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Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry specializes in the rapid dissemination of high-quality detailed studies of novel and challenging crystal and molecular structures of interest in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, mineralogy, pharmacology, physics and materials science. The unique checking, editing and publishing facilities of the journal ensure the highest standards of structural reliability and presentation, while providing for reports on studies involving special techniques or difficult crystalline materials. Papers go beyond reporting the principal numerical and geometrical data, and may include the discussion of multiple related structures, a detailed description of non-routine structure determinations, placing the structure in an interesting scientific, physical or chemical context, or the discussion of interesting physical properties or modes of association. Reports of difficult or challenging structures, such as cases of twinning, severe disorder, or diffuse solvent regions are welcomed, provided the presented structures are correct and the difficulties and strategies used to treat them are scientifically discussed and properly documented. Section C readers have access to an extensive back archive of high-quality structural data.

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eISSN: 2053-2296

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Acta Crystallographica Section C has recently published four exciting special issues on topics as diverse as Scorpionates, Pharmaceuticals, drug discovery and natural products, Interplay of crystallography, spectroscopy and theoretical methods for solving chemical problems and Computational materials discovery. Full details are available on the special issues page and in the recent Editorial. Also, the third virtual issue will be published in 2014 and will feature metal-organic frameworks.

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Keywords: chemical reactions and mechanisms; computational chemistry; hydrogen bonding and weak interactions; inorganics and minerals; ionic liquids; liquid crystals; metal-organic frameworks; molecular recognition; nanostructures; natural products; organic polymers; pharmaceutical compounds; polymorphs; powder diffraction; solid-state organic chemistry; structures under non-ambient conditions; structure and spectroscopy; supramolecular chemistry

`Acta is intended to offer a central place for publication and discussion of all research in this vast and ever-expanding field. It borders, naturally, on pure physics, chemistry, biology, mineralogy, technology and also on mathematics, but is distinguished by being concerned with the methods and results of investigating the arrangement of atoms in matter, particularly when that arrangement has regular features.'

Paul P. Ewald, Acta Crystallographica (1948), 1, 2.

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