer, E., p. C198, C274
Broughton, S. E., p. C232
Brown, B., p. C317
Brown, B. L., p. C143
Brown, C. K., p. C286
Brown, C. M., p. C84
Brown, D., p. C458
Brown, E. N., p. C163
Brown, K. A., p. C355
Bruce, P. G., p. C62
Bruening, J., p. C391
Brunelli, M., p. C92, C392, C472
Bruno-Colmenarez, J., p. C382
Brynda, J., p. C638
Brzuszkiewicz, A., p. C366
Buatong, N., p. C417
Bubnova, R. S., p. C494, C504
Buch-Pedersen, M., p. C112
Buchsteiner, A., p. C53
Bucio, L., p. C60, C605
Bucio Galindo, L., p. C427
Buckle, A. M., p. C153
Budzianowski, A., p. C612
Buergi, H.-B., p. C30
Bujacz, G., p. C352
Bujnicki, J. M., p. C305
Bulgan, G., p. C441
Bull, C. L., p. C610, C613
Bunick, G. J., p. C101
Bunker, R. D., p. C639
Buosi, V., p. C333
Burgess, A. W., p. C347
Burgess-Brown, N., p. C306
Burkholder, L., p. C97
Burkholder, R., p. C172
Burla, M. C., p. C94
Burley, S. K., p. C29
Burrows, S. R., p. C316
Bursey, E. H., p. C364
Burt, M., p. C37
Burtnick, L., p. C235
Burton, D. R., p. C58
Busbongthong, S., p. C25
Buschiazzo, A., p. C26
Buschmann, J., p. C567
Busetto, E., p. C555
Busse, G., p. C49, C197, C442
Butcher, R. J., p. C451
Butler, D., p. C174
Butler, P. J. G., p. C319
Butun, V., p. C205
Buyukgungor, O., p. C385, C387, C388, C394
Buzard, G., p. C342
Byrappa, K., p. C20, C494, C587
Byrne, M. L., p. C364
Byrne, P. J., p. C536

C.-C Chen, C.-C, p. C140
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Elmer, A., p. C284
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Enzo, S., p. C637
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Ernst, H. A., p. C306
Ernst, S. R., p. C278
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Ezreena, N., p. C103

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Fabian, L., p. C93, C443
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Facelli, J. C., p. C226
Faigel, G., p. C197
Faik, A., p. C546
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Fairweather, N., p. C355
Fairweather, V., p. C342
Fait, J., p. C77, C179, C217
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Fan, Y., p. C240
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Farh, L., p. C304
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Feller, M., p. C440
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Feng, Y., p. C98
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Ferguson, G., p. C167
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Ferraris, G., p. C491
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Fischer, S. F., p. C328
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Francoual, S., p. C142
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Frank, J., p. C47
Frank, M., p. C118
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Frankel, D., p. C194
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Fukui, K., p. C361, C417
Fukui, M., p. C620
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Fusco, A., p. C304
Fusco, M. L., p. C58

