Figure 9
Plot of the change in radius of the minority atom on alloying RA - rA versus RA/RB for 240 AuCu3-type compounds. rA is the radius of the A atom in the structure and is calculated from the lattice parameter as a/[2(21/2)]. The points can be fitted to the equation RA - rA = 2.313 + 3.255(RA/RB) - 0.929(RA/RB)2. RA - rA is almost zero when RA/RB = 1. The compounds with [{\varphi}_{A}] > [{\varphi}_{B}] (red squares) have RA - rA negative, and those with [{\varphi}_{A}] < [{\varphi}_{B}] (black circles) have RA - rA positive. The change in size of the atoms is in accordance with the hypothesis that the more electronegative atoms transfer electrons to the less electronegative ones on alloying.  [article HTML]

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