Figure 5
d(M-OH) determined by experiment for a variety of LDH phases plotted against the value calculated using ionic radii. The circles with full-line circumferences represent the data from structures that were determined using single crystals and the dotted-line circles are for structures determined using powder data. The lines are explained in the text. The data are from the following references: (1) For single crystals: Allmann (1968BB1, 1969BB2) (pyroaurite and `sjögrenite'); Arakcheeva et al. (1996BB4) (quintinite-2H-3c); Braithwaite et al. (1994BB14) (iowaite); Cooper & Hawthorne (1996BB27) (shigaite); Huminicki & Hawthorne (2003BB45) (nikischerite); Krivovichev et al. (2010aBB61) (quintinite-2H-3c); Krivovichev et al. (2010bBB62) (quintinite-1M); Merlino & Orlandi (2001BB73) (zaccagnaite); Pastor-Rodriguez & Taylor (1971BB84) (coalingite); Rius & Allmann (1984BB95) (wermlandite); Rius & Plana (1986BB96) (motukoreaite); Zhitova et al. (2010BB117) (quintinite-2H); (2) for powder where the data are used in the fit: Bellotto et al. (1996BB7) (Mg-Al); Constantino et al. (1998BB28) (Mg-Al); Ennadi et al. (2000BB33) (Zn-Al); Lombardo et al. (2005BB66) (Zn-Al-Cl); Lozano et al. (2012BB68) (Zn-Al, zaccagnaite-3R); Manohara & Vishnu Kamath (2010BB70) (Co-Ga, Mg-Ga); Manohara et al. (2011BB69) (Mg-Fe); Mills et al. (2011BB78) (Mg-Cr, barbertonite); Radha et al. (2007aBB90) (Zn-Al); Roussel et al. (2000BB98) (Zn-Cr); Witzke & Raade (2000BB113) (Zn-Al, zincwoodwardite); (3) powder data outliers: Lombardo et al. (2005BB66) (Zn-Al-CO3); Manohara & Vishnu Kamath (2010BB70) (Ni-Ga); Mills et al. (2011BB78) (Mg-Cr, stichtite); Radha et al. (2011BB92) (Zn-Al-SO3, Zn-Al-IO3); Radha et al. (2007bBB91) (Co-Al, Mg-Al).  [article HTML]