Acta Crystallographica Section A

Foundations of Crystallography

Volume 69 Part 5 (September 2013)

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Baburin, I. A., p. 510
Bokoch, S. M., p. 475

Cayron, C., p. 498

de campo, L., p. 483
Delgado-Friedrichs, O., p. 483

Engel, P., p. 510

Hyde, S. T., p. 483

Lemmel, H., p. 459
Lo, V. L., p. 517

McColm, G., p. 530
Millane, R. P., p. 517

O'Keeffe, M., p. 483

Salditt, T., p. 490

Tatarenko, V. A., p. 475

Varghese, J., p. 528
Vassholz, M., p. 490
Vernyhora, I. V., p. 475

Wilke, R. N., p. 490

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