Acta Crystallographica Section A

Foundations of Crystallography

Volume 70 (2014)

cumulative author index

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Aachmann, F., p. C431
Abad-Zapatero, C., p. C1036, C1424
Abakumov, A., p. C135, C177, C227, C1334, C1355, C1805
Abbas, Y., p. C1629
Abbasian, M., p. C1640
Abdelbaky, M. S. M., p. C1259
Abdelkader, C., p. C380
Abe, E., p. C83, C91, C1193
Abe, H., p. C1335, C1649, C1741
Abela, R., p. C129, C294
Abodou Tenon, J., p. C1008
Abou, A., p. C1008
Aboufadil, Y., p. C1430
Abuhammad, A., p. C1144
Aburaya, K., p. C1136, C1138, C1560
Acerbo, A., p. C112
Achilli, E., p. C1519
Achkasov, A., p. C1575
Ackerley, D., p. C815
Ackland, G., p. C899
Actins, A., p. C1686, C1687, C1704
Acton , T., p. C1284
Adachi, H., p. C1158
Adachi, S.-i., p. C764
Adam, M., p. C682, C1293
Adamo, C., p. C1610
Adams, P., p. C319, C327, C493, C782
Adams, T., p. C829
Adamson, J., p. C266, C532
Adda, C., p. C1049
Adroja, D., p. C382
Afonine, P., p. C318, C327
A&gcaron;ar, E., p. C997, C1694
Agbenyega, J., p. C1290
Aggarwal, H., p. C636
Aggarwal, M., p. C803
Aghajari, N., p. C1052
Agiasofitou, E., p. C86
Agirre, J., p. C1481
Aglio, R., p. C1622
Ago, H., p. C569, C800
Agostini, G., p. C593
Agostino, A., p. C1277
Agrawal, A., p. C1163
Aguda, A., p. C441, C804
Aguilar-Moncayo, M., p. C843
Aguirre-Diaz , L., p. C1251
Aguirre-Diaz, L., p. C1227
Aguzzi, A., p. C812
Ahart, M., p. C618
Ahuja, R., p. C1535
Ahvenainen, P., p. C1135
Aida, Y., p. C498
Aik, W.., p. C304
Aik, W. S., p. C1392
Aiken, C., p. C120
Aimi, A., p. C1348
Aitipamula, S., p. C964
Aizel, K., p. C1597
Ajiwe, V., p. C1418
Akaogi, M., p. C1348
Akashi, S., p. C842
Akbal, T., p. C1694
Akey, D., p. C603
Akiba, I., p. C1580
Akimoto, M., p. C937
Akimova, K., p. C1529
Akita, Y., p. C1209
Akitsu, T., p. C179
Akiyama, Y., p. C1497
Akporiaye, D., p. C625
Akturk, A., p. C423
Akumuo, A., p. C1418
Akutagawa, T., p. C195
Al-Asadi, A., p. 354
Al-Dwairi, A., p. C846
Al-Hashimi, H., p. C1508
Alahuhta, M., p. C1812
Alaidarous, M., p. C242
Alarico, S., p. C1659
Alayash, A., p. C310
Albanesi, D., p. C1050
Alderman, O., p. C1332
Aldous, C., p. C897
Alekseev, E., p. C161
Alekseev, P., p. C1542
Alekseeva, O., p. C48, C237
Alexandre, T., p. C1283
Alexe, M., p. C162
Alexeev, P., p. C1810
Ali, F., p. C910, C921
Aliouane, K., p. C1232
Alippi, P., p. C1520
Alkorta, I., p. C643
Allaire, M., p. C1156, C1804
Allan, D., p. C166, C903, C1720
Allan, P., p. C354
Allen, A., p. 338, C1072, C1171
Aller, P., p. C785, C790
Allianelli, L., p. C790
Allibon, J., p. C395, C684
Almarsson, O., p. C1018
Almawi, A., p. C320
Almeida, L., p. C1092
Almeida Paz, F., p. C1228
Almeida Paz, F. A., p. C1256
Almo, S., p. C1164, C1670
Alonso, J., p. C1819
Alonso-Mori, R., p. C723
Alonzo, D., p. C433
Als-Nielsen, J., p. C1339
Alsoghier, H., p. C268
Altamirano, A., p. C308
Altamura, D., p. C1328
Altomare, A., p. C1123
Altynbayev, E. V., p. C1546
Alvarez, J., p. C1018
Alvarez, N., p. C1229
Alvarez, S., p. C949
Alvarez-Murga, M., p. C139
Alvarez Pinazo, G., p. C1096
Alves, R., p. C1577
Amara, M.-S., p. C1133
Amatucci, G., p. C361, C1173
Amaya, N., p. C1085
Amemiya, Y., p. C291, C1327, C1331
Amghouz, Z., p. C1259
Amidani, L., p. C1520
Amin, M., p. C571
Amiraghyan, R., p. C1137
Amirkhanyan, Z., p. C1485
Amore Bonapasta, A., p. C1520
Amos, D., p. C900
Amunts, A., p. C1051
An, D. R., p. C1630
Anand, R., p. C437, C700
Anandan, A., p. C1047
Anandhakrishnan, M., p. C429
Ananthaneni, S., p. C1748
Andersen, C., p. C1344
Andersen, G., p. C202
Andersen, H., p. C1180
Anderson, D., p. C428
Anderson, M., p. C1049
Anderson, W., p. C299, C432
Andersson, K., p. C1657
Andersson, K. K., p. C434, C707
Ando, A., p. C61, C77
Andrade, M., p. C1095
Andreeta, M., p. C980
Andros, L., p. C907
Ângelo, M., p. C1563, C1567
Anghinolfi, L., p. C148
Angst, M., p. C1349
Anh, J., p. C121
Aniola, M., p. C1188
Anovitz, L., p. C63
Anspoks, A., p. C747
Antal, S., p. C1028
Antipin, A., p. C48, C1029
Antipov, E., p. C20
Antonioli, D., p. C955
Antoniotti, P., p. C1248
Antonyuk, S., p. C806
Anzai, Y., p. C469
Aoyagi, S., p. C195
Aoyagi, Y., p. C1354
Aparicio, A., p. C1624
Appleby, G., p. C589
Aquila, A., p. C694
Aquilano, D., p. C1115
Aquino, G., p. C662
Aragao, D., p. C1751
Arai, H., p. C1185
Arakawa, E., p. C155, C884, C1609, C1818
Araki, H., p. C1652
Aranda, M., p. C1096
Araújo, M., p. C1567, C1577
Araujo, S., p. C472
Araya-Sibaja, A., p. C1564
Arcon, D., p. C1545
Argyropoulos, P., p. C436
Ariga, H., p. C1612
Arikawa, H., p. C355, C1181
Arima, H., p. C861, C1111
Arima, T.-h., p. C1457
Arita, K., p. C257, C1590
Ariyoshi, M., p. C257, C1590
Arkhipov, S., p. C988, C1192
Arletti, R., p. C993, C1255, C1469
Armbrüster, M., p. C734
Armour, W., p. C351
Armstrong, N., p. C87
Arnold, E., p. C7
Arnold, J., p. C1728
Arnold, K., p. C491
Aroyo, M., p. C45, C501, C1369
Aroyo, M. I., p. 126, 300
Arrowsmith, C., p. C33
Artigas, V., p. C1230, C1695
Artin, E., p. C799
Arumughan, A., p. C430
Asadchikov, V., p. C1132, C1810
Asahi, T., p. C113, C379, C383, C1700, C1779
Asaki, S., p. C1217
Asakura, K., p. C1612
Asami, T., p. C1062
Asano, A., p. C1062
Asano, K., p. C868
Ashton, A., p. C785, C1447
Aslanov, L., p. C945
Assefa, T., p. C128
Atanu, F., p. C1506
Ateba Mba, J.-M., p. C356
Atencio, D., p. C1095
Athmani, H., p. C989
Atomi, H., p. C455, C471, C484
Atsumi, K., p. C179
Attfield, J, p. C615
Attfield, J. P., p. C392
Atzeri, C., p. C1249
Auckett, J., p. C1352
Audet, L., p. C1824
Audette, G., p. C1285
Audin, C., p. C912
Aurelius, O., p. C1053
Auricchio, N., p. C683
Authier, A., p. 300
Avdeev, M., p. C1352, C1363, C1365
Ávila, J., p. C1744
Avilov, A., p. C513
Awad, W., p. C321
Axford, D., p. C351, C785
Ayala, A., p. C637, C999, C1565
Aysin, R., p. C1796
Azevedo, R., p. C1561
Azimi, F., p. C118

