Figure 1
Bragg's solution of the structure of iron pyrite. (a) Front half of the face-centered cubic structure of iron pyrite. (b) Projection of the iron pyrite structure into the (100) face. (c) Alignment of Fe and S positions as projected into the (100) face. (d) Analysis of the sulfur position by spectral analysis of I(hhh) intensities. Comparison of calculated and observed ratios of intensitites (right) for the (hhh) reflections identified on the left. Similar comparisons were made for the I(h00) and I(hh0) spectral orders. Parts (a), (b) and (c) are adapted from Figs. 4 A and B of Bragg (1914BB25), and the right-hand part of (d) was excised from the text (p. 484).  [article HTML]