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Acta Cryst. (2013). C69, 981-985  [ doi:10.1107/S0108270113021148 ]

Heteroscorpionate complexes based on bis­(3,5-di-tert-butyl­pyrazol-1-yl)di­thio­acetate

S. Tampier and N. Burzlaff

Synopsis: The heteroscorpionate bis­(3,5-di-tert-butyl­pyrazol-1-yl)di­thio­acetate ligand has been synthesised by reacting bis­(3,5-di-tert-butyl­pyrazol-1-yl)methane with n-BuLi and CS2. A zinc chloride complex bearing this ligand exhibits [kappa]3N,N',S-coordination and resembles the active site of zinc-containing peptide de­formyl­ases (PDFs).

Formula: [Li(C24H39N4S2)(C4H8O)]·C4H8O and [Zn(C24H39N4S2)Cl]

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