Baake, M., p. 472, C521, C523
Baba, J., p. C1505
Baba, S., p. C331, C333, C334, C1146
Babnigg, G., p. C468, C818
Babonneau, D., p. C879
Babu, M., p. C428
Babu, V., p. C418
Bacani, R., p. C130
Bacchi, A., p. C984, C1033, C1302
Bacik, J., p. C1205
Bacsa, J., p. C1265
Bae, E., p. C470
Baerlocher, C., p. C104, C133, C185, C294
Bågenholm, V., p. C1053
Baggio, R., p. C649, C1262, C1298, C1306, C1576
Baghdasaryan, E., p. C1137
Bahmanyar, S., p. C1640
Bahrudin, U., p. C487
Bai, X.-c., p. C1051
Bai, Y., p. C780
Baias, M., p. C136
Baier, G., p. C308
Bailey-Elkin, B., p. C1598
Baird, T., p. C1407
Bak, J., p. C1343
Bak, J. M., p. 72
Baker, D., p. C693, C782
Baker, E., p. C815, C822, C933
Baker, S., p. C961
Bakhtiar, M., p. C1020
Bakowicz, J., p. C770
Balaguer, P., p. C1399
Balagurov, A., p. C359
Balakrishnan, G., p. C869
Baldo, B., p. C1775
Balegroune, F., p. C638
Balhuizen, A., p. C1053
Ballard, C., p. C781, C1723
Balogh, L., p. C729
Baltulionis, G., p. C435
Balusek, C., p. C578
Balzuweit, K., p. C194
Bamford, N., p. C464
Ban, V., p. C1473
Banas, J., p. C1639
Banerjee, D., p. C958, C1468
Banerjee, R., p. C530
Banerjee, S., p. C335
Banfield, M., p. C801, C826, C848
Bangura, A., p. C598
Bannister, T., p. C708
Bansil, A., p. C1556
Banti, C., p. C974
Banu, A.-M., p. C1126
Baqir, M., p. C1020
Baqué, L., p. C1042
Baral, P., p. C812
Barbato, A., p. C491
Barber, K., p. C428
Barbiellini, B., p. C1556
Barbier, V., p. C1037
Barbirz, S., p. C1600
Barboiu, M., p. C564
Barboour, L., p. C563
Barbour, L., p. C636, C998, C1472
Barbuto, J., p. C1561
Barcena, J., p. C1155
Barends, T., p. C326, C568
Barinka, C., p. C805
Barinkova, J., p. C805
Barkan, K., p. C889
Barma, J., p. C1669
Barnard, J., p. C734
Barnard, W., p. C948
Baron, C., p. C576, C582
Barranco, A., p. C1769
Barreiro, E., p. C1830
Barret, R., p. C323
Barrier, N., p. C1194
Barton, P., p. C276
Barzewska, J., p. C761
Basham, M., p. C351
Bashiri, G., p. C815, C822
Basilico, F., p. C614
Basilio, A. M., p. 12
Basler, M., p. C579
Bassanetti, I., p. C1249
Bassenden, A., p. C702
Basu, K., p. C853
Basu , S., p. C1141
Bathori, N., p. C990
Bats, J., p. C1019
Battaile, K., p. C1663
Batten, S., p. C1231
Battle, G., p. C1271
Battlog, B., p. C363
Batuk, D., p. C227, C1355, C1805
Batuk, M., p. C227, C1355
Baum, M., p. C151
Baumann, U., p. C1631
Bax, B., p. C204
Baxter, A., p. C1049
Baxter, R., p. C1588
Bazin, A., p. C1632
Beake, E., p. C862
Beale, A., p. C947
Beato, P., p. C737
Beavers, C., p. C1097, C1696
Beavil, A., p. C251
Beck, T., p. C1053
Becker, J., p. 39, C283, C694, C1341
Becker, M., p. C322, C328, C784
Beckers, D., p. C954
Beckham, G., p. C1812
Beckstein, O., p. C1048
Beddard, G., p. C1434
Beddoe, T., p. C244
Beekman, C., p. C1610
Beerlink, A., p. C1330, C1724
Bekenova, G., p. C1098, C1102
Bekö, S., p. C138
Belabbas, I., p. C731
Belashov, I., p. C1394
Belhai, K., p. C826
Belik, A., p. C976
Belio-Reyes, I. A., p. C1295
Belkhiri, S., p. C236
Belkhiri, T., p. C236
Belmar, J., p. C665
Belmonte, G., p. C1235
Beloborodova, A., p. C1015
Belrhali, H., p. C323, C606
Benach, J., p. C1744
Benali-Cherif, N., p. C534, C989, C1239
Benassi, G., p. C683
Bendeif, EL-E., p. C739
Bendinsky, R., p. C1777
Bendzinska-Berus, W., p. C670
Benecke, G., p. C1183
Benedict, J., p. C767, C775, C776, C1223
Benhalima, N., p. C996
Benisty, H., p. C1056
Benito-Hernández, A., p. C1260
Benjamim de Araújo, M., p. C1563
Benkanoun , A., p. C638
Benkovicova, M., p. C745
Benmerad, B., p. C1232
Benmore, C., p. C1332
Benna, P., p. C1277
Ben Nasr, C., p. C175
Bennett, J., p. C1608
Bennett, J. C., p. C375
Bennett, T., p. C1470
Benning, M., p. C324, C607
Benslimane, M., p. C1709
Benstaali, W., p. C1806
Bentata, S., p. C1806
Benyei, A., p. C639
Benz, J., p. C307
Benzi, P., p. C1248
Benzuidenhout, C., p. C636
Beran, G., p. C1616
Berberich, R., p. C308
Bergamaschi, A., p. C680
Bergdahl, R., p. C1170
Berger, H., p. C1545
Berger, I., p. C1165
Bergeret, F., p. C436
Berghuis, A., p. C485, C702, C703, C704, C705, C712, C1671
Bergmann, U., p. C223, C723
Bergoin, M., p. C1597
Berisio, R., p. C1311
Berman, H., p. C493, C934, C1271
Berman, L., p. C1733
Bernhards, R., p. C1393
Bernoux, M., p. C242
Bernstein, H., p. C598
Bernstein, J., p. C1383
Bertelsen, M., p. C1754
Berzin, C., p. C788
Berzins, A., p. C1686
Besedin, I., p. C1132
Beshnova, D., p. C325
Besnard, C., p. C772
Bessas, D., p. C1810
Bessonov, S., p. C201
Best, S., p. C1523
Betley, T., p. C924
Bettini, J., p. C1726
Betzel, C., p. C316, C343, C1749
Beuron, F., p. C440
Beutier, G., p. C95, C1350, C1356
Beyeh, N., p. C678
Beyer, K., p. C1179
Beylich, F., p. C1037
Bhadbhade, M., p. C535
Bhat, T., p. C496
Bhatnagar, A., p. C162
Bhatt, P., p. C636
Bhatt, V., p. C577
Bhogadi, D., p. C1733
Bhukya, H., p. C700
Bhunya, R., p. C1791
Bhushan, A., p. C1790
Biagini, G., p. C806
Bian, C., p. C1591
Bianchini, M., p. C356, C1177
Bibby, J., p. C347
Bibienne, T., p. C939, C1762
Bickelhaupt, F. M., p. C958
Bidet, J.-P., p. C395
Bienert, S., p. C491
Bieringer, M., p. C517
Biermanns, A., p. C748
Bigelow, L., p. C203
Bikiel, D., p. C649
Biller, S., p. C799
Billing, D., p. C504, C1178, C1294
Billinge, S., p. C857, C864, C867, C1180, C1351, C1435, C1459
Billinge, S. J. L., p. 3
Bilyeu, T., p. C1607
Binder, J., p. C676
Bindzus, N., p. 39, C105, C106, C283, C1341, C1773
Bini, R., p. C753
Binkowski, A., p. C818
Binnemans, K., p. C1006
Binns, C., p. C961
Birch, J., p. C82
Birch, P., p. C801
Bird, L., p. C833
Bird, M., p. C164
Birkedal, G., p. C321
Bish, D., p. C4
Bisht, S., p. C1822
Bistri-Aslanoff, O., p. C1374
Biswas, S., p. C536
Bitoh, H., p. C469
Bitra, A., p. C437
Bitschnau, B., p. C1800
Bivigou-Koumba, A., p. C1174
Bjerg, L., p. 39, C283, C1338
Bjerregaard-Andersen, K., p. C1792
Bjorkman, P., p. C119
Björkman, T., p. C1736
Blair, K., p. C442
Blair, L., p. C1233
Blaj, G., p. C681
Blakeley, M., p. C1200, C1208, C1211
Blamires, S., p. C1322
Blanc, V., p. C1813
Blanchard , P., p. C1522
Blanchard, P., p. C69, C234, C1363
Blanchet, J., p. C703, C705
Blank, V., p. C196
Blankenfeldt, W., p. C717
Blanner, M., p. C722
Blessing, R. H., p. 518
Bleuet, P., p. C139
Blichfeld, A., p. C1344
Blockhuys, F., p. C628
Blocquel, D., p. C1599
Bloudoff, K., p. C438
Bnelai-cherif, N., p. C285
Boa, C., p. C270
Bobet, J.-L., p. C1762
Bobrikov, I., p. C359
Bobrovs, R., p. C1687
Bock, D., p. C1010
Boddy, C., p. C436
Bodén, M., p. C1634
Bodner, M., p. 650
Boehler, R., p. C895
Boersma, Y., p. C829
Boesen, T., p. C602
Boffa Ballaran, T., p. C267
Bøggild, A., p. C602
Boivin, S., p. C1142
Bøjesen, E., p. C505, C858, C871, C1180, C1413
Bokhimi, X., p. C1078
Boldyrev, V., p. C1575
Boldyreva, E., p. C269, C270, C272, C541, C550, C631, C918, C988, C1013, C1015, C1192, C1291, C1381, C1575
Bolívar Guarín, M., p. C980
Bolla, G., p. C1566
Boller, E., p. C591
Bolletta, J., p. C1819
Bolzoni, F., p. C1815
Bombardi, A., p. C386
Bombicz, P., p. C640
Bomble, Y., p. C1812
Bond, A., p. C503, C906, C1540, C1569
Bond, C., p. C1655
Bond, M., p. C1688
Bondino, F., p. C1520
Bonetto, G., p. C1057
Bonfilio, R., p. C1563, C1567, C1577
Boniecki, M., p. C584
Bonifácio, C., p. C1143
Bonneviot, L., p. C1307
Bonomi, H., p. C456
Bonville, P., p. C1543
Borbulevych, O., p. C1438, C1446
Bordacs, S., p. C151
Bordet, P., p. C370, C373, C389, C863, C978
Bordiga, S., p. C593
Bordoli, L., p. C491
Borel, F., p. C788
Borfecchia, E., p. C593
Borg, A., p. C440
Borges, R., p. C114
Borgstahl, G., p. C778
Borisov, A., p. C1796
Borisov, M., p. C1529
Borkiewicz, O., p. C354, C357, C361, C1173, C1179
Borkowski, B., p. C852
Borta, A., p. C278
Bortel, G., p. C639
Bosak, A., p. C1464, C1518
Boscherini, F., p. C1520
Bossan, F., p. C421, C1326, C1802
Bostedt, C., p. C289
Bostina, M., p. C853
Botelho, L., p. C556
Botha, S., p. C326, C568
Bothma, S., p. C1370
Botta, P., p. C1306
Botta , W., p. C741
Botti, H., p. C1050
Botton, G., p. C1452
Bouacida, S., p. C537, C538, C1794
Bouadjemi, B., p. C1806
Bouchareb, H., p. C1794
Bouchene, R., p. C537, C538
Bouchevreau, B., p. C593, C1517
Boudes, M., p. C1597
Boudet, N., p. C139
Boudko, S., p. C1592
Boudraa, M., p. C1794
Boulakoud, M., p. C996, C1234
Boulfelfel, S. E., p. C1536
Boullay, P., p. C374, 448, C929, C1194
Bourenkov, G., p. C316, C345, C570
Bourguet, W., p. C1399
Bourke, J., p. C381, C960, C1523
Bourne, S., p. C992, C1014
Bourrat, X., p. C730
Bourret, E., p. 650
Boutet, S., p. C293, C568
Boutobba, Z., p. C1239
Bowler, M., p. C340
Bowron, D., p. C720
Bozaoglu, K., p. C829
Bozin, E., p. C857, C1351
Bozkurt, T., p. C801, C826
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Brenowitz, M., p. C1164
Bressler, C., p. C128
Brett, T., p. C248
Breuers, V., p. C1345
Brewer, H., p. C1727
Brewster, A., p. C571, C1440
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Briggs, M., p. C667
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Britos, T., p. C743
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Britz, A., p. C128
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Bron, P., p. C1283
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Brooks, N., p. C1187
Broom-Peltz, B., p. C1205
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Brown, R., p. C1817
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Brunelli, M., p. C190, C563
Brunger, A., p. C1482
Brunner, K., p. C727
Bruno, A., p. C1145
Bruno, M., p. C1115
Bryan, C., p. C1587
Bryant, D., p. C1804
Brzezinski, K., p. C439
Buchanan, S., p. C578
Bucinský, L., p. C1553
Bucio, L., p. C1295, C1763
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Buckner, F., p. C708
Budko, S., p. C87
Budniak, U., p. C968
Budtz-Jørgensen, C., p. C683
Buga, S., p. C196
Buganski, I., p. C1197
Buglyo, P., p. C639
Bugnet, M., p. C1452
Buhmann, H., p. C727
Bui, T., p. C1633
Bukrinski, J., p. C424, C722
Bull, C., p. C392, C754, C900
Bullock, R. M., p. C922
Bunina, O., p. C1272
Bunker, R., p. C783
Burgess-Brown, N., p. C1489
Burghammer, M., p. C1071, C1329
Bürgi, H.-B., p. C624, C629
Burkhardt, A., p. C1725
Burmann, B., p. C1492
Burns, E., p. C440
Buron, M., p. C768
Burrow, R., p. C1235
Burrows, A., p. C1222
Bursik, J., p. C725
Busby, J., p. C1825
Buschiazzo, A., p. C1050
Bushmarinov, I., p. C511
Buslaeva, E., p. C513
Buslaps, T., p. C165
Butashin, A., p. C1810
Butch, N., p. C1466
Buth, S., p. C579
Butryn, A., p. C1396
Butt, H.-J., p. C594
Buurma, C., p. 524
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Bykova, E., p. C49, C263
Bylund, G., p. C200

