Acta Crystallographica Section A

Foundations of Crystallography

Volume 67 (2011)

cumulative author index

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Ðakovic, M., p. C667
Ðilovic, I., p. C669

Aakeröy, C. B., p. C66
Aatiq, A., p. C578
Abad-Zapatero, C., p. C200, C287, C477
Abagyan, R., p. C17, C185
Abakumov, A., p. C191, C692, C759
Abakumov, A. M., p. C178, C648
Abbasian, M., p. C816
Abdala, P. M., p. C489, C493
Abdallah, A., p. C675, C675
Abdevali, F., p. C762
Abdulkhak, F., p. C581
Abe, E., p. C518, C622, C627
Abe, H., p. C419
Abe, Y., p. C529
Abell, C., p. C550
Abola, E. E., p. C739
Aboufadil, Y., p. C524
Aboulfadl, H., p. C796
Abourahma, H., p. C366
Abrahams, J. P., p. C188, C228, C659
Abrantes, M., p. C435
Abrescia, N. G. A., p. C688
Abrikosov, I. A., p. C86
Abu-Lebdeh, Y., p. C489
Abuhammad, A., p. C289
Acebrón, I., p. C225
Achkasov, A. F., p. C602
Acklam, P., p. C312
Acosta-Reyes, F., p. C634
Acton, T. B., p. C437
Acuña, L. M., p. C489, C583
Adachi, N., p. C284
Adachi, R., p. C429
Adachi, S., p. C109, C520, C521, C522
Adam, L., p. C192
Adam, M., p. C809
Adams, P., p. C133, C555
Adams, P. D., p. C161, 269, C597
Adamson, J., p. C406
Adhami, F., p. C571
Adipranoto, D. S., p. C258
Adir, N., p. C200
Adriano, C., p. C587, C802
Adschiri, T., p. C531
Afonine, P., p. C133
Afonine, P. V., p. C161
Agaliotis, E. M., p. C389, C461, C820
Agar, A. A., p. C684
Aghajari, N., p. C773
Agirre, J., p. C266
Ago, H., p. C742
Agougui, H., p. C710
Aguilar, S. G., p. C374
Aguiló, M., p. C74, C457, C672
Aguirre, L. M., p. C609
Aguirretxu-Comerón, A., p. C680
Aharoni, A., p. C777
Ahart, A., p. C501
Ahlqvist, M., p. C124
Ahmadi, S. J., p. C540
Ahmed, A., p. C472
Ahmed, M., p. C196, C487
Ahmed, N., p. C297
Aida, Y., p. C351
Aiello, I., p. C604
Aiello, R., p. C743
Aigner, G., p. C126
Aihaiti, M., p. C501
Aishima, J., p. C277, C278, C483
Aissa, A., p. C710
Aizel, K., p. C120, C347
Ajebbar, S., p. C284
Akai, Y., p. C284
Akbal, T., p. C684
Akiba, E., p. C69
Akimitsu, J., p. C803
Akimoto, J., p. C731
Akita, F., p. C228, C412
Akita, Y., p. C788
Akiyama, S., p. C42
Akiyama, T., p. C344
Akselrud, L., p. C618
Aksenov, S. M., p. C572
Aksenov, V. L., p. C399
Al-Fattah, T., p. C139
Alabarse, F., p. C56
Alarcón, J., p. C437
Alario-Franco, M. A., p. C587
Albanesi, D., p. C341
Alber, T., p. C62
Albert, A., p. C342, C342
Alberti, A., p. C241, C248
Albertí, F. M., p. C600
Albesa-Jove, D., p. C789
Albrecht-Schmitt, T. E., p. C153
Alekseev, E. V., p. C153
Alekseeva, O., p. C713, C713, C720
Aleksejeva, L., p. C567
Alemi, A., p. C540
Aleshin, A. E., p. C119
Alexa, P., p. C535
Alexandrov, E. V., p. C268
Alexandrov, G., p. C428
Alexeyev, A., p. C322
Alguel, Y., p. C162
Ali, M. S. M., p. C469, C791
Ali, S., p. C734
Ali, S. K. I., p. C647
Alianelli, L., p. C483
Alig, E., p. C322
Aliouane, K., p. C233
Alkorta, I., p. C445, C816
Allain, M., p. C84
Allaire, M., p. C255, C258, C480
Allan, D., p. C505, C527, C750
Allan, D. R., p. C44, C176, C527
Allen, A., p. C29
Allen, A. J., p. C71
Allen, F. H., p. C182
Allen, L. J., p. C105, C155, C441
Allen, P., p. C706
Allen, W., p. C24
Allibon, J., p. C188
Allibon, J. R., p. C35
Allouche, F., p. C450
Almo, S., p. C779
Almqvist, F., p. C51
Alonso, N., p. C552
Alp, S., p. C599
Alpaslan, G., p. C450
Als-Nielsen, J., p. C281, C312
Al Taani, M., p. C697
Altamura, D., p. C558
Alterach, M. A., p. C339
Altomare, A., p. C204, C666
Alushin, G., p. C7
Alvarado-Garcia, A., p. C541
Álvarez, S., p. C524
Álvarez, Y., p. C746
Alvarez-Larena, A., p. C568
Álvarez-Lloret, P., p. C280
Alvarez-Lloret, P., p. C671
Alvarez-Martinez, C. E., p. C470
Alvarez-Murga, M., p. C123, C499
Alvaro, M., p. C785
Alzari, P., p. C341
Alzari, P. M., p. C475, C740, C783, C789
Amabilino, D. B., p. C819
