Acta Crystallographica Section C

Crystal Structure Communications

Volume 69, Part 12 (December 2013)

organic compounds

Acta Cryst. (2013). C69, 1557-1562    [ doi:10.1107/S010827011303117X ]

Isolation, pharmacological activity and structure determination of physalin B and 5[beta],6[beta]-ep­oxy­physalin B isolated from Congolese Physalis angulata L.

P. Mangwala Kimpende, M. Lusakibanza, K. Mesia, L. Tona, M. Tits, L. Angenot, M. Frédérich and L. Van Meervelt

Abstract: Physalis angulata L., an annual herb from the Solanaceae family, is widely used in popular medicine in tropical countries to treat a variety of diseases. Two products, (X) and (Y), were isolated from a crude CH2Cl2 extract of dried Congolese Physalis angulata L. plants and crystallized from acetone for structure elucidation. Compound (X) corresponds to a physalin B dimer acetone solvate hydrate (2C28H30O9·C3H6O·0.22H2O), while compound (Y) crystallizes as a mixed crystal containing two physalin B mol­ecules which overlap with 5[beta],6[beta]-ep­oxy­physalin B, also known as physalin F, and one acetone mol­ecule in the asymmetric unit (1.332C28H30O9·0.668C28H30O10·C3H6O). Anti­­plasmodial activity, cytotoxic activity and selectivity indices were determined for crude extracts and the two isolated products (X) and (Y).

CCDC references: 971732 and 971733

Formula: 2C28H30O9·C3H6O·0.22H2O and an analogue

Keywords: crystal structure; Physalis angulata L.; physalin B; 5[beta],6[beta]-ep­oxy­physalin B; anti­plasmodial activity.

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