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Caines, M., p. C243
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Cairns, A., p. C262, C266
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Cambon, O., p. C753
Cameron, A., p. C1048
Cammarata, M., p. C768
Campana, C., p. C173
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Campbell, J., p. C1036, C1621
Campbell, R., p. C1785
Campo, J., p. C1085, C1236
Campos , C. E., p. C1564
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Cao, H., p. C387
Cao, K., p. C386
Capel, M., p. C335
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Caradoc-Davies, T., p. C1751
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Cardin, D., p. C1377
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Cardoso, L., p. C1726, C1764
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Carter, L., p. C416
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Castro, L., p. C1101
Casu, B., p. C576
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Cerione, R., p. C787
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Cerný, R., p. C944
Cerny, R., p. C73
Cersoy, S., p. C863
Cervellino, A., p. C736
Ces, O., p. C1187
Céspedes, E., p. C957
Chaboussant, G., p. C278
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Clark, R., p. C50
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Coelho, G., p. C941
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Colona-Guifarro, C., p. C1823
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Coster, P., p. C261, C896, C1012
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Coudert, F.-X., p. C1124, C1125
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Dane, T., p. C1071
Dang, L., p. C799
Daniel, I., p. C1307
Daniels, L., p. C1729
Danson, A., p. C1506
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Das, D., p. C1398
Dasgupta, P., p. C953
da Silva, J., p. C1100
da Silva, L., p. C1567
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De, I., p. C201
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de Boissieu, M., p. C9, 308, C399
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de Villiers, K., p. C1241
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Deydier, E., p. C912
Dhagat, U., p. C808
Dhanak, V., p. C81
Dharne, G. M., p. C740
Dhindwal, S., p. C444
Diamant, H., p. C889
Diana, E., p. C1248
Diat, O., p. C599
Diaz, J., p. C1795
Diaz-Moreno, S., p. C720
Díaz de Delgado, G., p. C1380, C1692
Diaz de Delgado, G., p. C1568
Diaz Reyes, J., p. C1417
Di Cicco, A., p. C126
Dickert, J., p. C1804
Dicko, C., p. C1074
Di Cola, E., p. C1071
Didier, C., p. C51
Dieplinger, H., p. C308
Dierks, K., p. C1749
Dietzsch, M., p. C594
DiFrancesco, B., p. C464
Digilio, J., p. C1663
Dilanian, R., p. C573
Dillen, J., p. C652
Dimaggio, S., p. C1804
DiMaio, F., p. C782
Dimakis, E., p. C748
Dimech, C., p. C246
Di Michiel, M., p. C502
Dimowa, L., p. C1129
Dinapoli, R., p. C680
Dinardo, G., p. C1277
Ding, L., p. C370, C389
Dinh, N., p. C1245
Diniz, R., p. C647, C1100, C1622
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Direm, A., p. C285, C1239
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Di Salvo, F., p. C649, C1298, C1306
Diskin, R., p. C119
Dittrich, B., p. C286, 309, C965, C969, C973, C1346
Dix, I., p. C1693
Djerdj, I., p. C1123
Djinovic-Carugo, K., p. C431
Dkhil, B., p. C623
Dmitricheva, E., p. C65
Dmitrienko, V., p. C1350, C1356, C1529
Dmitriev, V., p. C1464
Do, H., p. C1054
Doak, R. B., p. C326, C568
Doan-Nguyen, V., p. C867
do Carmo, W., p. C1100
Doctorovich, F., p. C649
Dodds, P., p. C242
Dodge, G., p. C598
Dohmae, N., p. C498
Dohnálek, J., p. C211, C249, C254, C446, C613, C1151
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Doi, A., p. C1496, C1500
Dollé, M., p. C1101
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Domagala, S., p. 72
Dominiak, P., p. C968, C970
Dominiak, P. M., p. 483
Donath, T., p. C882
Dong, S., p. C801
Dong, X., p. C617
Dong, Y., p. C1489
Dong, Y.-H., p. 364
Doniach, S., p. C1582
Donnelly, M.-E., p. C754
Donohoe, B., p. C1812
Dontsova, O., p. C816
Dooryhee, E., p. C1175
Doriguetto, A., p. C1258
Doriguetto, A. C., p. C1563, C1577
Dorival, J., p. C407
Dörner, K., p. C1147
Doser, B., p. C1618
dos Santos, A., p. C154, C895, C1726, C1764
dos Santos, J., p. C114
Dos Santos, L. H. R., p. 532
Dos Santos Claro , P., p. C742
Dotson, D., p. C1048
Douangamath, A., p. C785, C790
Doucet, N., p. C1643, C1677
Doukov, T., p. C612
Dove, M., p. C862
Downs, J., p. C1666
Downs, R., p. C1710
Dragone, A., p. C681
Draguta, S., p. C994, C1028
Dranka, M., p. C650
Drathen, C., p. C52, C1367
Drbohlav, I., p. C725
Drebushchak, T., p. C541
Drebushchak, V., p. C1015
Drew, D., p. C1048
Dreyer, T., p. C114
Drienovska , I., p. C1678
Drummond, M., p. C971
Druzhbin, D., p. C541
Dshemuchadse, J., p. C1617
Du, C. H., p. C225, C1527
Duax, W., p. C1507
Dubrovinskaia, N., p. C49, C1334
Dubrovinsky, L., p. C37, C49, C263, C1334
Dudek, N., p. C253
Duden, R., p. C343
Dudka, A., p. C237
Duff, A., p. C417, C420
Duffy, J., p. C1554
Duffy, T., p. C396
Dulle, M., p. C887
Duman, R., p. C605
Dumez, J.-N., p. C136
Dumitrescu, D., p. C564
Dunbar, K., p. C1265
Dunin-Borkowski, R., p. C727
Dunitz, J., p. C1722
Dunstan, M., p. C1538
Duong, A., p. C191
du Plessis, H., p. C948
du Plessis, M., p. C998
Duraisamy, S., p. C1442
Duran, D., p. C1672
Durand, C., p. C1041
Durand, E., p. C1599
Durand, P., p. C1474
Düren, T., p. C1126
Duren, T., p. C157
Duru, C., p. C1418
Dusek, M., p. C95, C170, C520
Dusková, J., p. C211, C249, C254, C613, C1151
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Duvignaud, J.-B., p. C1646, C1669
Dworkowski, F., p. C326, C1731
Dwyer, C., p. C1450
Dyadkin, V., p. C1548
Dyadkin, V. A., p. C1546
Dykeman, E. C., p. 417
Dynowska, E., p. C592
Dyulgerov, V., p. C1129
Dyussembayeva, K., p. C1102
Dziewulska, A., p. C848
Dziubanska, P., p. C1594
Dziubek, K., p. C268, C1188

Ealick, S., p. C335
Easley, N., p. C578
Ebner, S., p. C1731
Eccles, K., p. C651
Echols, N., p. C327, C782
Eckert, J., p. C150
Edagawa, K., p. C97
Edler, K., p. C1320
Edwards, A., p. C187, C286, 309, C566
Edwards, A. J., p. 483
Edwards, J., p. C848
Effenberger, H., p. C271
Egan, T., p. C721
Eger, R., p. C1367
Eggeman , A., p. C371
Eggeman, A., p. C368
Eggert, J., p. C396
Ehara, S., p. C179
Ehebauer, M., p. C429
Ehmler, H., p. C164
Ehrenberg, H., p. C46
Eigenbrot, C., p. C247
Eikeland, E., p. C756, C1773
Eisenberg, D., p. C797
Eisenbrandt, P., p. C134
Ejsmont, K., p. C962
Ekpunobi, U., p. C1418
El Azhari, M., p. C1019
Elcoro, L., p. C45, C1369
Elegheert, J., p. C405
Elgadi, G., p. C652
Elguero, J., p. C643
Elidrissi, M. A., p. C1430
El jazouli, A., p. C1766
Ellena, J., p. C999, C1027, C1095, C1229, C1594
Elliott, J., p. C247
Elliott, T., p. C120
Ellis, A., p. C435, C675
Ellis, D., p. C1716
El Omari, K., p. C1803
Elsaesser, T., p. C100, C769
Elsegood, M., p. C1226
Elser, V., p. C1198
Elsliger, M.-A., p. C1148
Elvira, J., p. C949
Emerich, H., p. C132
Empadinhas, N., p. C1659
Emsley, L., p. C136
Emsley, P., p. C348, C1051, C1480
Endres, M., p. C468
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Engel, D., p. C1594
Engel, M., p. C889, C890, C1537
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Engwerda, A., p. C958
Enrique, A., p. C1744
Enrique, E., p. C279
Eon, J.-G., p. 217
Erales, J., p. C1599
Eram, M., p. C1591
Ercius, P., p. C1455
Erdönmez, A., p. C1694
Eriksson, F., p. C82
Ermakova, O., p. C761
Ersoy, O., p. C1533
Erxleben, A., p. C661
Eshuis, N., p. C958
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Esparza-Ponce, H., p. C66, C881
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Espindola, A., p. C1273
Essig, S., p. C120
Esterhuysen, C., p. C652
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Etzerodt, M., p. C1792
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Evans, J., p. C14, C156, C1337
Evans, P., p. C777, C936
Evdokimova, E., p. C715
Evidente, I., p. C1425
Exley, R., p. C1647
Exner, A., p. C887

Fabbiani, F., p. C264
Fabbiani, F. P. A., p. 309
Fabelo, O., p. C1551
Fabian, L., p. C1000
Fabre, L., p. C853
Fábry, J., p. C1758
Facchin, G., p. C1229
Fadel, F., p. C445
Fahrnbauer, F., p. C1117
Fait, J., p. C688, C795
Falcão, M., p. C1273
Falek, W., p. C1239
Falletto, J., p. C1037
Falvello, L., p. C1236
Fan, E., p. C708
Fan, H., p. 239, C332, C1449
Fandaruff , C., p. C1564
Fane, B., p. C1592
Fang, W., p. C1640
Fantini, M., p. C130, C1528, C1799
Fark, M., p. C1802
Farre, B., p. C730
Farrés, J., p. C699
Faucher, F., p. C585
Favaro, G., p. C955
Fayman, K., p. C468
Fazio, V., p. C1512
Fearn, R., p. C785, C790, C1803
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Felix, J., p. C405
Felix, R., p. C1425, C1426
Feng, S., p. C207
Feng, Z., p. C1682
Fermanich, J., p. C663
Fernandes, C., p. C114
Fernandes, M., p. C913
Fernandez-Diaz, L., p. C239
Fernández-González, A., p. C1301
Fernandez-Martinez, M., p. C1326
Fernández-Tornero, C., p. C1391
Fernandez-Tornero, C., p. C330
Fernandez-Turiel, J., p. C949
Ferrara, J., p. C1152, C1439
Ferrara, L., p. C710
Ferraris, G., p. 106, 683
Ferre-D'Amare, A., p. C1149
Ferreira, A., p. C948, C1561
Ferreira, F., p. C1561, C1808, C1830
Ferreira, J., p. C539
Ferreira, P., p. C226
Ferrer, J.-L., p. C788
Ferron, F., p. C1599
Fertey, P., p. C95
Fewster, P. F., p. 257
Feyen, M., p. C186
Fiedler, S., p. C345
Figueroa, S., p. C741, C1273, C1528, C1769
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Filinchuk, Y., p. C1473
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Filippova, E., p. C299, C432
Fillion, T., p. C562, C1001
Fineder, L., p. C308
Fink, L., p. C1807
Fischer, C., p. C1372
Fischer, D., p. C560
Fischer, M., p. C494
Fischer, P., p. C1725
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Fisher, LM., p. C713
Fisher, S, p. C1206
Fisher, S., p. C1208
Fisher, Z., p. C1205
Fitch, A., p. C190, C563, C1759
Fjellvåg, H., p. C502
Fjellvag, H., p. C625
Flacau, R., p. C939, C1762, C1767
Flaig, R., p. C329
Fletcher, A., p. C908
Fletterick, R., p. C1398
Flores-Alamo, M., p. C1732
Flores-Sanchez, N., p. C1763
Floriano, R., p. C741
Flygaard, R., p. C1400, C1402
Fodil, H., p. C380
Fodje , M., p. C1525
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Foi, A., p. C649, C1298
Fois, E., p. C1469
Fokine, A., p. C1592
Folkers, L., p. C1722
Folly-Klan, M., p. C802
Fon, E., p. C845
Fonari, M., p. C994
Fong, D., p. C703, C705
Fonseca, V., p. C1273
Fonseca Guerra, C., p. C958
Fontes, M., p. C114
Forbes, R., p. C948
Forcen-Vazquez, E., p. C1236
Forgan, R., p. C157
Forouhar, F., p. C1284
Förster, F., p. C1396
Förster, R., p. C1681
Förster, S., p. C80
Förster, W., p. C365
Forsyth, T., p. C1204, C1214
Fosberry, A., p. C204
Foti, A., p. C1828
Foucar, L., p. C568
Fourme, R., p. C1672
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Fox, A., p. C1655
Fox, G., p. C1672
Fraga, C., p. C1830
Fraga, J., p. C1659
Franco, C. H., p. C1622
Franco, R., p. C1143
Frandsen, B., p. 3, C1459
Frank, W., p. C1345
Frank-Kamenetskaya, O., p. C1118
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Fraser, M., p. C1641, C1650, C1673
Fraunhofer, C., p. C1117
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Freisz, S., p. C607, C965
Frenkel, A., p. C956
Fresser , F., p. C308
Friese, K., p. C55, C260
Friesecke, G., p. C524
Frirdich, E., p. C442
Friscic, T., p. C982
Frison, R., p. C736
Fritz-Popovski, G., p. C1583
Fromm, K., p. C634, C911, C1247, C1385, C1386, C1644
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Fry, A., p. C137
Fu, "Z.-Q.""A."", p. C795
Fu, Z.-Q., p. C688
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Fuchs, M., p. C1731, C1733
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Fuentes-Cobas, L., p. C66, C881, C1039
Fuentes-Montero, L., p. C1440
Fuentes-Montero, M., p. C881
Fuentes-Montero, M. E., p. C66
Fuess, H., p. C150
Fuhrman, W., p. C1542
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Fujii, K., p. C635, C677
Fujii, T., p. C448, C488, C1055
Fujimoto, M., p. C1058, C1059
Fujioka, Y., p. C1660
Fujita, M., p. C1787
Fujiwara, A., p. C102, C893, C1299, C1325
Fujiwara, K., p. C1112
Fujiwara, T., p. C1159, C1190
Fujiwara, Y., p. C1501
Fujiyama, S., p. C152
Fujiyoshi, Y., p. C851
Fukai, S., p. C1642
Fukami, R., p. C89
Fukaya, Y., p. C1605, C1611, C1612, C1613
Fukuda, K., p. C588
Fukui, K., p. C1062
Fukumori, Y., p. C474
Fukunaga, M., p. C152
Fukunaga, T., p. C1185
Fukuyama, K., p. C478, C847, C1218, C1648
Fullà, D., p. C1744
Fuller, R., p. C674
Funahashi, H., p. C1081
Funamori, N., p. C1333
Funnell, N., p. C266, C532
Furey, W., p. C427
Fürnrorh, B., p. C308
Furuike, Y., p. C1209
Furukawa, H., p. C191, C1240
Furukawa, S., p. C1122
Furukawa, Y., p. C1684
Furuta, Y., p. C213