Amalraj, F., p. C698
Amara, M. B., p. C397, C579
Amarante, T. R., p. C435
Amarasinghe, G. K., p. C121
Amati, M., p. C604
Amboage, M., p. C330, C331
Amemiya, K., p. C28
Amghouz, Z., p. C369
Amigó, J. M., p. C437
Amini, M. M., p. C273
Amo-Ochoa, P., p. C651
Amos, R., p. C49
An, D. R., p. C473
Anandan, A., p. C201
Ananias, D., p. C726
Anaya, M. A., p. C51
Andersen, C. B. F., p. C63
Andersen, G. R., p. C63, C543
Andersson, K. K., p. C159
Andraca-Adame, J. A., p. C408
Andrade, M. O., p. C470
Andrault, D., p. C168
André, G., p. C676
André, V., p. C270, C365
Andreev, Y., p. C405
Andreko, S., p. C549
Andreu, J. M., p. C261
Andreu, R., p. C640
Andrews, L. C., p. C269
Andric, J., p. C203, C644
Andricopulo, A. D., p. C51
Andrini, L., p. C431
Androulakis, S., p. C143
Andrusenko, I., p. C174
Andujar-Sánchez, M., p. C298
Angeles, M., p. C369
Angelkort, J., p. C800
Angst, B., p. C49
Angulo, I., p. C228, C746
Ania, F., p. C421
Anne, M., p. C110
Antic, B., p. C323, C323
Antipin, M. Yu., p. C170, C357, C375, C378, C444, C444, C606, C607
Antipov, E. V., p. C178, C648
Anton, E.-M., p. C695
Antonio, M. R., p. C797
Antunes, M. M., p. C435
Aoki, K., p. C58, C167, C331, C683
Aoki, M., p. C41
Aono, M., p. C419
Aparicio, D., p. C222
Aparicio, J. S., p. C789
Appel, K., p. C168
Aprea, A., p. C604
Apte, S. K., p. C768
Aquila, A., p. 131
Aquilano, D., p. C460
Aquilina, A., p. C310
Aquino, G., p. C668
Aragão, A. Q., p. C608
Aragón, J. L., p. 35
Aragón-González, G., p. 35
Arai, M., p. C259
Arakawa, E., p. C334, C337, C340
Araki, Y., p. C538, C542
Aranda, M. A. G., p. C524, C710
Arantes, G. M., p. C470
Arbabi-Ghahroudi, M., p. C305
Archer, J., p. C35
Archer, M., p. C147
Arderne, C., p. C431, C664
Aree, T., p. C521
Arends, K., p. C738
Ares, A., p. C339
Ares, A. E., p. C339, C389, C461, C820
Argyriou, D. N., p. C716
Arias, A. C., p. C391, C399
Arielly, R., p. C500
Arima, H., p. C331
Arima, T., p. C697
Arinder, M., p. C124
Arita, K., p. C50, C227
Ariyoshi, M., p. C50, C227
Arjeneh, M., p. C210
Arkhipov, D. E., p. C607
Arleth, L., p. C691
Arletti, R., p. C243, C762, C763
Armand, P., p. C700
Armbruster, T., p. C576
Armour, W., p. C162, C278
Armstrong, P., p. C546
Arnlund, D., p. C91
Arnold, K., p. C555
Arnou, B., p. C743
Aroyo, M. I., p. C59, C209, C213, C403, C802
Arribas, C., p. C421
Arrifin, J., p. C546
Arriortua, M. I., p. C281, C380, C380, C381, C381, C498
Arsequell, G., p. C287
Arslan, N. B., p. C253
Arslanov, R., p. C328, C329, C329
Arslanov, T., p. C328, C329, C329
Artetxe, B., p. C724, C724, C725
Arthur, D. C., p. C554
Artigas, M. J., p. C515
Artola-Recolons, C., p. C476
Artuso, E., p. C96
Asakura, K., p. C687
Asaoka, H., p. C540
Ascher, D. B., p. C309
Ascone, I., p. C130, C517
Asensio, M. C., p. C131
Ashida, Y., p. C519
Ashton, A., p. C259, C277, C278, C660
Ashton, A. W., p. C162
Ashurov, J., p. C562
Askhabov, A. M., p. C539
Aslanov, L. A., p. C230
Astilleros, J. M., p. C117, C458
Asturias, F. J., p. C632
Aswal, V. K., p. C401
Ateia, E., p. C321
Athanasiadis, A., p. C147
Athay, R., p. C143
Atomi, H., p. C202, C792
Atria, A. M., p. C721
Aubert, E., p. C99
Audin, C., p. C374
Aurbach, D., p. C698
Aurelio, G., p. C324
Autrey, T., p. C95
Avdeev, M., p. C246, C249, C603
Avdeev, M. V., p. C399
Averina, E. B., p. C614
Avila, J., p. C131
Avilov, A. S., p. C696
Avinoam, O., p. C187
Axelrod, H. L., p. C658
Axford, D., p. C162, C278
Ayabe, T., p. C790
Ayala, A. P., p. C559
Aydin, F., p. C253
Aygün, M., p. C599, C754
Ayhan-Kilcigil, G., p. C253
Aylett, C., p. C765

Baba, S., p. C782
Babelot, C., p. C496
Babic, D., p. C374
Babnigg, G., p. C218
Bacani, R., p. C431
Bacchi, A., p. C9
Bachhuber, F., p. C645, C685, C686
Bacia, M., p. C694
Bacsa, J., p. C93, C392
Bade-Doeding, C., p. C811
Badeau, R., p. C159
