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Figure 8
Vertex 3-colorings of the hexagonal tiling that give rise to BC2N nanotubes. Colorings corresponding to type I, II and III BC2N nanotubes are labeled. (a) [K=\langle x^2, y,ab\rangle\cong pm], (b) [K=\langle x^2,y^2,a^3,b\rangle\cong c2mm], (c) [K=\langle x,y^2,a^3b\rangle\cong pm], (d) [K=\langle x,y^4,a^3,b\rangle\cong p2mm], (e) [K=\langle x^2,xy^2, xa^3,a^3b\rangle\cong p2mg], (f) [K=\langle x,y^2,a^3b\rangle\cong pm], (g) [K=\langle x,y^4,ya^3,a^3b\rangle\cong p2mg], (h) [K=\langle x^2,y^4,ya^3b\rangle\cong pg], (i) [K=\langle x^4,xy^{-1},xa^5b\rangle \cong pg], (j) [K=\langle xy^{-1},xa^3, a^5y^{-1}bx\rangle\cong p2gg], (k) [K=\langle x^4,xy^{-1}, xa^5b\rangle\cong pg], (l) [K=\langle x^4,xy^{-1}, axab \rangle\cong pg].

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