Gabanyi, M., p. C493
Gabarino, G., p. C139
Gaffney, K., p. C128
Gagné, D., p. C1643
Gagne, O., p. C1103
Gagné-Dumais, L., p. C897
Gagnon, J., p. C1644
Gagnon, K., p. C1265, C1696
Gal, Z., p. C693, C1734
Galaleldeen, A., p. C809
Galanis, A., p. C371
Galek, P., p. C495, C1018
Galindo-Murrillo, R., p. C963
Gallagher, D., p. C435
Gallego, S., p. C45, C1369
Galler, A., p. C128
Gallington, L., p. C156
Gallini, S., p. C1057
Galonic Fujimori, D., p. C820
Gamo, F., p. C1793
Ganai, R., p. C200
Gándara, F., p. C191, C1240
Gansmuller, A., p. C739
Gao, J., p. C535, C807
Gao, S., p. C274
Gao, Y., p. C198, C199, C207, C216
Garbarino, G., p. C753
Garbrecht, M., p. C82
Garcia, J., p. C1414
García, M. A., p. C643
García-Caballero, A., p. C1034, C1040
García-Garduño, M., p. C1104
García-Granda, S., p. C68, C1040, C1301
Garcia-Granda, S., p. C1300, C1414
García-Melchor, M., p. C912
García-Ramos, J., p. C963
García-Ruiz, J., p. C1211
García-Ruiz, J. M., p. C3, C995, C1034, C1040
García Fernández, J. M., p. C843
García Muñoz, J. L., p. C519
Garman, E., p. C317, C1144
Gateshki, M., p. C870, C883
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Gatta, G., p. C1110
Gatti, C., p. C281, C557, C617
Gaulin, B., p. C149, C1353
Gauquelin, N., p. C1452
Gautel, M., p. C431
Gautier-Luneau, I., p. C53
Gavilano, J., p. C363
Gawelda, W., p. C128
Gaynor, E., p. C442
Ge, B., p. 563
Gebauer, J., p. C1631
Geelhaar, L., p. C748
Geerts, Y., p. C728
Gehrer, S., p. C597
Gehring, ., p. C838, C845
Gehring, K., p. C306, C422, C583, C810, C827, C836
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Gelly, J.-C., p. C1513
Gemmi , M., p. C371
Gennis, R., p. C1495
Genoni, A., p. C284, 532
Genzel, C., p. C724
George, G., p. C1525
George, R., p. C440
Georgiadis, M., p. C206, C1407
Gerhardt, G., p. C1036
Gerisch, A., p. C965
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Gerstel, M., p. C317
Gertenbach, J., p. C1310
Gesing, T., p. C54, C161
Gessner, O., p. C289
Ghai, R., p. C417
Gherardin, N., p. C244
Ghigna, P., p. C1519
Ghisleni, A., p. C431
Ghose, S., p. C1175
Ghouari, N., p. C534
Giannini, C., p. C1328
Gianolio, D., p. C593
Gianotti, V., p. C955
Gies, H., p. C186, C546
Giewekemeyer, K., p. C694
Gifford, L., p. C493
Gil, F., p. C1744
Gildea, R., p. C1440
Gilioli, E., p. C1815
Gille, P., p. C96, C399
Gillespie, J. R., p. C708
Gillet, J.-M., p. C1083
Gillilan, R., p. C112, C408, C412, C787
Gillon, B., p. C278, C1083
Gilmore, C., p. C104
Giménez-Marqués, M., p. C905
Ginell, S., p. C1206
Gionet, P., p. C358
Giovanetti, L., p. C742
Girdzijauskaite, S., p. C1710
Girvin, M., p. C1164
Gkougkoulia, E., p. C431
Glatzel, P., p. C127
Glaum, J., p. C150
Glaves, J., p. C1066
Glazer, A., p. C43, C58
Glazer, A. M., p. 300
Gleason, J., p. C809
Gleave , M., p. C804
Glinnemann, J., p. C138
Glotzer, S., p. C890, C1537
Glowka, M., p. C1697
Goda, S., p. C1679
Godfrey, D., p. C244
Godzik, A., p. C1148
Gogami, Y., p. C1055
Goh, R., p. C923
Gohlke, U., p. C1600
Gokulan, K., p. C846
Goldbaum, F., p. C456
Goldman, A., p. C85
Gole, C., p. C1420
Gollwitzer, C., p. C1330
Goloveshkin, A., p. C511
Golub, A., p. C511
Gómez, C., p. C95
Gómez, R., p. C963
Gómez-Ruiz, H., p. C1732
Gómez-Sal, P., p. C1040
Goncharov, A., p. C750, C757
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Gonen, T., p. C1063
Gong, Z., p. C122
Gonzales, J.-P., p. C395
González, A. M., p. C344
Gonzalez, C., p. C1078
Gonzalez, D., p. C1230, C1695
González, N., p. C1744
González, T., p. C1692
González, Y., p. C1769
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Goo, E., p. C1664
Goodman, K., p. C440
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Grant, T., p. C1145
Gras, S., p. C244
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Grebenev, V., p. C65
Greedan, J., p. C1353
Green, H., p. C70
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Gregori-Puigjané, E., p. C820
Gregoryanz, E., p. C899
Greif, M., p. C307
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Grenier, K., p. C845
Gres, A., p. C696
Grey, C., p. C354, C357, C1538
Grey, I., p. C1093
Gribanov, A., p. C507
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Grier, A., p. C598
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Griesshaber, E., p. C239
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Griffin, J., p. C354
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Grigorieva, M., p. C1029
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Grimes, J., p. C1803
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Henry, P., p. C1739
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Ho, B., p. C579
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Hol, W., p. C577, C708
Holden, D., p. C632
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Holm, S., p. C1754
Holoweckyj, K., p. C1673
Holton, J., p. C1140
Holtz, M., p. C100
Honda, A., p. C77
Hong, S., p. C297
Hong, T., p. C387
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Honma, Y., p. C893
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Horsburgh, L., p. C1226
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Howard , E., p. C1200
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Hurst, M., p. C1825
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Husák, M., p. C1789
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Hussain, T., p. C1051
Hutanu, V., p. C151
Hutchison, I., p. C902
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Hwang, E., p. C811
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Hyodo, T., p. C1605, C1611, C1612, C1613

Iasco, O., p. C278
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Ilavsky, J., p. C1072, C1171, C1173
Iles, G., p. C1473, C1742
Im, H., p. C828
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In, Y., p. C565
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Inazato, M., p. C486
Ing, C., p. C464
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Inoue, I., p. C291
Inoue, N., p. C77
Inoue, T., p. C1158, C1304
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Iourin, O., p. C1803
Ireton, K., p. C837
Isabet, T., p. C609, C1056
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Ishibashi, T., p. C455
Ishida, T., p. C447
Ishigaki, T., p. C1172, C1573
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Isikawa, K., p. C383
Islam, M. T., p. C1523
Islam, Md, p. C960
Ito, N., p. C474
Ito, S., p. C1062
Ito, T., p. C213, C1242, C1390
Itou, H., p. C1652
Itou, M., p. C1556
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Iwata, So, p. C1048
Iwata, T., p. C1217
Iwatani, Y., p. C123
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Izard, T., p. C1833
Izzo, I., p. C563

Jablonska, K., p. C592
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Jacon, J., p. C1563, C1577
Jacquemetton, L., p. C1303
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Jakob, R., p. C1492
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Jakobi, T., p. 472
Jakoncic, J., p. C610
Jal, J.-F., p. C1307
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James, D., p. C1141
James, L., p. C120, C243
James, M., p. C812
James, R., p. C524
Jana, P., p. C167, C176
Jang, J. Y., p. C1653
Jang, S.-b., p. C828
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Jankovic, B., p. C269
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Janssen, T., p. C1
Janzen , K., p. C1525
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Jayatilaka, D., p. 483, C1343
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Jeanneau, E., p. C1307
Jeany, J.-B., p. C1041
Jedrzejczak, R., p. C205, C468, C818
Jeffries, Cy, p. C243
Jehle, M., p. C1701
Jelfs, K., p. C632
Jelsch, C., p. C279, C285, C962
Jemian, P., p. C1072
Jeng, H.-T., p. C1781
Jeng, U-S., p. C426, C745, C1747
Jeng, W.-Y., p. C209
Jenkins, J., p. C1743, C1755
Jenner, L., p. C1400, C1402
Jensen, J., p. C1792
Jensen, K., p. C505, C871, C1180, C1413
Jensen, L., p. C312
Jensen, L. A., p. C1602
Jensen, S., p. C1491
Jensen, T., p. C412, C1473
Jephcoat, A., p. C898, C1340
Jergel, M., p. C745
Jeruzalmi, D., p. C453
Jha, K., p. C378
Jha, V., p. C1401, C1633
Ji, A., p. C305
Ji, X., p. C121, C210
Jia, Z., p. C463, C585, C831, C1281, C1408, C1499
Jiang, C., p. C147
Jiang, J., p. C780, C1240
Jiang, L., p. C797, C1328, C1596
Jiang, Q.-X., p. C852, C852
Jiang, Y.-L., p. C259, C303
Jiménez, C., p. C665
Jin, B.-Y., p. C1032
Jin, J., p. C111, C198
Jin, S., p. C1449
Jin, T., p. C780
Jin, Y., p. C1320
Jin, Z., p. C688, C795
Joachimiak, A., p. C203, C205, C468, C818, C1206
Joachimiak, G., p. C203
Jochimsen, B., p. C1060, C1792
Jocius, J., p. C1817
Johansson, E., p. C200
Johansson, G., p. C1738
Johansson, K., p. C1540, C1541, C1569
Johansson, R., p. C1053
Johmoto, K., p. C635, C654, C672, C677, C920
Johnsen, S., p. C555
Johnson, C., p. C243
Johnson, I., p. C680
Johnson, J., p. C490
Johnson, Jr., W., p. C1645
Johnson, M., p. C399, C1065
Johnson, O., p. C777
Johnson, R., p. C386
Johnsson, M., p. C1080
Johnston, J., p. C815
Joly, Y., p. C221
Jones, A., p. C1734
Jones, C., p. C1007
Jones, G., p. C190
Jones, J., p. C242
Jones, K., p. C813
Jonic, S., p. C853
Jonjic , S., p. C308
Jorda, J., p. C1432
Jordan, G., p. C239
Jorge Junior, A., p. C741
Jorgensen, , p. C814
Jørgensen, M., p. C1338, C1552
Jørgensen, M. R. V., p. 679
Jorgensen, R., p. C814, C814
Jorgensen, S., p. C1473
Jover, G., p. C1744
Ju, H., p. C1713
Juanhuix, J., p. C1744
Juarez, G., p. C1795
Juarez Diaz, G., p. C1417
Juhas, P., p. C1351, C1435
Julian, M., p. C1275
Jung, D.-k., p. C470
Jung, J., p. C815
Jura, M., p. C276
Juranyi, F., p. C363
Jurca, G., p. C1595
Jurek, Z., p. C290, C295
Juric, M., p. C907
Jüstel, D., p. C524
Justyniak, I., p. C660
Jüttner, P., p. C1215
Juvé, V., p. C100

