1Site 2a: 0,0,0 and [0,0,{1 \over 2}], site symmetry [\bar{3}m.]; site 2c: [{1 \over 3},{2 \over 3},{1 \over 4}] and [{2 \over 3},{1 \over 3},{3 \over 4}], site symmetry [\bar{6}m2].

2The heavily disordered atoms sit in neighboring cluster shells and are correlated. Al07b cannot be occupied by an atom when the closest Al06a/b sites are occupied and analogously, Al09b cannot be occupied when an atom is located on the closest Ta09a/b sites.

3Ta05, 4f [{1 \over 3},{2 \over 3},z] with z = 0.53716.

4The sites, which are not described by the network of 11 symmetrically inequivalent icosahedra, are Al02, Al04, Al06, Al14, Ta01 and Ta09.

5The flipped atoms were the following: Ta05, Ta06, Ta08, Ta10, Ta11, Ta13, Ta15, Al01, Al07a/b, Al08, Al09a/b, Al10, Al12, Al/Cu1, Al/Cu2, Al/Cu3.

6Supplementary data for this paper are available from the IUCr electronic archives (Reference: SN5123 ). Services for accessing these data are described at the back of the journal.

7The published coordinates are shifted by [(00{1 \over 2})] with respect to ours (Villars & Cenzual, 2009/10BB21).