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Figure 9
Plot of the change in radius of the minority atom on alloying RArA versus RA/RB for 240 AuCu3-type compounds. rA is the radius of the A atom in the structure and is calculated from the lattice parameter as a/[2(21/2)]. The points can be fitted to the equation RArA = 2.313 + 3.255(RA/RB)0.929(RA/RB)2. RArA is almost zero when RA/RB = 1. The compounds with [{\varphi}_{A}] > [{\varphi}_{B}] (red squares) have RArA negative, and those with [{\varphi}_{A}] < [{\varphi}_{B}] (black circles) have RArA positive. The change in size of the atoms is in accordance with the hypothesis that the more electronegative atoms transfer electrons to the less electronegative ones on alloying.

ISSN: 2053-2733
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