Kabekkodu, S., p. C1702
Kabsch, W., p. C326
Kachala, M., p. C425
Kádek, A., p. C446
Kadlec, J., p. C1803
Kadletz, P., p. C56
Kadron, B., p. C147
Kaduk, J., p. C655
Kaercher, J., p. C173
Kaganer, V. M., p. 457
Kagi, H., p. C393
Kahlenberg, V., p. C68, C1116
Kahler, C., p. C1047
Kähn, J., p. C1107
Kahr, B., p. C229
Kaindl, R., p. C1116
Kaiser, U., p. C21
Kajetanek, D., p. C1037
Kakou Yao, R., p. C1008
Kakuda, S., p. C716
Kalawy-Fansa, E., p. C717
Kalinko, A., p. C747
Kalkan, B., p. C1097
Kallio, J., p. C345, C816, C1202
Kalmykov, K., p. C507
Kamada, K., p. C207
Kamazawa, K., p. C363
Kameda, Y., p. C1511
Kamenev, K., p. C392, C903
Kameshima, T., p. C686
Kamezawa, C., p. C155, C884, C1609, C1818
Kami, K., p. C749
Kamijo, Ai, p. C1741
Kamijyo, Ai, p. C1757
Kaminska, A., p. C761
Kaminski, R., p. 72, C774, C775, C776
Kaminsky, W., p. C1278, C1379
Kamitori, S., p. C1676
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Kamogawa, M., p. C155, C1818
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Kanaoka, Y., p. C800
Kanatzidis, M., p. C857
Kanazawa, H., p. C1378
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Kaneko, K., p. C163, C273, C400, C553, C1359
Kanevsky, V., p. C1810
Kang, H. J., p. C1048
Kang, J., p. C181
Kann, S., p. C344
Kanno, R., p. C1185
Kannt, A., p. C1813
Kant, R., p. C544
Kao, C.-C., p. C1238, C1475
Kaplan-Turkoz, B., p. C423
Kappl, M., p. C594
Kaprzyk, S., p. C1556
Kapustin, E., p. C272, C550
Karanam, M., p. C669
Karatutlu, A., p. C1533
Karczewski, G., p. C727
Karen, P., p. C170
Karg, M., p. C887
Karimova, O., p. C1091
Karpics, I., p. C345
Karplus, P., p. C499
Kas, J., p. C1516
Kasai, H., p. C355, C1181
Kasatani, H., p. C61
Kasher, R., p. C1323
Kashiwagi, K., p. C1390
Kassa, T., p. C310
Katagiri, M., p. C1219
Katayama, Y., p. C360
Kato, A., p. C146
Kato, H., p. C38
Kato, K., p. C300, C355, C611, C1181, C1358
Kato, R., p. C500
Kato, T., p. C91
Kato, Z., p. C257
Katrusiak, A., p. C265, C268, C666, C1188
Katsnelson, M., p. C1350
Katsumata, T., p. C1348
Katsumta, T., p. C1108
Katsura, T., p. C79
Katz, A., p. C408
Kaucic, V., p. C1770
Kaufmann, M., p. C463
Kaur, A., p. C1243, C1244
Kaur, G., p. C669, C1376, C1811
Kaur, K., p. C258
Kaur, P., p. C1654, C1790
Kawabata, S., p. C1416
Kawaguchi, S., p. C1357, C1358
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Kawahara, T., p. C1505
Kawai, T., p. C465
Kawakami, K., p. C350, C1502
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Keable, S., p. C572
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Keef, T., p. 162
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Kettner, K., p. C410
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Khadri, A., p. C537
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Khainakov, S., p. C68
Khalyavin, D., p. C516
Kharchenko, A., p. C883
Kharitonova, E., p. C48, C237
Khasanova, N., p. C20
Kheira Redjel, Y., p. C1709
Kherfi, H., p. C656, C1232
Khlopuzyan, S., p. C1137
Khorasani, S., p. C913
Khrustalev, V., p. C1796
Kickelbick, G., p. C67
Kidd, P., p. C883
Kidmose, R., p. C1400, C1402
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King, D., p. C701
King, S., p. C801
Kinnibrugh, T., p. C361
Kinoshita, M., p. C387
Kinoshita, T., p. C819, C1216
Kinoshita, Y., p. C92
Kirby, K., p. C696
Kirichek, O., p. C392
Kirihara, Y., p. C686
Kisakye Nambozo, S., p. C440
Kishimoto, A., p. C455
Kishimoto, H., p. C1327, C1331
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Kita, A., p. C455, C474, C487
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Kiyotani, T., p. C1463
Kizawa, K., p. C937
Kjaer, S., p. C440
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Klapwijk, A., p. C545
Klebe, G., p. C699, C706, C711
Klein, F., p. C119
Klein, H., p. C370, C373
Kleine, A., p. C965, C1330
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Klinge, M., p. C316, C343
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Klotz, S., p. C754
Kluck, R., p. C1166
Klussmann, S., p. C202
Knapp, M., p. C150
Kniep, R., p. C595
Knight, J., p. C1097
Knight, K., p. C276, C1093
Knizek, K., p. C725
Knoops, K., p. C570
Knott, G., p. C1655
Knott, R., p. C420
Knowles, P., p. C440
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Knudsen, C., p. C1602
Ko, R., p. C457
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Kobe, B., p. C242, C1634
Kober, D., p. C248
Koc, R., p. 605
Koca, M., p. 605
Koca, N. O., p. 605
Koch, R., p. C238
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Kocsis, B., p. C501
Kodjikian, S., p. C370, C373
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Kolincio, K., p. C180
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Koma, D., p. C473
Komadina, D., p. C570
Komatsu, K., p. C273
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Komoda, K., p. C1159
Komori, H., p. C458
Komornikov, V., p. C65
Komuro, Y., p. C339
Konarev, P., p. C431
Kondo, J., p. C1375, C1378
Kondo, N., p. C257
Kong, L., p. C979
Kong, T., p. C87
Kong Mun, Lo, p. C1831
Kong Wai, T., p. C1831
König, U., p. C952, C954
Konina, K., p. C492
Konôpková, Z., p. C49
Konopkova, Z., p. C757
Konovalov, O., p. C1329
Konstantinov, K., p. C1656
Konstantinova, A., p. C1656
Konwerski, J., p. C603
Koohpayeh, S., p. C1542
Kopecký, M., p. C1758
Kopsky´, V., p. 677
Korczynska, M., p. C820
Korlyukov, A., p. C657
Kormendi, V., p. C1286
Korotkov, K., p. C577
Kose, H., p. C423
Koshima, H., p. C379
Kostan, J., p. C431
Köster, H., p. C706
Kostov-Kytin, V., p. C1129
Kosuge, T., p. C1757
Kotajima, T., p. C93
Kotaka, M., p. C457, C460
Kotenko, S., p. C250
Kothapalli, K., p. C895
Kotra, L., p. C447
Kotrly, M., p. C1570
Kotýnková, K., p. C254
Kourinov, I., p. C335
Koutsantonis, G., p. C674
Kovács, I., p. C640
Koval', T., p. C254
Koval, T., p. C211, C249, C613, C1151
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Kovalskii, V., p. C918
Kovuri, V., p. C598
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Koyama, A., p. C1741
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Kozak, R., p. C943
Kozak, S., p. C1142
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Kozlevcar, B., p. C1123
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Krakow, R., p. C368
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Kraus, F, p. C1367
Krause, K., p. C821, C1305
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Kremer, C., p. C1037
Kremer, E., p. C1229
Kremer, R., p. C183, C263, C1367
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Kriechbaum, M., p. C415
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Krieger, M. A., p. C841
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Kriksunov, I., p. C112, C787
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Kronstedt, J., p. C1738
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Krueger, K., p. C1804
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Kruk, I., p. C1466
Krukle-Berzina, K., p. C1704
Krusong, K., p. C459
Krysiak, Y., p. C926
Krywka, C., p. C1330
Krzton-Maziopa, A., p. C1464
Ku, C.-S., p. C745
Kub, J., p. C1758
Kubicki, M., p. C974
Kubo, M., p. C355
Kubota, Y., p. C1357, C1358, C1467
Kucharczyk, D., p. C1734
Kuchenbecker, K., p. C1398
Kucinska, M., p. C974
Kuczera, P., p. C88, C94, 181, C1197
Kudlacz, K., p. C1131
Kudo, T., p. C686
Kuech, T., p. C235
Kuettner, B., p. C410
Kugimoto, D., p. C1580
Kugimoto, M., p. C1580
Kühlbrandt, W., p. C1046, C1064
Kuhn, B., p. C307
Kuhn, M., p. C299
Kuhn, P., p. 441
Kuhn, R., p. C603
Kuijper, Ed, p. C814
Kukla, M., p. C1272
Kukovec, B.-M., p. C1253
Kulakova, A., p. C1143
Kularatne, K., p. C267
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Kumar Sharma, A., p. C840
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Kuo, P.-H., p. C217
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Kupitz, C., p. C1141, C1147
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Kurdzesau, F., p. C690
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Kusumi, R., p. C1086
Kusz, J., p. C375, C1361, C1608
Kuszak, A., p. C578
Kuta Smatanova , I., p. C1678
Kuter, D., p. C721
Kutlubaeva, Z., p. C1602
Kutner, A., p. C966, C970
Kuty , M., p. C1678
Kuvvetli, I., p. C683
Kuzel, R., p. C725
Kuzmin, A., p. C747
Kvansakul, M., p. C1049
Kvashnin, Y., p. C1350
Kwok, J., p. C460
Kwon, A., p. C1509
Kwon, A.-R., p. C828
Kwong, P., p. C117
Kyros, L., p. C974

Laakkonen, H., p. C1719
Laatsch, B., p. C1215
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Labute, P., p. C971, C1438
Lachgar, A., p. C1766
Ladeira, L., p. C194
Ladisa, M., p. C1328
Lafford, T., p. C591
Lafuente-Monasterio, M., p. C1793
Laganowsky, A., p. C797
Lagautriere, T., p. C822
Lahiri, S., p. C832
Lahoz, F., p. C1040
Lai, H., p. C547
Lai Kee Him, J., p. C1283
Lal, G., p. C648
Lamas, D., p. C130, C741, C1042, C1298, C1306, C1528
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Lammers, M., p. C243
Lamzin, V., p. C325, C816, C1202, C1443
Landau, M., p. C797
Landee, C., p. C1370
Landsberg, M., p. C1825
Lane, T., p. C1582
Lang, D., p. C1595
Lang, J., p. C1797
Lang, R., p. C1726
Langan, P., p. C17, C449, C1204, C1206
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Langes, C., p. C68
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Lantri, T., p. C1806
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Laponogov, I., p. C713
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Larive, N., p. C788
Larrieux, N., p. C1050
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Larsen, F., p. C169, C906
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Le, D., p. C820
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Legendre, M., p. C53
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Leung, C., p. C712
Leung, J., p. C1495
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Liang, Q., p. C976
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Lledós, A., p. C912
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Lloyd, H., p. C1012
Lloyd, K., p. C468
Lo, C.-M., p. C1768
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Lopez, A., p. C808
López, C., p. C643
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Lopez, P., p. C1795
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Lott, S., p. C1825
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Lowary, T., p. C477
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Lüthi, B., p. C882
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Lystad, K., p. C663