Badhama, D. R., p. C210
Badri, A., p. C397
Bae, E., p. C780
Bae, M.-H., p. C306
Baehtz, C., p. C123
Baer, C. E., p. C62
Baerlocher, C., p. C112, C205, C421, C678, C798, C798
Bagautdinov, B., p. C27
Baggio, R., p. C567, C573, C721
Baginski, B., p. C573
Baharuddin, A., p. C409
Bahmanyar, S., p. C816
Bahrudin, U., p. C223
Bähtz, C., p. C406
Bai, M., p. C350
Bai, S., p. C51
Baidina, I., p. C715
Bailey, J., p. C546
Bailey, S., p. C546
Bailly, C., p. C315
Bak, J. M., p. C100, 141
Bakai, A. S., p. C625
Bakakin, V. V., p. C393
Baker, D., p. C64
Baker, E. N., p. C90, C213, C471
Bakhoda, A., p. C466
Bakshy, K., p. C771
Balagurov, A. M., p. C18
Balakrishnan, M., p. C303
Baldock, P., p. C766
Balegroune, F., p. C371, C618
Balerna, A., p. C517
Balitsky, V. S., p. C465, C466
Ballaran, T. B., p. C242
Ballard, C., p. C596
Ballesteros, A., p. C543
Bals, S., p. C148
Balsamo, A., p. C553
Banchik, A. D., p. C83
Bandarra, D., p. C437
Bandeiras, T. M., p. C267
Banerjee, R., p. C360, C369, C392, C752
Banerjee, S., p. C378, C482
Bani, S., p. C612
Bankston, L. A., p. C119
Bansil, A., p. C114
Baradaran, R., p. C201
Baral, T. N., p. C305
Barandika, G., p. C281, C381, C381
Baranov, A. I., p. C115
Baranov, D. A., p. C696
Baranova, E. V., p. C551
Baratova, L. A., p. C400
Barbour, L., p. C10, C393
Barbour, L. J., p. C164, C253, C283, C384
Barceló-Oliver, M., p. C600
Bárcena, J., p. C228
Barchuk, M., p. C73, C407
Bardelli, F., p. C324
Barden, S., p. C354
Barends, T. R. M., p. C93
Barford, D., p. C23
Baricco, M., p. C821
Barker, A., p. C411
Barker, C. S., p. C475
Barnett, B. L., p. C434
Baró, M. D., p. C821
Barolo, C., p. C96
Barrena, M. J. S., p. C349
Barrera, E. W., p. C672
Barrio, L., p. C139, C165
Barros-García, F. J., p. C752
Barroso, R. C., p. C484
Bartoccioni, P., p. C186
Bartual, S. G., p. C75, C479, C793
Barty, A., p. 131
Baruffi, M. D., p. C294
Barut, D., p. C754
Barzagli, E., p. C110, C525
Basak, A., p. C52
Basak, A. K., p. C470
Basallote, M. G., p. C722
Basle, A., p. C776
Basri, M., p. C791
Batenburg, J., p. C148
Bathori, N., p. C356
Báthori, N. B., p. C190
Bati, H., p. C611
Batisai, E., p. C283
Batke, K., p. C86
Batthyany, C., p. C344
Battistutta, R., p. C311, C743
Battle, G. M., p. C209
Batuk, D., p. C191, C759
Batuk, M., p. C692
Batuk, M. M., p. C648
Bauer, B., p. C88
Bauer, J., p. C433
Bauer, J. D., p. C526
Bauer, S., p. C407
Bayarjargal, L., p. C526
Bayer, B. C., p. C123
Bayés-García, L., p. C619
Bazán, B., p. C281, C381, C381
Beanland, R., p. 191
Beaucage, G., p. C29
Beavers, C., p. C112, C809
Becerra-Fernández, M., p. C780
Beck, T., p. C792
Beck-Sickinger, A. G., p. C813
Becker, B., p. C808
Becker, K., p. C287
Becker, M., p. C277, C279
Becker, P., p. C100
Beckers, D., p. C325, C459, C765
Beckmann, R., p. C24
Beddoe, T., p. C90
Bedingfield, P., p. C312
Bedrac, L., p. C480
Beelen, S., p. C551
Beghidja, A., p. C523
Beghidja, C., p. C523
Behnen, J., p. C53
Behrendt, I., p. C310
Beitz, A., p. C143
Bejarano, V. A., p. C819
Bekker, T., p. C456
Belan, B., p. C602
Belghith, Y., p. C219
Belhouas, R., p. C663, C664
Belío-Reyes, I. A., p. C523
Belkhiria, M. S., p. C219, C220, C814
Bell, S. D., p. C688
Bell, T., p. C801
Belliard, L., p. C111
Bellinzoni, M., p. C475, C783
Belmar, J., p. C388, C388, C639
Beloso, A., p. C25
Belrhali, H., p. C811
Beltrán, T. F., p. C722
Ben-Abraham, S. I., p. C185, C628
Ben-Shem, A., p. C173
Benach, J., p. C256
Benali-Cherif, N., p. C570, C570, C570
Bénas, P., p. C52
Benatia, J., p. C524
Bending, S., p. C557
Benedict, J., p. 319
Benedict, J. B., p. C108
Benhalima, N., p. C515
Benkanoun, A., p. C618
Benlecheb, T., p. C450
Benmerad, B., p. C233
Ben Moussa, I., p. C814
Benner, G., p. C440
Bennett, J. C., p. C512
Bennett, M., p. C229
Bennett, T. D., p. C54
