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IUCr Journals move to online-only publishing

As a not-for-profit publisher, the International Union of Crystallography has always considered ways to improve the efficiency of its business and, in turn, reduce its environmental impact.

IUCr Journals move to online-only publishing

In 2014, the IUCr will address both these issues by moving to online-only publication for all its journals.

The IUCr is not new to online publishing; approximately 50 years after the IUCr Journals began publication, the IUCr entered online publishing with "cif-access" papers in Acta Cryst. C. The success of these papers was followed by the launch of online versions of all the journals in Crystallography Journals Online in 1999. All back issues of the journals published since 1948 were soon made available via an impressive digitization project. Online-only journals Acta Cryst. E and Acta Cryst. F followed in 2001 and 2005 and from 2014 all IUCr journals will be online only.

The cessation of printing will mean that the publication process can be made more efficient and publication times can be reduced. The process will be made greener by eliminating the unwanted effects that printing and shipping have on the environment.

To accompany this change to online only, we will continue to improve our journals website by introducing new features such as the smoother integration of supporting information, improved searching, linking, more covers and improved functionality.

The change coincides with the International Year of Crystallography in 2014, when the focus will be on how crystallography affects all our lives, past, present and future. We hope that the change to online only will help crystallography to reach many more people worldwide.

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