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Ma, L., p. 338
Ma, Q., p. C859
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Madamba, M. C., p. C1691
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Madeley, L., p. C987
Madhurantakam, C., p. C1153
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Magliozzo, R., p. C707
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Magro, A., p. C114
Maguire, A., p. C651
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Mahé, R., p. C421, C1326
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Mahgoub, M., p. C268
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Mähne, H., p. C1456
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Maier, T., p. C1492
Maillot, B., p. C110
Mainzer Koenig, A., p. C1607
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Mak, T., p. C633
Makal, A., p. 72
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Mallery, D., p. C243
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Malyavko, A., p. C816
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Mamura, I., p. C553
Man, P., p. C446
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Manoury, E., p. C912
Mansour, A., p. C1680
Mansson, M., p. C363
Manuel, P., p. C386
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Mao, H.-k., p. C159, C403, C763
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Mapp, L., p. C964, C1276
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Marchio', L., p. C1249
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Margison, G., p. C215
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Mariano, N., p. C1052
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Marjo, C., p. C535
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Markovic, B., p. C681
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Marks, L., p. C738
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Martin, A., p. C573
Martin, J., p. C30
Martin, R., p. C1620
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Martinetto, P., p. C863
Martinez, J., p. C1795
Martinez-Costas, J., p. C343
Martínez-Criado, G., p. C959
Martinez Juarez, J., p. C1417
Martins, T., p. C130
Martonak, R., p. C1619
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Maruyama, M., p. C1158
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Mathivanan, S., p. C1821
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Matousek, J., p. C211
Matringe, C., p. C879
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Matsuda, I., p. C1605
Matsuda, M., p. C387
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Matsukawa, T., p. C1172
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Matsumi, R., p. C484
Matsumoto, H., p. C1560
Matsumoto, K., p. C1079, C1136, C1139
Matsumoto, M., p. C894
Matsumoto, N., p. C1331
Matsumoto, S., p. C664
Matsumoto, T., p. C1280, C1423
Matsumoto, Y., p. C716
Matsumura, H., p. C1158
Matsumura, R., p. C1364
Matsunaga, S., p. C292
Matsuo, Y., p. C1359
Matsuoka, R., p. C339
Matsuoka, T., p. C401, C752
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Matta, C., p. C967, C975
Matthews, B., p. C931
Matthews, L., p. C320
Mattioli, G., p. C1520
Maturana, A., p. C709
Matuseviciute, A., p. C1710
Matussek, J., p. C914
Maurel, V., p. C1014
Mauricio, J., p. C1273
Mautner, F., p. C1800
Mayans, O., p. C347
Maynard-Casely, H., p. C1308
Mazon, H., p. C407
Mazurenko, V., p. C1350
Mazzone, A., p. C1328
Mazzorana, M., p. C337
McAnaw, A., p. C1716
McArdle, P., p. C661
McAuley, K., p. C351, C785
McCarthy, A., p. C340
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McLaughlin, S., p. C243
McLaughlin, W., p. C493
McLellan, H., p. C801
McPherson, G., p. C63
McPherson, K., p. C244
McPhillips, S., p. C572
McQueen, T., p. C137, C1542
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Meisterernst, B., p. C96
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Menade, M., p. C827, C838
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Meyer, M., p. C693, C1729, C1734
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Meziane-Cherif, D., p. C715
Mezouar, M., p. C139
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Mi, W., p. C577
Miao, J., p. C5
Miao, P., p. C140
Michael, J., p. C653
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Michel, H., p. C419
Michoux, F., p. C1813
Midgley , P., p. C371
Midgley, P., p. C12, C368, C734
Miggiano, R., p. C832
Miglierini, M., p. C867
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Miiller, W., p. C1363
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MIlagres, T., p. C194
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Miles, L., p. C698
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Millán-Malo, B., p. C512
Millane, R. P., p. 143, 154
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Miller, M., p. C1510
Miller, W., p. C787
Millington, C., p. C215
Mills, G., p. C1049
Milne, C., p. C129
Milot, M.-M., p. C452
Min, Li, p. C743
Minami, K., p. C1649
Minasov, G., p. C299, C432
Minegishi, K., p. C1556
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Mínguez Espallargas, G., p. C905
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Minkov, V., p. C269, C272, C550, C1015
Minor, W., p. C299, C492, C493, C1483
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Mire, J., p. C818
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Mísek, M., p. C903
Mishra, M., p. C551
Mitchell , E., p. C1329
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Mitchell, J., p. C1351
Mito, K., p. C447
Mitra, G., p. C953
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Nambu, Y., p. C387, C1461
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Nuskol, M., p. C1123
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O'Neill, P., p. C806
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Parois, P., p. C1750
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Peat, T., p. C829, C1512
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Pedro-Rosa, L., p. C708
Peek, J., p. C475
Pekov , I., p. C1099
Pekov, I., p. C1090
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Pelé, J., p. C1037
Pellicci, D., p. C244
Pellicer-Porres, J., p. C959
Peña, O., p. C1262
Pena, V., p. C201
Peña Sierra, R., p. C1417
Penfold, T., p. C129
Peng, S.-M., p. C1011, C1032
Penin, N., p. C1101
Pennartz, P., p. C1328
Pennicard, D., p. 552
Penton-Madrigal, A., p. C1765
Pepper, J., p. C1804
Pepponi, G., p. C1039
Peral, I., p. C1096
Peregudov, A., p. C1796
Pereira, E., p. C1143
Pereira, H., p. C833
Pereira, J., p. C325, C1443
Pereira, N., p. C361, C1173
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Perillat, J.-P., p. C1307
Perioli, L., p. C238, C955
Perlich, J., p. C877
Pernechele, C., p. C1815
Pernot, P., p. C110
Perriches, T., p. C1668
Perry, J., p. C1221
Perry, K., p. C335
Persson, K., p. C830, C1538
Perugino, G., p. C832
Peters, G., p. C424
Peters, J., p. C572
Peters, L., p. C1106
Petersen, J., p. C253
Petersen, M., p. C1486
Petit, E., p. C564
Petit, S., p. C1543
Petit-Haertlein, I., p. C1208
Petranovskii, V., p. C1765
Petrenko, O., p. C1544
Petrícek, V., p. C170, C172
Petricek, V., p. C95, C173, C520
Petrova, O., p. C816
Petrova, T., p. C1200
Petrovah, T., p. C1208
Petrovic Perokovic, V., p. C645
Petrukhina, M., p. C986
Petry, W., p. C1215, C1279
Phan, T., p. C1049
Phanse, S., p. C428
Phelan, W., p. C137, C1542
Phelps, S., p. C1666
Philipp, H., p. C685
Philippen, J., p. C1109
Phillips, A., p. C590, C862
Phillips, C., p. C890
Phillips, G., p. C470
Phillips, S., p. C1043
Piao, S., p. C167
Picard, M.-E., p. C1646, C1669
Pickering, I., p. C1525
Pidcock, E., p. C495
Piek, S., p. C1047
Pierre Girardeau, A. B., p. C1041
Pieters, R., p. C1753
Pietsch, U., p. C42, C748
Pike, A., p. C1489
Pilet, G., p. C1307
Pilipp, V., p. C690
Pillet, S., p. C739
Pillinger, M., p. C1256
Pillon, M., p. C418
Pillot, P., p. C1037
Pimputkar, S., p. C1416
Pin, S., p. C1519
Pinheiro, C., p. C556, C1252, C1257, C1258
Pinkerton, A, p. C1550
Pinotsis, N., p. C431
Pintado, M., p. C1260
Pipich, V., p. C1323
Pippinger, T., p. C271
Pirker, K., p. C431
Pirocchi, M., p. C788
Pischedda, V., p. C1307
Piszczek, G., p. C479
Pitak, M., p. C964, C1699
Pitson, S., p. C808
Planinic, P., p. C907
Playford, H., p. C869
Pletnev, S., p. C1670
Plivelic, T., p. C1074
Plonka, A., p. C1468
Plückthun, A., p. C1153
Podjarny, A., p. C445, C699, C1200, C1208
Podsiadlo, M., p. C666
Podzimek, T., p. C211
Poelman, D., p. C177
Pogenberg, V., p. C1404
Pogranichnyi, N., p. C1154
Pohl, E., p. C1266
Poirier, S., p. C1714
Poli, R., p. C912
Polier, S., p. C1666
Polimeni, A., p. C1520
Polla, G., p. C1298, C1306
Pollack, L., p. C408, C1579
Polle, L., p. C837
Poloczek, J., p. C464
Poltowicz, J., p. C589
Polzer, F., p. C891
Pomès, R., p. C464
Pomjakushin, V., p. C75, C363, C1458, C1464
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Pompidor, G., p. C345, C1213
Pong, W.., p. C1532
Pong, W. F., p. C225, C1527
Pongsawasdi, P., p. C459
Ponou, S., p. C167, C1474
Pons, J.-L., p. C1399
Pontoni, D., p. C867
Pool, B., p. C923
Poon, I., p. C1049
Poon, K.-M. V., p. C1596
Pop, A., p. C978
Popov, A., p. C340, C1208
Popovic, J., p. C907, C1123
Popovic, S., p. C1319
Popovic, Z., p. C645, C1253
Popp, M., p. C717
Porcher, F., p. C1254
Pornillos, O., p. C696
Porté, S., p. C699
Portier, R., p. 229
Posselt, D., p. C877
Potemkin, I., p. C877
Pothineni, S., p. C784
Pothineni, S.-B., p. C691
Poudevigne, E., p. C591
Poulain, A., p. C917
Poulin, M., p. C477
Pouzieux, S., p. C1813
Powell, H., p. C777
Powers, D., p. C924
Powers, T., p. C924
Pozharski, E., p. C1479
Pradervand, C., p. C1731
Prakapenka, V., p. C49, C757, C1334
Prassides, K., p. C619
Pregelj, M., p. C1545
Prescimone, A., p. C903
Presly, O., p. C1313, C1734
Presniakov, M., p. C48
Presnyakov, I., p. C976
Pressprich, M., p. C1439
Preu, J., p. C419
Prezioso, S., p. C1405
Price, A., p. C120, C243
Price, J., p. C1751
Price, S., p. C675, C1615
Prieto, C., p. C957
Prilusky, J., p. C1388
Prince, C., p. C1499
Privé, G., p. C305, C1410
Probert, M., p. C1706
Prodan, A., p. C375, C1608
Prodromou, C., p. C1666
Prokes, K., p. C164
Prokhnenko, O., p. C164
Prudnikova , T., p. C1678
Prusik, K., p. C375
Przenioslo, R., p. C165, C517
Puff, W., p. C1800
Pulham, C., p. C50, C261, C270, C896, C918, C1012
Pulido, A., p. C667
Punegov, V. I., p. 64
Punte, G., p. C1306
Punzo, F., p. C1033
Purcell, A., p. C253
Purkiss, A., p. C440
Purushotham, S., p. C1639
Puschmann, H., p. C1266, C1730
Pusey, M., p. C1155
Pushkin, D., p. C1250
Putra, O., p. C1572
Pytlik, L., p. 181, C1360

Qian, G., p. C1539
Qian, G.-r., p. C617
Qin, H.-M., p. C1062
Qin, Su, p. C1591
Quarantini, S., p. C423
Quaresma, P., p. C1143
Quartieri, S., p. C1255, C1469
Que, Jr., L., p. C1373
Queen, W., p. C158, C1240
Quesada, M., p. C1682
Quiney, H., p. C573
Quinn, S., p. C1377
Quintana, J., p. C1624
Quiquandon, M., p. 229
Quirós-Olozábal, M., p. C1710

Raabe, S., p. C1748
Rabbani, F., p. C1080
Rabeh, W., p. C1383
Rabeharindranto, H., p. C407
Rabiller, P., p. C621, C1279
Rackauckas, C., p. C181
Radaelli, P., p. C386
Rademacher, N., p. C1807
Rademann, K., p. C891
Rademeyer, M., p. C1025, C1370
Radeva, N., p. C706
Rae, A., p. C1444
Rafaja, D., p. C1456
Raffin, F., p. C637
Raghunatha Reddy, K., p. C886
Raghuwanshi, V., p. C744
Raghuwanshi, V. S., p. C891
Rahahlia, N., p. C1232
Rahman, M., p. C831
Rahmani, R., p. C996
Raijada, D., p. C906
Raithby, P., p. C166, C559, C773, C1252
Rajashankar, K., p. C335
Rajesh, M. S., p. C1314
Rak, A., p. C1813
Ralston, C., p. C1804
Ramadhar, T., p. C1784
Ramajo, B., p. C1301
Ramakrishnan, V., p. C1051
Ramamurty, U., p. C551
Rambo, R., p. C409
Ramírez-Amparan, G., p. C1039
Ramírez V., B., p. C1692
Rammohan, A., p. C655
Ramon, G., p. C558
Ramos, I., p. C1744
Rams, E., p. C1769
Ramsden, S. J., p. 319
Ranade, R., p. C708
Rangarajan, E., p. C1833
Rantanen, J., p. C906
Rashid, U., p. C330
Rasmuson, A., p. C1571
Rasmussen , G., p. C1142
Ratcliff, W., p. 1
Ratel-Ramond, N., p. C1297
Rath, E., p. C420
Rathore , R., p. C659
Ratner, D., p. C1582
Raunser, S., p. C1068
Raveau, B., p. C929
Ravnsbaek, D., p. C358
Ravy, S., p. C525
Raynal, B., p. C1283
Rea, T., p. C925
Read, R., p. C319, C451, C779
Readman, J., p. C70, C1526
Reber, C., p. C1714
Reddivari, Y., p. C833
Reddy, C., p. C648
Reddy, V., p. C1603
Redecke, L., p. C316, C343
Redshaw, C., p. C1226
Reehuis, M., p. C1107
Rehders, D., p. C316, C343
Rehr, J., p. C956, C1516
Reichelt, M., p. C668
Reichen, C., p. C1153
Reid, G., p. C1342
Reid, H., p. C253
Reid, J., p. C950
Reifsnyder, D., p. C867
Reime, B., p. C1725
Reimer, J., p. C433, C436, C476
Reinaud, O., p. C1374
Reiss, C., p. C870
Reiss, P., p. C667
Rejas, M., p. C949
Remedios, C., p. C1485
Rempel, S., p. C1491
Ren, W., p. C844
Ren, Z., p. C59
Requejo, F., p. C742
Resnati, G., p. C630
Ressouche, E., p. C519
Reuter, A., p. C668
Reuter, H., p. C668
Reuvekamp, P., p. C1367
Rey, F., p. C1593
Reyes-Cortes , M., p. C881
Reyes-Cortes, M., p. C66
Reynolds, E., p. C71, C234
Rezacova , P., p. C1678
Rhee, K. H., p. C1403
Rhee , S., p. C1667
Rhee, S., p. C1664
Rho, H., p. C1595
Ribau Amarante, T., p. C1256
Ribaud, L., p. C789
Ribeiro, A. P., p. C1764
Ribeiro, D., p. C1143
Ribeiro, E., p. C431
Ribeiro, J. L., p. C515
Ribeiro, M., p. C1252, C1257
Riboldi-Tunnicliffe, A., p. C1751
Rice, C., p. C1587
Richard, R., p. C826
Richardson, D., p. C1508
Richardson, I., p. C231
Richardson, J., p. C1508
Richter, Bo, p. C1473
Richter, C., p. C224, C1529
Richter, D., p. C1215
Richter, J., p. C1802
Ridier, K., p. C278
Ridley, C., p. C392
Ridvan, L., p. C1024
Riflikova, M., p. C1619
Rigano, L., p. C837
Rigden, D., p. C347
Rikel, M., p. C726
Rinaldi, J., p. C609
Rinaldo-Matthis, A., p. C413
Rissanen, K., p. C678
Ritsch, A., p. C308
Rittinger, K., p. C241
Rius, J., p. C29
Rivera-Muñoz, E., p. C512
Rizzi, M., p. C832
Roach, P., p. C466
Robben, L., p. C54
Robert, J., p. C1543
Robertson, A., p. C514
Robertson, K., p. C1182, C1715
Robertson, L., p. C147
Robin, A., p. C1166
Robins, V., p. 319
Robinson, D., p. C1640
Robinson, H., p. C464
Robinson, I., p. C288
Roces, L., p. C1300, C1301
Rocquefelte, X., p. C1123
Röder, C., p. C233
Rodina, E., p. C816
Rodionov, D., p. C205, C702, C1671
Rodrigues, B., p. C1092
Rodrigues, C., p. C1561
Rodrigues, G., p. C941
Rodrigues, S., p. C421, C1326
Rodriguez, J., p. C1175
Rodríguez-Carvajal, J., p. C388
Rodriguez-Carvajal, J., p. C24, C684
Rodriguez-Iznaga, I., p. C1765
Rodríguez-Mendoza, U., p. C959
Rodriguez-Navarro, A., p. C1131
Rodríguez-Terente, L., p. C1301
Rodriguez-Velamazan, J. A., p. C1551
Roe, M., p. C1666
Roehlsberger, R., p. C1183
Roesky, H., p. C1346
Roessler, C., p. C1156
Roever, J., p. C1725
Rogachev, A., p. C986
Rogalev, A., p. C1350, C1518
Rohde, G., p. C1373
Røhr, A., p. C434, C1657
Röhr, C., p. C1701
Roisen, V., p. C757
Roleder, K., p. C58
Roll-Mecak, A., p. C479, C1286
Roman, M., p. C1570
Romanello, L., p. C833
Romão, M. J., p. C1143
Romao, M. J., p. C1828
Romero, P., p. C1671
Romoli, F., p. C1214
Ronconi, C., p. C556
Rood, J., p. C581
Roodt, A., p. C919
Ropars, V., p. C1056
Roppongi, S., p. C1058, C1059
Rosa, I., p. C1258
Rosa, P., p. C1315
Rosabal, B., p. C1769
Rosa de Araujo, L., p. C156
Rosair, G., p. C1716
Rosales, I., p. C1763
Rose, D., p. C813, C834, C1635
Rose, J., p. C688, C795
Rosenbaum, G., p. C1206
Rosenberger, J., p. C181
Roshchin, B., p. C1132, C1810
Roske, Y., p. C430
Ross, L., p. C1793
Ross, N., p. C76, C1477
Rosseeva, E., p. C595
Rosseinsky, M., p. C51
Rossi, F., p. C832
Rossi, R., p. C456
Rossjohn, J., p. C244, C253
Rossmann, M., p. C1592, C1801
Roth, G., p. C151, C1106
Roth, S., p. C491, C875, C1183
Roth-Barton, J., p. C923
Rothenberger, A., p. C640
Rother, G., p. C63
Rothkirch, A., p. C1183
Rouiller, I., p. C853
Round, A., p. C110
Rouquette, J., p. C46, C150
Roussel, P., p. C927
Rout, M., p. C812
Rouzière, S., p. C1133
Rowe, O., p. C1226
Röwer, M., p. C1681
Rowland, P., p. C1793
Rowsell, J., p. C181, C547, C1798
Roy, M., p. C961
Royal, K., p. C1804
Royant, A., p. C1189, C1530
Roy Choudhury, A., p. C669, C1811
Rozbeský, D., p. C249
Rozhdestvenskaya, I., p. C1118
Rubbo, M., p. C1115
Rubinstein, J., p. C849
Rubio, A., p. C1744
Ruby, A., p. C1145
Rudolph, M., p. C307
Rudolph, P., p. C32
Rudov, A., p. C877
Ruetalo, N., p. C1050
Ruf, M., p. C682, C965, C1043, C1293
Ruiz, F., p. C330
Ruiz, F. X., p. C699
Ruiz-Azuara, L., p. C963
Ruiz-Pérez, C., p. C665
Rupp , B., p. C308
Rupp, B., p. C1270
Rüssel, C., p. C744
Russi, S., p. C344
Rutjes, F., p. C958
Ryan, G., p. C1049
Rybak-Akimova, E., p. C1823
Rybakov, V., p. C1021
Rychkov, D., p. C918, C1381
Rychlewska, U., p. C670
Ryu, K.-S., p. C580