Benning, M., p. C660, C808
Benning, M. M., p. C659
Bensamoun, S., p. C264
Bényei, A. C., p. C751
Beobide, G., p. C396, C396, C621, C758
Bereciartua, P. J., p. C758
Berenger, F., p. C591
Beretta, M., p. C131, C365
Berg, R., p. C276
Bergamo, P., p. C350
Berger, I., p. C632, C777
Berget, P., p. C549
Berghuis, A. M., p. C306, C772
Bergmann, S., p. C223
Bergoin, M., p. C36
Bergseng, E., p. C545
Berisio, R., p. C478, C478
Berman, H., p. C555
Berman, H. M., p. C72, C194, C403
Berman, L. E., p. C255, C258
Bernalte-García, A., p. C752
Bernardes, A., p. C295, C296
Bernardo-García, N., p. C223
Bernini, M. C., p. C369, C370
Bernoux, M., p. C119
Bernstein, H. J., p. C269
Bernstein, J., p. C252, C761
Berrocal, T., p. C380
Berthold, C., p. C166
Bertini, I., p. C772
Bertrand, L., p. C111
Berzin, C., p. C280
Besenicar, M., p. C480
Best, S. P., p. C516
Bethanis, K., p. C790
Bettuzzi, M., p. C197
Betzel, C., p. C293
Beutier, G., p. C84
Beyerlein, K. R., p. 252
Bezdicka, P., p. C525
Bezerra, G. A., p. C783
Bezuidenhout, C. X., p. C253
Bhalerao, G., p. C702
Bhatt, P., p. C384
Bhattacharjee, S., p. C719
Bhattacharya, A., p. C60
Bhattacharya, D., p. C704
Bhella, D., p. C180
Bhogala, B. R., p. C373
Bhushan, B., p. C288
Biadene, M., p. C660
Biagioni, C., p. C395
Bial, S., p. C186
Bianchi, A., p. C150
Bianchi, A. E., p. C681
Biasini, M., p. C592
Bibby, J., p. C134
Bich, N. N., p. C225
Biella, S., p. C135, C190
Biertuempfel, C., p. C426
Bihani, S., p. C292
Bihani, S. C., p. C768
Bill, E., p. C770
Billadeau, D. D., p. C121
Billing, D. G., p. C362
Billinge, S., p. C325
Billinge, S. J. L., p. C143
Bindi, L., p. C395, C575
Bindzus, N., p. C682
Bingel-Erlenmeyer, R., p. C279
Binkowski, T. A., p. C690
Biou, V., p. C120, C347
Biradha, K., p. C53
Birkenstock, J., p. C702
Birtley, J. R., p. C549
Birumachi, A., p. C653
Bishop, A. I., p. C441
Bittar, E. M., p. C587
Bizen, D., p. C702
Bjorkman, P. J., p. C51
Black, R. S., p. C362
Blagov, A. E., p. C325
Blair, S. R., p. C62
Blake, A. J., p. C44, C527
Blakeley, M., p. C732
Blakeley, M. P., p. C180, C181, C181, C733, C734, C773
Blanco, J. A., p. C250
Blankenship, R., p. C200
Blanusa, J., p. C323
Blasco, J., p. C718
Blasczyk, R., p. C811
Blasi, D., p. C287
Blaszczyk, M., p. C348
Blatov, V. A., p. C38, C268
Blattmann, B., p. C457
Blessing, R., p. C254
Blessing, R. H., p. C270
Bleuet, P., p. C123
Bligt, E., p. C305
Blockhuys, F., p. C749
Blondé, R., p. C438
Blum, V., p. C169
Blundell, T. L., p. C348
Boarman, C., p. C659
Boates, B., p. C99
Bocelli, M. D., p. C559, C566
Bocharov, S., p. C87
Bochkarev, A., p. C793
Bochtler, M., p. C784, C784
Boechat, N., p. C559
Boehler, R., p. C112
Boeije, M., p. C33
Boekhoven, J., p. C27
Boer, D. R., p. C476
Boeszoermenyi, A., p. C783
Bogdan, M., p. C389
Bogdanovic, G. A., p. C450, C761
Bogdanowicz, W., p. C464
Bogdashkina, D., p. C463
Böhm, H., p. C512
Bojar, K., p. C654
Boldyrev, V. V., p. C602
Boldyreva, E., p. C16, C503, C563
Boldyreva, E. V., p. C45, C183, C274, C564, C602
Bolmaro, R. E., p. C679
Bolognin, S., p. C220
Bolotina, N., p. C713
Bolotina, N. B., p. C721
Bombicz, P., p. C375
Bommer, M., p. C260
Bond, A., p. C277
Bond, A. D., p. C812
Bond, C., p. C780
Bond, C. S., p. C290, C632
Bonetto, G., p. C743
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Bras, W., p. C261
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Bravo, J., p. C308
Brayshaw, S. K., p. C176, C451
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Brearley, C. A., p. C789
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Brèthes, D., p. C262
Breza, M., p. C446
Briand, C., p. C457
Briceño, A., p. C326
Bricogne, G., p. C134
Briers, Y., p. C409
Briggs, D., p. C52
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Brown, D., p. C443
