Acta Crystallographica Section B

Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials

Volume 70, Part 1 (February 2014)

crystal engineering

Acta Cryst. (2014). B70, 19-27    [ doi:10.1107/S2052520613034550 ]

Three new europium(III) methanetriacetate metal-organic frameworks: the influence of synthesis on the product topology

L. Cañadillas-Delgado, Ó. Fabelo, J. Pasán, M. Déniz, C. Martínez-Benito, P. Díaz-Gallifa, T. Martín and C. Ruiz-Pérez

Abstract: Three new metal-organic framework structures containing EuIII and the little explored methanetriacetate (C7H7O63-, mta3-) ligand have been synthesized. Gel synthesis yields a two-dimensional framework with the formula [Eu(mta)(H2O)3]n·2nH2O, (I), while two polymorphs of the three-dimensional framework material [Eu(mta)(H2O)]n·nH2O, (II) and (III), are obtained through hydrothermal synthesis at either 423 or 443 K. Compounds (I) and (II) are isomorphous with previously reported GdIII compounds, but compound (III) constitutes a new phase. Compound (I) can be described in terms of dinuclear [Eu2(H2O)4]6+ units bonded through mta3- ligands to form a two-dimensional framework with topology corresponding to a (6,3)-connected binodal (43)(466683)-kgd net, where the dinuclear [Eu2(H2O)4]6+ units are considered as a single node. Compounds (II) and (III) have distinct three-dimensional topologies, namely a (41263)(4966)-nia net for (II) and a (41065)(41164)-K2O2; 36641 net for (III). The crystal density of (III) is greater than that of (II), consistent with the increase of temperature, and thereby autogeneous pressure, in the hydrothermal synthesis.

CCDC references: 978533, 978534 and 978535

Keywords: metal-organic frameworks; polymorphism; topology.

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