Figure 10
Ternary composition diagram of the Al-Cu-Ta system with the three f.c.c. complex intermetallics cF444 {cF444-Al63.6Ta36.4 (Mahne & Harbrecht, 1994BB9; Weber et al., 2009BB22), cF5928 [cF(5928-20)-Al56.6Cu3.9Ta39.5] and cF23256 (cF(23256-122)-Al55.4Cu5.4Ta39.2; Weber et al, 2009BB22; Conrad et al., 2009BB3; all red}, as well as the new hP386-Al57.4Cu3.6Ta39.0 (black). In addition, the following phases are represented: the hexagonal Laves phase hP12, the [mu] phase hR39, and the binaries tI8 (Al3Ta), mP86 (Ta52.6Al47.4) and tP30 (Ta2Al, [\sigma] phase).  [article HTML]

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