Brown, J. M., p. C753
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Bruchez, M. P., p. C549
Brunetti, B. G., p. C198
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Brzin, J., p. C788
Bu, W., p. C818
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Bull, C. L., p. C196, C527
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Burnley, T., p. C133
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Buron-Le Cointe, M., p. C522
Burrows, S. R., p. C545
Bursa, R., p. C386
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Burt, M., p. C481
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Bythell-Douglas, R., p. C780

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Caputo, R., p. C333
Car, R., p. C195
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Carr, S., p. C285
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de, I. I. M., p. C476
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Franci, R., p. C110
Francis, C. L., p. C291
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Francisco, T. M., p. C462
Franco, C. H. J., p. C619
Franco, J., p. C576
Francuski, B. M., p. C450
Frandsen, B. A., p. C417
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Frangis, N., p. C693
Frank-Kamenetskaya, O. V., p. C571
Frankær, C. G., p. C516
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Franke, B., p. C65
Franke, D., p. C42
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Franzblau, S. G., p. C477
Fraser, J. A., p. C291
Fraser, M. E., p. C290
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Frauman, A. G., p. C343
Fraysse, G., p. C700
Frazão, C., p. C218
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French, A. D., p. C451
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Fromme, P., p. C91, 131
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Fronc, M., p. C452, C817
Frontera, A., p. C600
Frontera, C., p. C272
Frost, D. J., p. C242
Frost, M., p. C445
Frouws, T. D., p. C49
Frutos, E. M. G., p. C638
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Fu, C.-C., p. C482
Fu, Z.-Q., p. 544
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Fuchs, M. R., p. C554
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Fujii, T., p. C503, C779, C782
Fujikawa, Y., p. C429
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Fujimoto, K., p. C650, C717
Fujioka, S., p. C614
Fujisawa, H., p. C265
Fujita, C., p. C264
Fujita, M., p. C7, C402
Fujiwara, K., p. C434
Fujiwara, M., p. C427
Fukamachi, T., p. 154, C441
Fuksa, J., p. 87
Fukuda, Y., p. C787
Fukui, H., p. C167
Fukuyama, K., p. C794, C795, C795
Fulde, M., p. C223
Fullam, E., p. C289
Fuller, R. O., p. C508
Funakoshi, K., p. C167
Funamori, N., p. C31
Funston, A. M., p. C518
Furuike, Y., p. C788
Furuita, K., p. C351
Furukawa, Y., p. C46, C354

Gabadinho, J., p. C279
Gabanyi, M., p. C555
Gabbiani, C., p. C517
Gabdoulkhakov, A. G., p. C293
Gabidullin, B., p. C142
Gable, J. E., p. C409
Gaede-Köhler, A., p. C702
Gaeta, C., p. C377
Gaffney, B., p. C737
Gagne, O., p. C39
Gago, S., p. C435
Gagor, A., p. C602, C713
Gaisford, W., p. C571
Gál, Z., p. C404, C754
Gàl, Z., p. C257
Galán, B. S., p. C813
Galan, S., p. C548
Galang, G., p. C143
Galatanu, N., p. C556
Galayda, J. N., p. C34
Galej, W., p. C161
Galek, P. T. A., p. C125
Galimidi, R. P., p. C51
Galindo, A., p. C609
Galkin, V. E., p. C120
Gallagher, J. F., p. C366, C667
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Galli, S., p. C66
Gallia, G., p. C168
Gallington, L. C., p. C30
Galván-Arellano, M., p. C408, C682
Galvan-Arellano, M., p. C407
Galy, J., p. C757
Gama, V., p. C384
Gándara, F., p. C377
Gao, H., p. C51
Gao, M., p. C297
Gao, S., p. C23, C639, C642
Garamus, V. M., p. C399
Garbarino, G., p. C123, C500
García, C., p. C609
