Figure 10
Observed (+) and calculated (gray line) X-ray diffraction profiles for Ag3.4In3.7Sb76.4Te16.5 (Sb87Te13 + Sb2O3) at 873 K by Rietveld analysis in the commensurate case (see Table 5[link]b1). This diffraction data were obtained in 1999 at SPring-8 (Matsunaga et al., 2001BB18). A difference curve (observed - calculated) appears at the top of the figure; reflection markers are indicated by vertical spikes below the diffraction patterns. Of the first line of spikes the longer ones are for the peaks of the main reflections of Sb87Te13, and the shorter ones are for the satellites. Those at the bottom show the peak positions for Sb2O3.  [article HTML]

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