Gabbrielli, R., p. 430
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Galvao, D. S., p. C552
Galy, J., p. C215
Gamble, C., p. C450
Gamez, P., p. C571
Gan, J., p. C374
Gan, L., p. C91
Gan, Y., p. C156
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Gándara, F., p. C440
Gandara, F., p. C537, C537, C538, C625
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Gao, Y.-G., p. C350
Gao, Y.-Q., p. C338
Gaponov, Y., p. C174
Garbarino, G., p. C610
Garcia, F., p. C180
Garcia, J. R., p. C536
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Garcia-Ruiz, J., p. C244
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Gatti, C., p. C70
Gaudin, E., p. C422
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Gawel, B., p. C482
Gayou, V., p. C592
Gee, C. L., p. C344
Geerligs, B. L. J., p. C425
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Gehrke, R., p. C44
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Genzel, C., p. C105
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Ghosh, S., p. C342
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Gibson, L. M., p. C348
Giege, R., p. C240
Giffard, M., p. C200
Gilardi, R. D., p. C451
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Gillet, J., p. C54
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Girard, E., p. C53, C179, C294, C298
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Giustetto, R., p. 161
Gjønnes, J., p. C7
Gladden, L. F., p. C421
Glaettner, B., p. C31
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Glettig, W., p. C176
Glinnemann, J., p. C224
Glockshuber, R., p. C264
Glowka, M. L., p. C440
Glukhov, I. V., p. C412
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Goetz, F., p. C269
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Goishi, Y., p. C502
Goldman, A., p. C351
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Golovenko, D., p. C349
Gomez, C. P., p. C624, C624
Gomez-Lor, B., p. C537, C538
Gomez-Sal, P., p. C405
Gomi, S., p. C274
Gompper, G., p. C420
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Gordon, R., p. C632
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Gore, D. B., p. C196
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Gorman, M. A., p. C354
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Goto, T., p. C254, C432
Goto, Y., p. C43
Gotoh, Y., p. C507
Gottschalch, V., p. C591
Goubitz, K., p. C632
Gouda, M., p. C234, C318
Goulet, A., p. C68
Gourhant, P., p. C179
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Gozzo, F., p. C94
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Grabowski, B., p. C96
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Gray, J., p. C153
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Green, M. L., p. C555
Green, S., p. C37
Gregory, S., p. C173
Gregory, S. T., p. C374
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Grellier, M., p. C403
Grenzer, J., p. C591
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Gruner, S. M., p. C151, C191
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Gryl, M., p. C487
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Gu, G., p. C33
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Guenther, G., p. C147
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Guerry, P., p. C357
Guettler, S., p. C353
Guevara-Garcia, A., p. C402
Guguta, C., p. C149
Guharoy, M., p. C627
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Guillon, D., p. C32
Guillot, B., p. C368, C368, C438, C565
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Guncar, G., p. C251
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Gutmann, M. J., p. C224
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Guttman, D. S., p. C252
Guzei, I. A., p. C473

Ha, B. H., p. C257
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Hallworth, G. L., p. C514
Hamada, M., p. C502
Hamanaka, T., p. C341
Hambraeus, G., p. C273
Hamiaux, C., p. C353
Hamilton, A. J., p. C628
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Han, J., p. C389
Han, T. H., p. C479
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Hara, A., p. C342, C354
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In, Y., p. C360
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Izumori, K., p. C266

Jablonski, M., p. C502
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James, S. L., p. C40
James, T., p. C341
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Jang, J. Y., p. C254
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Jaouen, N., p. C102
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Jean, J., p. C48
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Jeong, D.-G., p. C363
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Jiang, J., p. C323
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Jiao, X., p. C28
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Manakova, E., p. C349
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Martins, T. S., p. C536
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Maruyama, Y., p. C68
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Oommachen, S., p. C176
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Orduna-Diaz, A., p. C634
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Orville, A. M., p. C177
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Oshima, W., p. C210
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Ourmazd, A., p. C108, 303
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Own, C. S., p. C76
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Ozek, A., p. C387
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Pace, S., p. C34, C507
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Paek, S., p. C357
Paes, G., p. C283
Paetzke, N., p. C158
Paetzold, B., p. C269
Page, R., p. C143, C317
Pai, E., p. C632
Pai, E. F., p. C259
Paixão, J. A., p. C415
Pakawatchai, C., p. C408
Pakhomov, A. A., p. C230
Paku, K., p. C235
Pal, A., p. C342
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Palacios, A., p. C239
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Palatinus, L., p. C18, C149, C200
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Pan, X.-S., p. C307
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Pan, Z., p. C256
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Pang, X., p. C249
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Panjikar, S., p. C78, C80
Pantoja-Uceda, D., p. C239
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Papageorgiou, T., p. C508
Pappas, C., p. C189
Parajo, Y., p. C105
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Parise, J. B., p. C59
Park, A.-K., p. C232
Park, E., p. C277
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Park, H., p. C363
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Park, H.-W., p. C343
Park, H. M., p. C533
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Park, J. S., p. C479
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Paszkowicz, W., p. C616
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Pena, L., p. C586
Pena-Sierra, R., p. C586
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Peters, L., p. C73
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Pickard, C. J., p. C43
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Pillet, S., p. C433
Piltz, R., p. C187
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Pimienta, I., p. C226
Pinkerton, A., p. C570
Pinotsis, N., p. C67, C331
Pinsard-Gaudart, L., p. C99
Pinto, J. L., p. C394
Piotrowski, T., p. C109
Pisarska, J., p. C513
Pisarski, W. A., p. C513
Piskin, M. B., p. C216, C482, C532
Piskin, S., p. C481, C530
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Pitt, M., p. C473
Pitteloud, C., p. C534
Pitts, J., p. C80
Pizzo, E., p. C356
Platero-Prats, A. E., p. C440
Pletnev, S., p. C311
Pletnev, S. V., p. C230
Pletnev, V., p. C311
Pletnev, V. Z., p. C230
Pletneva, N., p. C311
Pletneva, N. V., p. C230
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Plutecka, A., p. C393
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Pol, V., p. C146
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Portnov, V. N., p. C588
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Posse, J. M., p. C525
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Poulsen, H. F., p. C19, C182
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Prugovecki, B., p. C633
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Puttaraja, p. C395, C396, C396
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Pyzalla, A. R., p. C169