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García, G., p. C467
Garcia, G., p. C541
García, J., p. C271, C718
García, J. R., p. C250, C369, C639, C648, C750
García, M. A, p. C816
Garcia, Q., p. C737
Garcia, W., p. C553
Garcia-Doval, C., p. C75, C813
García-García, J., p. C428
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García-Martínez, E., p. C487
García-Muñoz, J. L., p. C801
García-Orduña, P., p. C509, C515
García-Pino, A., p. C769
Garcia-Pino, A., p. C120, C689
García-Raso, A., p. C600
García-Ruíz, J. M., p. C538
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García-Tuñón, E., p. C576
Gardner, M. J., p. C417
Garitezi, T. M., p. C587
Garland, M. T., p. C721
Garman, E. F., p. C656
Garratt, R. C., p. C51, C288
Garreta, A., p. C737
Garrido, G., p. C292
Garriga, D., p. C410
Garroni, S., p. C821
Gatel, C., p. C106
Gateshki, M., p. C325, C765
Gatti, C., p. C443, C447, C448, C449
Gautron, J., p. C48
Gavira, J. A., p. C89, C226, C744, C769
Gdaniec, M., p. C377
Ge, H., p. C471
Gebauer, D., p. C11
Gee, C. L., p. C62
Gehring, K., p. C548
Geibel, S., p. C24
Geil, E. C., p. C762
Gelbrich, T., p. C54
Gemmi, M., p. C694
Gemming, S., p. C583
Genli, N., p. C234
Georgieva, D., p. C188, C228
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Gervais, C., p. C111
Gesing, T. M., p. C577, C704
Gest, P., p. C789
Ghammamy, S., p. C390
Ghanbarpour, A. R., p. C382
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Gibbons, R., p. C49
Giblin, S., p. C113
Gierlotka, S., p. C324
Gies, H., p. C650, C651
Giffard, M., p. C746
Giganti, D., p. C475
Gigler, A., p. C48
Gil, R., p. C295
Gilbert, D., p. C180
Gilbert, H. J., p. C263
Gilbert, M., p. C470, C483
Gilbert, R., p. C180
Gildea, R., p. C593
Gildea, R. J., p. C593
Giles, C., p. C802
Gille, P., p. C88
Gillea, J.-M., p. C100
Gilles, B., p. C84
Gillet, J.-M., p. C446, C800
Gillon, B., p. C100, C150, C800
Gillon, M., p. C182
Gilmore, C., p. C40, C213
Giménez-Marqués, M., p. C364, C638
Gimeno, J., p. C750
Ginell, S., p. C655
Girardi, E., p. C118
Giraud, M.-F., p. C262
Girija, C. R., p. C233
Gispert-Guirado, F., p. C245
Giuseppe, A. D., p. C617
Gjønnes, J., p. C696
Gjønnes, K., p. C696
Gladkov, P., p. C335
Gladyshevskii, R., p. C618
Glaum, J., p. C705
Gleizolle, H., p. C821
Glettig, W., p. C279
Glikin, A., p. C469, C748
Glikin, A. E., p. C533
Gliozzo, E., p. C764
Glöckner, C., p. C101
Glotzer, S. C., p. C144
Glover, J. N. M., p. C343, C554
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Glówka, M. L., p. C563
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Go, N., p. C531
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Gogliettino, M., p. C350
Goh, G. K. L., p. C531
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Gökçe, M., p. C754
Golab, J. T., p. C675
Goldberg, I., p. C366
Golobic, A., p. C709
Golovenko, D., p. C777
Golubev, Y. A., p. C541
Gomes, C. S. B., p. C79
Gomes, P. T., p. C79
Gomez, A., p. C55
Gómez, C. P., p. C631
Gòmez, C. P., p. C417
Gómez, M., p. C609
Gómez-Blanco, J., p. C228
Gómez-García, I., p. C307
Gómez-Herrero, A., p. C757
Gómez-Lor, B., p. C638
Gómez-Morales, J., p. C280, C282
Gómez-Puerta, S., p. C292
Gómez-Puyou, A., p. C199
Gómez-Rodríguez, A., p. 35
Gómez-Ruiz, H., p. C665
Gómez-Sal, P., p. C609, C609
Gomez-Sal, P., p. C318
Gómez-Tena, M. P., p. C439
Gomis, O., p. C499
Gonçalves, A. R., p. C234
Gonçalves, I. S., p. C435
Gong, B., p. C288
Gong, H., p. C88
Gonnade, R., p. C747
González, A., p. C45
Gonzalez, A. C., p. C789
González, B., p. C785
González, J. M., p. C228
González, N., p. C397
González, T., p. C326
González-del Moral, O., p. C610
González-Platas, J., p. C249
González-Ramírez, L. A., p. C89
González-Silgo, C., p. C245, C249
González-Siso, M. I., p. C780
