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Figure 2
The RG lines of MgCu2, AsNa3 and SiCr3 crystal-structure types. The binary systems in which compounds of these crystal structures occur are plotted on a ([\Delta\varphi], [\Delta{N}^{1/3}]) map. [\Delta\varphi] = [({\varphi}_{A}][{\varphi}_{B})] and [\Delta{N}^{1/3}] = (NA1/3NB1/3), where A is the minority element. Binary systems with compounds belonging to each structure type fall on a straight line on the map. From the overlap and lack of overlap between the lines, one can predict concomitant and mutually exclusive structure types in binary systems (Rajasekharan & Seshubai, 2010aBB42). Most of the compounds of the MgCu2-type crystal structure have negative [\Delta\varphi], and most of the compounds with SiCr3 and AsNa3-type structures have positive [\Delta\varphi].

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