Acta Crystallographica Section A

Foundations of Crystallography

Volume 65 Part 3 (May 2009)

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Altomare, A., p. 183
Arezoomand, M., p. 249
Authier, A., p. 167

Billinge, S. J. L., p. 232
Blatov, V. A., p. 202

Cuocci, C., p. 183

Farrow, C. L., p. 232

Giacovazzo, C., p. 183
Groves, M. N., p. 190

Huck, C., p. 240

Lamoen, D., p. 227

Maggi, S., p. 183
Moliterni, A., p. 183

Proserpio, D. M., p. 202

Rizzi, R., p. 183
Rosenauer, A., p. 227

Schowalter, M., p. 227
Singh, M. A., p. 190

Taeri, B., p. 249
Thimm, G., p. 213
Titantah, J. T., p. 227

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