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Goossens, D., p. C416
Goossens, D. J., p. C78, C415, C420
Goral, A., p. C511
Gorantla, A. R., p. C373
Görbitz, C. H., p. C164
Gore, S., p. C104
Gorelik, T. E., p. C174
Gorelli, F., p. C56
Gorfman, S., p. C129
Gorin, J., p. C276
Gorman, M. A., p. C305, C343
Gornicki, P., p. C690
Górny, M., p. C334
Gorrec, F., p. C765
Goryaeva, A. M., p. C710
Goryainov, S. V., p. C45
Gorynia, S., p. C267
Gössweiner-Mohr, N., p. C738
Goto, N., p. C534
Goto, T., p. C673
Goud, N. R., p. C564
Gouet, P., p. C410
Gould, E. A., p. C484
Gourdon, O., p. C156
Gourdon, P., p. C186
Gourinath, S., p. C352
Gourrier, A., p. C264
Gout, D., p. C250
Goya, P., p. C751
Gozmez-Morales, J., p. C48
Gozzo, F., p. C273, C506, C798
Grabowsky, S., p. C454, C508, C508
Graeff, R., p. C786
Graetsch, H. A., p. C759
Graf, J., p. C255, C528
Graham, A., p. C498
Graham, B., p. C303
Graille, M., p. C692
Gramsch, S. A., p. C501
Granado, E., p. C587, C802
Grant, A., p. C143
Gras, S., p. C544, C545
Grass, S., p. C477
Grässlin, J., p. C798
Grateau, G., p. C52
Grauby, O., p. C282
Gravereau, P., p. C398
Grazulis, S., p. C777
Grazzi, F., p. C110, C525
Grebenev, V., p. C723
Greenberg, E., p. C500
Greenhough, T., p. C472, C546
Gregoryanz, E., p. C57
Grela, K., p. C429
Grenier, S., p. C60
Grepioni, F., p. C363, C365, C384
Greve, B. K., p. C30
Grey, I. E., p. C30, C237
Grice, J., p. C647
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Griesshaber, E., p. C48, C88, C535
Griessl, S. J. H., p. C674
Griffin, A., p. C277, C404, C754
Griffin, J., p. C62
Griffin, T. A. N., p. C210
Griffiths, G., p. C31
Grifone, R., p. C129
Grigoriev, S. V., p. C388, C748
Grigoriu, S., p. C91
Grigorova, T. V., p. C423
Grigoryeva, N. A., p. C388
Grinblat, J., p. C698
Grobelny, P., p. C558
Grobler, I., p. C384
Grochulski, P., p. C276
Groenhof, G., p. C91
Grohmann, E., p. C738
Gröning, J. A. D., p. C769
Groom, C. R., p. C72
Gros, P., p. C23, C118, C133
Gros, P. C., p. C487
Grosse-Kunstleve, R. W., p. C161, 269, C597
Grossie, D. A., p. C617
Grove, H., p. C491
Grubb, A., p. C551
Gruber, C. C., p. C783
Gruber, K., p. C783
Gruene, T., p. 1
Grundström, C., p. C633
Grünewald, K., p. C187
Grütter, M. G., p. C457
Gryl, M., p. C817
Grzechnik, A., p. C326, C505
Grzesiak, M., p. C111, C398
Grzeta, B., p. C578
Gu, F., p. C434
Gu, Q., p. C31, C491
Guagliardi, A., p. C55, C127
Guardado, P., p. C76
Guardado-Calvo, P., p. C75
Guasch, A., p. C200
Gubaidullin, A., p. C142, C364
Gubin, S. P., p. C696
Guddat, L. W., p. C291
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Guehria-Laidoudi, A., p. C618
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Guerrero, J., p. C753, C813
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Guerri, A., p. C486
Guest, H. L., p. C210
Guettler, S., p. C216
Guha, A. K., p. C71
Guidi, T., p. C150
Guido, R. V. C., p. C51
Guild, M. R., p. C526
Guillaume, C., p. C57
Guillon, C., p. C410
Guillot, B., p. C196, C487, C511, C513
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Guitián, F., p. C576
Guittet, E., p. C120, C347
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Gumbart, J., p. C24
Gumez, L., p. C264
Gunanathan, C., p. C370
Günay, H., p. C320
Güngörmüs, C., p. C237
Gunka, P. A., p. C152
Gunn, E. M., p. C458
Guo, J.-H., p. C149
Guo, X., p. C642
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Guthrie, M., p. C112, C196, C527
Gutierrez, S., p. C490
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Gütlich, P., p. C645, C758
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Gutmann, M., p. C158, C416, C760
Gutmann, M. J., p. C417
Guttman, C., p. C777
Guyon, F., p. C616
Guzei, I. A., p. C458
Güzel, A., p. C237
Guzik, A., p. C498
Guzmán-Afonso, M. C., p. C245, C249, C680
