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May 2017 issue

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The crystal structures of M7C3, M5C2, M3C and M23C6 carbides are determined by the finite projective geometry constructions, namely the Desargues configuration 103 and its subconfigurations. The unique mechanism of the liquid-crystal transition and in situ polymorph transformations between these carbides is described within the framework of the same approach.

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The phantom derivative phasing method has been generalized via the study of joint probability distribution functions involving the prior knowledge of a model electron-density map or of a molecular model structure.

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All trinodal, edge-2-transitive polyhedra and 2-periodic tilings are described.

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It is shown that chemical short-range order in two-component molecular crystals can be solved directly by separating the influence of the molecular form factor.

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A signature of partial symmetry operations acting in ortho­enstatite is evidenced in its labelled quotient graph.

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