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Acta Cryst. (2014). C70, 225-229  [ doi:10.1107/S2053229614001090 ]

Supra­molecular association in proton-transfer adducts containing benz­amidinium cations. III. Three mole­cular salts of 3-meth­oxy-, 4-meth­oxy- and 3,4,5-tri­meth­oxy­benzoates with benzamidine

G. Portalone

Synopsis: In three benzamidinium-benzoate mol­ecular salts, the amidinium fragments and the carboxyl­ate groups are completely delocalized, and the delocalization favours the aggregation of the mol­ecular components into nonplanar dimers with an R_{2}^{2}(8) graph-set motif by N+-H...O- (±)(CAHB).

Formula: C7H9N2+·C8H7O3-, C7H9N2+·C8H7O3- and C7H9N2+·C10H11O5-·H2O

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