Sabboobeh, S., p. C835
Sabelfeld, K. K., p. 457
Sabet-Kassouf, N., p. C702
Sabino, J., p. C1318
Sacanell, J., p. C1528
Sacchettini, J., p. C818
Sachse, C., p. C429
Sadakiyo, M., p. C355, C1181
Sadiq, G., p. C531, C560
Sadowska, A., p. C1655
Sadun, L., p. C526
Saeki, M., p. C1004
Saeki, Y., p. C487
Safaee, N., p. C422
Safarian, S., p. C419
Sagayama, H., p. C1457
Sagayama, R., p. C1460
Saha, D., p. C858, C871
Saha, R., p. C846
Sahoo, S., p. C909, C1224
Saidi, W., p. C623
Saiga, R., p. C1661, C1752
Saijyo, S., p. C1757
Saines, P., p. C276
Saino, H., p. C800
Saint-Grégoire, P., p. 283
Saito, K., p. C146, C1460
Sakaki, K., p. C360, C868
Sakakura, T., p. C280
Sakamoto, Y., p. C892, C1058, C1059
Sakata, S., p. C1501
Sakiyama, H., p. C278
Sakoh-Nakatogawa, M., p. C1660
Sakon, A., p. C671
Sakuma, N., p. C146
Sakurai, A., p. C819
Sakurai, D., p. C1348
Sakurai, H., p. C1556
Sakurai, K., p. C878, C885, C1580
Sakurai, N., p. C1159
Sakurai, S., p. C1075, C1778
Sakurai, S.-i., p. C1581
Sakurai, Y., p. C1549, C1556
Salama, N., p. C442
Salamat, A., p. C139, C753
Salard-Arnaud, I., p. C1283
Salazar, R., p. C688, C795
Salditt, T., p. 552
Saleh, G., p. C617
Saleta, M., p. C872
Salim, M., p. C1394
Sallaz-Damaz, Y., p. C788
Sallum, L., p. C662
Salmazo, A., p. C431
Salunke, D., p. C258
Salvador, G., p. C114
Salvaya, A., p. C1208
Salzmann, C., p. C1337
Samama, J.-P., p. C1672
Samoylova, L., p. C290
Samoylovich, M., p. 186
Sanada, Y., p. C1580
Sánchez-Aroche, D., p. C1039
Sanchez-Weatherby, J., p. C337, C1377
Sanders, D., p. C443, C477
Sanderson, M., p. C713
Sandy, J., p. C337
Sanfélix, S., p. C1096
Sangha, A., p. C1204
Sanghiran Lee, V., p. C1786
Sanishvili, R., p. C691, C784
Sanisivili, R., p. C328
Sanjoh, A., p. C498
Sanjuan-Szklarz, W. F., p. 72
San Miguel, A., p. C1307
Sano, R., p. C47
Sant'Anna, O., p. C1799
Santana, A., p. C841
Santana-Ibañez, M., p. C1034
Santoro, A., p. C1453
Santoro, M., p. C753
Santos, J., p. C1406
Santos, K., p. C201
Santos, O. M., p. C1563
Santos-Silva, T., p. C1828
Santoso, E., p. C1428
Santoso, E. B., p. 12
Sanz-Garcia, E., p. C1478
Saouane, S., p. C264
Sapelkin, A., p. C1533
Sarafianos, S., p. C696
Sarahan, M., p. C1455
Saravanan, R. R, p. C1711
Sardar, K., p. C869
Sargent, D., p. C1753
Saridakis, V., p. C309
Sarjeant, A., p. C1387
Sasai, R., p. C915
Sasaki, H., p. C1511
Sasaki, K., p. C411
Sasaki, S., p. C1075, C1354, C1364, C1368, C1465, C1555, C1778
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Sassi, M. P., p. C1248
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Sato, J., p. C1830
Sato, M., p. C1497, C1626
Sato, T., p. C90, C387, C471, C764, C1333, C1461
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Sattler, E., p. C640
Sauer, U., p. C429, C1170
Sauer-Eriksson, E., p. C200
Saunders, L., p. C559
Sauter, N., p. C571, C1440
Sauvé, V., p. C836, C845
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Savithri, H. S, p. C1821
Savithri, H. S., p. C1820, C1822
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Schauer, P., p. C674
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Schefer, J., p. C1754
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Scheres, S., p. C1051
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Schiffer, C., p. C116
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Schmahl, W., p. C56, C72, C239, C1279
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Schmid, R., p. C364
Schmid, S., p. C78, C168
Schmidt, B., p. C1512
Schmidt, M., p. C134, C138
Schmidt, S., p. C735
Schmidt, T., p. C491
Schmidt-Krey, I., p. C1065
Schmidtmann, M., p. C632
Schmiele, M., p. C597
Schmier, B., p. C212
Schmitt, B., p. C680, C694
Schmitt, P., p. C1082
Schmøkel, M., p. C1338
Schneebeli, M., p. C690
Schneider, B., p. C1513
Schneider, D., p. C1733
Schneider, J., p. C72
Schneider, T., p. C316, C345, C1213
Schneidmiller, E., p. C290
Schnoor, T., p. C596
Schober, H., p. C399
Schofield, C., p. C304, C1144, C1392
Schönherr, R., p. C343
Schönleber, A., p. C169
Schonleber, A., p. C183
Schoop, L., p. C1542
Schorr, S., p. C230, C1107, C1742, C1774
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Schrader, T., p. C1211, C1215, C1220
Schreyeck, S., p. C727
Schreyer, A., p. C1546
Schröder, G., p. C1482
Schröder, W., p. C1170
Schroeder, S., p. C531, C560
Schubert, W.-D., p. C837
Schubot, F., p. C1393
Schuelli, T., p. C1583
Schuermann, J., p. C335
Schuller, D., p. C787
Schuller, J., p. C1396
Schulte, E., p. 203
Schulte, K., p. C235, C596
Schultz, D., p. C1587
Schulze-Briese, C., p. C341, C691, C692, C882, C1597, C1802
Schulzke, C., p. C1372
Schumacher, C., p. C727
Schurig-Briccio, L., p. C1495
Schutte-Smith, M., p. C919
Schwahn, D., p. C1323
Schwalbe, C., p. C561, C1316
Schwaneberg, U., p. C1169
Schwartzkopf, M., p. C1183
Schwarz, D., p. C1606
Schwarz-Linek, U., p. C848
Schwede, T., p. C491, C493
Schwidtke, S., p. C668
Scott, G., p. C1716
Scott, J., p. C1320
Scott, S., p. C1538
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Scowen, I., p. C1022
Seal, A., p. C1791
Seaton, C., p. C531, C560, C1022
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Seddon, J., p. C1187
Seetharaman , J., p. C1284
Seetharaman, J., p. C1145
Segal, J., p. C681
Segura, A., p. C959
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Seidler, T., p. C376, C377, C384
Seifullina, I., p. C657
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Seki, T., p. C83, C91, C155
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Seleem, M., p. C714
Selli, D., p. C1536
Sen, S., p. C1682
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Senda, M., p. C604, C839, C1157
Senda, T., p. C500, C604, C608, C611, C839, C1157
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Seo, K., p. C462
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Sepe, A., p. C877
Serebryanaya, N., p. C196
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Serimaa, R., p. C1135
Serquis, A., p. C1042, C1298, C1306
Servol, M., p. C768
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Sestu, M., p. C1445
Sevajol, M., p. C1599
Seweryn, P., p. C1060, C1602
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Shabalin, I., p. C1483
Shah, R., p. C577
Shahi, R., p. C1772
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Shankland, K., p. C184
Shanks, K., p. C685
Shao, C., p. C1585
Shao, Y.-C., p. C1532
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Sharma, N., p. C353, C1308
Sharma, S., p. C1654, C1790
Sharma, U., p. C1052
Sharma, V., p. C74
Shaw, G., p. C428
Shaw Stewart, P., p. C1756
Shaz, M., p. C1772
Shcherbakova, D., p. C1670
Shechtman, D., p. C2
Shehzad, A., p. C1169
Sheldrick, G., p. C286, C1437, C1483
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Sheludyakov, V., p. C1021
Shen, G., p. C397
Shen, J.-R., p. C350
Shepard, W., p. C1672
Shephard, J., p. C1337
Sheptyakov, D., p. C75, C363
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Shi, K., p. C702
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Shi, X., p. C680, C1062, C1596
Shibata, S., p. C708
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Shidara, T., p. C1611, C1612, C1613
Shigemi, M., p. C1335
Shillings, A., p. C204
Shimada, A., p. C1061, C1505
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Shimizu, G., p. C1121, C1127
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Shimizu, N., p. C1581, C1741, C1757
Shimizu, T., p. C252, C843
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Shimoaka, N., p. C1191
Shimoda, M., p. C81
Shinoda, A., p. C611
Shinohara, Y., p. C291, C1327, C1331
Shin Thung, C., p. C1831
Shinzawa-Itoh, K., p. C569, C1505
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Shiro, M., p. C113, C379, C1700
Shiro, Y., p. C1496, C1500, C1649
Shirokov, V. B., p. 49
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Shkumatov, A., p. C405
Shmatkova, N., p. C657
Shneider, M., p. C579
Shoeman, R., p. C326, C568
Shoichet, B., p. C820
Shoji, T., p. C146
Shrestha, M., p. C1393
Shrestha, R., p. C1448
Shtukenberg, A., p. C229
Shuki, T., p. C140
Shultz, D., p. C1252
Sibillano, T., p. C1328
Sicard, L., p. 448
Sicard, T., p. C1817
Sidhu, N., p. C1346
Siebrecht, R., p. C323
Siegfried, S.-A., p. C1546
Siemons, W., p. C1610
Sievers, S., p. C797
Siffalovic, P., p. C745
Siidra, O., p. C1120
SIkemizu, S., p. C486
Siliqi, D., p. C1328
Silva, A., p. C1659
Silva , M. A., p. C1564
Silva, V. H., p. C662
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Silverman, D., p. C803
Simmen, F., p. C846
Simon, P., p. C595
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Simura, R., p. C98
Sinclair, I., p. C1233
Singh, A., p. C481, C840, C1346, C1754, C1790
SINGH, D., p. C1195
Singh, I., p. C1407
Singh, N., p. C1673
SINGH, O., p. C1793
SINGH, R., p. C869, C1790
Singh, S. B., p. C1527, C1532
Singh, T., p. C1654
Singh, T. P., p. C1790
Singleton, E., p. C310
Singleton, M., p. C1668
Sinha, A., p. C651
Sinha, K., p. C313
Sinha, M., p. C1654, C1790
Sinning, I., p. C1161, C1814
Sinnwell, M., p. C1023
Sinogeikin, S., p. C397
Sirigu, S., p. C1056
Sisak Jung, D., p. C104
Sisneros, T., p. C729
Sisombath, N., p. C719
Sist, M., p. 679, C1552, C1773
Siu, K., p. C118
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Skálová, T., p. C211, C249, C254, C446, C613
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Skou, M., p. C412
Skou, S., p. C412
Skovpen, Y., p. C443
Skowronski, J., p. C121
Slabbert, C., p. C1025
Slater, A., p. C667
Slawinski, W., p. C517, C625
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Slusher, B., p. C805
Smart, J., p. C576
Smeets, S., p. C133, C185
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Snejko, N., p. C1227, C1251, C1260
Snell, E., p. C1145
Snigirev, A., p. C1334
Snigireva, I., p. C1334
Snijder, E., p. C1598
Snyder, T., p. C1278, C1379
Soares, A., p. C1156
Soares, E., p. C194
Sobczak, I., p. C917
Sobek, H., p. C307
Sobhanifar, S., p. C1674
Sobolev, A., p. C674, C976
Sochalski-Kolbus, L., p. C732
Sogabe, Y., p. C819
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Sohn, K., p. C242
Sohn, Y.-J., p. C1114
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Sokolow, J., p. C774, C776
Solanki, S., p. C508
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Solozhenko, V., p. C193
Soltis, S, p. C572
Solzi, M., p. C1815
Soman, J., p. C310
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Sommer, T., p. C1792
Sønderby, P., p. C424
Song, D., p. C1451
Song, H.., p. C844
Song, J., p. C572
Song, L., p. C1056
Soo, Y.-L., p. C1781
Sophie Cersoy, S. D., p. C1041
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Soriaga, A., p. C797
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Sosnowska, I., p. C517
Sotelo, J., p. C160, C1261
Sotero Levinsky, A., p. C1273
Soudani, S., p. C175
Souhassou, M., p. C1083, C1254
Sourek, Z., p. C1758
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Sovago, I., p. C503, C906
Sowa, H., p. 591
Sozzani, P., p. C1249
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Sparta, K., p. C706, C1681
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Speck, J., p. C1416
Speir, J., p. C1495
Spek, A., p. C1436
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Spence, J., p. C296, C1141
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Spiess, C., p. C247
Spinolo, G., p. C1519
Spisak, S., p. C986
Spitzfaden, C., p. C204
Spodine, E., p. C1721, C1775
Spratley, S., p. C451
Sprung, M., p. 552
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Srcic, S., p. C269
Srisimarat, W., p. C459
Srivasatava, O., p. C1772
Stadnicka, K., p. C376, C377, C384
Stafford, B., p. 524
Ståhl, K., p. C1559
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Stare, J., p. C269
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Stauffacher, C., p. C714, C1636
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Stavrou, E., p. C757
Stec, P., p. C693
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Steeds, J., p. C41
Steele, I., p. C1091
Steen, A., p. C468
Steffien, M., p. C1681
Stein, J., p. C151
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Stekiel, M., p. C165
Stellato, F., p. C316, C570
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Stephen, J., p. C683
Stern, C., p. C1387
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Steuerwald, U., p. C330
Steurer, W., p. C94, C943, C1617
Steussy, C., p. C714
Steuwer, A., p. C948
Stevens, J., p. C531, C560
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Stewart, A., p. C369
Stewart, R., p. C1544
Stock, N., p. C62
Stöcker, H., p. C44, C60, C233, C362
Stoev, K., p. C878, C885
Stöger, B., p. C182
Stogios, P., p. C715
Stöhr, G., p. C1396
Stokes, D., p. C1066
Stokes, H., p. C23
Storm, P., p. C1170
Störr, B., p. C362
Stote, R., p. C1200
Stout, C, p. C572
Stout, C., p. C1495
Straasø, T., p. 39
Strader, M., p. C310
Stránský, J., p. C211, C249, C254, C613, C1151
Sträter, N., p. C410
Stratford, J., p. C354
Straton, J., p. C1607
Streltsov, V., p. C573, C721
Strempfer, J., p. C1529
Striekwold, N., p. C1310
Strobridge, F., p. C357
Stronks, E., p. C624
Stroupe, ME., p. C850
Strungaru, N., p. C522
Strynadka, N., p. C482, C701, C1674
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Su, J., p. C191, C1080, C1707
Su, X.-D., p. C111, C198
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Suárez, S., p. C1298
Subach, O., p. C1670
Suchocki, A., p. C761
Suchomel, M., p. C789
Suenaga, K., p. C509
Suescun, L., p. C942, C1288
Suffren, Y., p. C53
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Sugita, K., p. C1590
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Sultana, A., p. C118
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Sun, C., p. 524
Sun, J., p. C930, C1707
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Sun, Y., p. C108, C198
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Sung, H., p. C566
Sung, J., p. C1582
Sungnoi, P., p. C1017
Suryanarayanan, R., p. C1562
Sussman, J., p. C1388
Sutton, B., p. C251
Sutton, G., p. C1803
Sutton, K., p. C1720
Sutton, M., p. C418
Suwinska, K., p. C548, C673
Suzuki, A., p. C292
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Suzuki, H., p. C843, C847, C976
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Suzuki, Y., p. C843, C1058, C1059, C1190, C1661, C1752
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Szyk, A., p. C479, C1286
Szymanska, A., p. C589