Qiu, S., p. C125
Qiu, X., p. C638
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Quartieri, S., p. C85
Quevedo, W., p. C442
Quilici, R., p. C51
Quintin, J., p. C315
Qureshi, N., p. C139

Raatz, A., p. C96
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Radha Krishna, J., p. C386
Rae, A. D., p. C201, C409
Rae, N. A., p. C180
Rafalska-Lasocha, A., p. C482
Rageau, A., p. C217
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Rahnam, M., p. C594
Rai, L. K. M., p. C587
Raines, K., p. C140
Raison, P. E., p. C492
Raithby, P. R., p. C50, C399
Rajashankar, K., p. C178
Rajeev, A., p. C205
Rajni Kant, V., p. C381
Ralph, A. C., p. 698
Ramon, G., p. C392
Ramya, S., p. C230
Rankin, D. W. H., p. C221
Rao, V. B., p. C134
Rao, Z., p. C5, 204
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Ratajczak, R., p. C599
Ratcliffe, C., p. C611
Rathbone, D. L., p. C383
Raty, J., p. C63
Rauvala, H., p. C351
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Reh, G., p. C26
Rehak, P., p. C162
Reibold, M., p. C158
Reich, K., p. 432
Reid, H., p. C232
Reid, J. S., p. C418
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Reilly, R., p. C411
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Renaud, J.-P., p. C641
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Richter, S., p. C284
Rick, C., p. C140
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Riegler, J., p. C20
Riktor, M. D., p. C473
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Ritschel, T., p. C344
Ritter, C., p. C55
Ritter, S., p. C336, C462, C465
Rius, J., p. C212, 670
Rivas, G., p. C337
Rivera-Lopez, F., p. C467, C468
Rivera-Otero, E., p. C63
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Rizkallah, P. J., p. C338
Rizo, J., p. C79
Rizzi, R., p. C19, C94, 326
Robach, O., p. C17
Robeyns, K., p. C299
Robinson, B. H., p. C56
Robinson, H., p. C175
Robinson, H. H., p. C177
Robinson, I. K., p. C86
Robinson, J., p. C251
Robinson, R., p. C235
Robson, R., p. C407
Roccamante, M., p. C176
Roces, L., p. C402
Rochel, N., p. C324
Rodewald, U. C., p. C127
Rodi, D. J., p. C196
Rodic, I., p. C178
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Rodriguez, J. A., p. C67
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Rodriguez-Mijangos, R., p. C481
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Roetti, C., p. C70
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Romano, A., p. C507
Romanowski, P., p. C147, C441
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Roos, A. K., p. C38
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Rosales, I., p. C605
Rosales Chavez, I., p. C427
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Rothkirch, A., p. C44
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Rougier, A., p. C67
Rousse, G., p. C519
Roussel, A., p. C315
Roussel, P., p. C523
Roussier, L., p. C179
Routaboul, L., p. C22
Roy, S., p. C249
Roy, V. A. L., p. C546
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Ruzicka, J., p. C515
Ryan, K., p. C348
Ryan, M. T., p. C354
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Saavedra, J., p. C342
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