Guzman-Afonso, M. C., p. C504

Ha, J. H., p. C345
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Hakoshima, T., p. C63
Halasz, I., p. C270
Halbedel, S., p. C217
Halder, G., p. C365
Halder, G. J., p. C151, C360
Haldolaarachchige, N., p. C212
Hall, D., p. C259
Hall, D. R., p. C483
Hall, R., p. C779
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Hammel, M., p. C41
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Hamoen, L., p. C217
Hamzaoui, F., p. C515, C515
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Hanley, T., p. C182
Hansen, G., p. C118, C305
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Hansen, T., p. C31
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Hanson, J., p. C139, C165
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Harris, C. L., p. C217
Harris, P., p. C516, C792
Harrison, L., p. C617
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Jüttner, P., p. C484

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King, A., p. C278
King, D. S., p. C62
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Kinjo, A. R., p. C760
Kinjo, Y., p. C118
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Kinoshita, M., p. C50
Kiran, M. S. R. N., p. C67
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Kirchberger, J., p. C266
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Kyciaa, S., p. C55
Kyono, A., p. C501

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Miyata, M., p. C189
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Piek, S., p. C201
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Piltz, R., p. C155, C385
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Pinheiro, C. B., p. C192, C368, C462, C619
Pinheiro, M. P., p. C294
Piniella, J. F., p. C568
Pinkerton, A. A., p. 160
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Pinsolle, E., p. C443
Pinto, M., p. C287
Pirone, L., p. C478
Pisarevsky, Y. V., p. C325
Piskunova, N. N., p. C539
Piszora, P., p. C406
Pitucha, M., p. C614
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Plana, F., p. C524
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Planas, J. G., p. C368
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Pu, Y., p. C412
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Rahlfs, S., p. C287
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Rajaseelan, E., p. C736
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Rajkovic, I. S., p. C258
Rajnikant, , p. C612
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Ramajo, B., p. C250
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Ristic, M., p. C323
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Rodrigues, P., p. C679
Rodrigues, S., p. C556
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Rodriguez, P. L., p. C342
Rodríguez, S., p. C200
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Rodriguez-Calviño, F., p. C821
Rodríguez-Carvajal, J., p. C758
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Rodriguez-Navarro, A., p. C48
Rodríguez-Navarro, A. B., p. C671
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Roth, S., p. C468
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Round, A. R., p. C263
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Rowan, A. E., p. C317
Rowe, R., p. C647
Rowles, M. R., p. C238
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Ruf, M., p. C652, C659
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Ruiz, C., p. C638
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Rydel, T., p. C434

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Santiago, G. G., p. C754
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Saviano, M., p. C350
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