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Tabata, S., p. C1497
Tabti, C., p. C1832
Tada, T., p. C1216
Tadehara, H., p. C1505
Tagawa, M., p. C1415
Tahara, D., p. C1070
Taiji, M., p. C800
Tainer, J., p. C409
Taira, M., p. C1242
Takagi, H., p. C1457, C1757
Takagi, J., p. C1497
Takahagi, H., p. C635, C654, C672, C677
Takahara, A., p. C1325
Takahara, H., p. C937
Takahashi, I., p. C886
Takahashi, M., p. C748
Takahashi, N., p. C469
Takahashi, T., p. C1609, C1642
Takahashi, Y., p. C292, C1158, C1648
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Takata, G., p. C1676
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Takeda, K., p. C247, C1150, C1201
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Takeda, T., p. C1325
Takegawa, M., p. C915
Takeguchi, T., p. C355, C1181
Takeichi, Y., p. C1460
Takekiyo, T., p. C1335
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Takenaka, Y., p. C280
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Takimoto-Kamimura, M., p. C716
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Talipov, M., p. C659
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Unno, M., p. C487, C937, C1218
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Valente, A., p. C1256
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Van, L., p. C1060
Vanasse, J., p. C1680
van Beek, W., p. C132, C238, C1471
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van den Bedem, H., p. C344
van den Ende, J., p. C1627
van der Klei, I., p. C570
van der Kolk, A., p. C1310
Van Der Lee, A., p. C564
Van Der Linden, P., p. C1189
Van der Linden, P., p. C1214
Van der Maelen, J., p. C287
Vander Wall, T., p. C1812
van der Weerden, N., p. C1049
van de Streek, J., p. C503, C906, C1540, C1541, C1569
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van Kasteren, P., p. C1598
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van Laeren, L., p. C1241
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Varughese, S., p. C551
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Vater, A., p. C202
Vaughan, G., p. C563
Vaupré, L., p. C1283
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Ve, T., p. C242
Vedadi, M., p. C1591
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Vegso, K., p. C745
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Veneer, P., p. C1049
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Venkataramana, V., p. C148
Venkataramany, A., p. C612
Vennestrøm, P., p. C1344
Venter, G., p. C721
Venugopalan, N., p. C328
Verdugo-Escamilla, C., p. C995
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Verin, I., p. C237
Verkhusha, V., p. C1670
Verlinde, C., p. C708
Vernede, X., p. C788
Verstraete, K., p. C405
Vertruyen, B., p. C726
Veselkov, D., p. C713
Veselý, J., p. C1456
Vestergaard, B., p. C412
Vezzalini, G., p. C1255, C1469
Viana, O. M., p. C1577
Vicari, D., p. C807
Viccaro, J., p. C1727
Vieira, V., p. C1142
Vila-Viçosa, D., p. C1253
Vilciauskas, L., p. C1736
Vilesov, A., p. C289
Viñas, D., p. C1229
Vincent, C., p. C929
Vinokur, A., p. C1776
Visnjevac, A., p. C1319, C1374
Visser, H., p. C919
Vit, A., p. C717
Vitali, J., p. C481
Viterbo, D., p. C955, C1471
Vitórica-Yrezábal, I., p. C908
Vittal, J., p. C529, C1292
Vlahakis, J., p. C831
Vlieg, E., p. C940
Voegeli, W., p. C155, C884, C1609, C1818
Vogt, M., p. C42
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Volkers, G., p. C482
Volkmann, C., p. 309
Vologzhanina, A., p. C657, C679
Voloshin, A., p. C1029
von Ballmoos, C., p. C1048
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Voronkova, V., p. C48, C237
Voronova, E., p. C657
Vrcelj, R., p. C1233
Vrielink, A., p. C1047
Vukomanovic, D., p. C831

Wachter, R., p. C1147
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Wadumethrige, S., p. C659
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Wagner, G., p. C1117
Wagner, T., p. C695
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Wakatsuki, S., p. C19
Waksman, G., p. C574
Walden, M., p. C848
Wallentin, J., p. 552
Walshe, N., p. C661
Walter, P., p. C863
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Ward, K., p. C1126
Ward, M., p. C1134
Ward, S., p. C495
Wardak, A., p. C1166
Wardecki, D., p. C165, C517
Wardman, J., p. 162
Warkentin, M., p. C408
Warmer, M., p. C1725
Warner, J., p. C514
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Warren, M., p. C166, C1261
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Watanabe, N., p. C123, C611, C1191
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Waterhouse, A., p. C491
Waterman, D., p. C781, C1440, C1723
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Weber, T., p. C626, C690
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Weil, M., p. C1030
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Weiss, M., p. C310, C602, C706, C711, C1681
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Wek, R., p. C1407
Wek, S., p. C1407
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Welch, A., p. C1716
Weller, M., p. C540
Wells, G., p. C561
Welner, D., p. C814
Wen, H., p. 563
Weng, C. H., p. C225
Weng, T.-C., p. C223
Wenger, E., p. C1474
Wesela-Bauman, G., p. C1264
West, A., p. C119
Westbrook, J., p. C493, C1682
Westerhoff, L., p. C1438, C1446
Westphal, D., p. C1490
Wetzel, M.-C., p. C1813
Whisstock, J., p. C581
White, F., p. C693, C1734
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White, T., p. C570
Whitelegge, J., p. C797
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Whittle, T., p. C78
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Wiegels, T., p. C325, C816, C1443
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Wild, K., p. C1814
Wilhelm, F., p. C1518
Wilhelm, H., p. C402, C898
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Wilkinson, K., p. C1680
Wilkinson, O., p. C215
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Williams, G., p. C568
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Williamson, H., p. C183
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Woerner, W., p. C1468
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Wong, K., p. C583
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Wymore, T., p. C1204

Xiang, K., p. C358
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