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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry.

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Accepted 16 July 2018

Synthesis, crystal structure and topological analysis of a three-dimensional polymeric network based on zinc(II), the potassium ion and 5-sulfo­benzene-1,3-di­carboxyl­ate (SIP)

A three-dimensional zinc(II) coordination polymer was synthetized using 5-sulfo­benzene-1,3-di­carboxyl­ate (5-sulfoisophthalic acid) monosodium salt, KOH and the Zn2+ ion. The topological analyses revealed that K—O inter­actions form a two-dimensional network and the coordination of the zinc(II) ions gives rise to a three-dimensional network.

Accepted 10 July 2018

Thermal stability of the layered modification of Cu0.5ZrTe2 in the temperature range 25–900°C

The thermal stability of the layered modification of the polycrystalline compound Cu0.5ZrTe2, synthesized at room temperature, has been studied in the temperature range 25–900°C. In-situ time-resolved synchrotron X-ray diffraction experiments showed that the crystal structure is ruled by the copper occupation of the octa­hedral and tetra­hedral sites in the ZrTe2 inter­layer space.

Accepted 9 July 2018

A first Mn member in the struvite morphotropic series, CsMn(H2O)6(PO4): hydro­thermal synthesis, crystal structure and inter­connections within the family of related phosphates

The first Mn member of the struvite morphotropic series, CsMn(H2O)6(PO4), has been synthesized hydro­thermally and its hexa­gonal crystal structure was determined. It is shown that the size of the A+ ionic radius within the morphotropic series AM(H2O)6(XO4) affects the type of crystal structure and the values of the unit-cell parameters. Structural relationships with Na(H2O)Mg(H2O)6(PO4) and the mineral hazenite, KNa(H2O)2Mg2(H2O)12(PO4)2, are discussed.

Accepted 6 July 2018

Synthesis and crystal structure of an M4L6 tetra­hedral cage with outward-facing pockets from a substituted pyrazol­yl–pyridine ligand

A new Co4L6 tetra­hedral cage constructed from a substituted pyrazol­yl–pyridine ligand has been synthesized and structurally characterized. The [Co4L6\subsetClO4]7+ cage exhibits outward-facing pockets at each corner of the tetra­hedron.

Accepted 28 June 2018

A novel two-dimensional layered Cu2+ complex based on Dawson-like [H3BiW18O60]6−: synthesis, structure and magnetic properties

A two-dimensional complex based on the Dawson-like tungstobismuthate as a tetra­dentate ligand, i.e. (enH)2[{Cu(2,2′-bipy)(en)}24-H3BiW18O60)]·5.5H2O, has been synthesized hydro­thermally and structurally characterized, and its electrochemical and magnetic properties have been studied.

Accepted 25 June 2018

Design of two series of 1:1 cocrystals involving 4-amino-5-chloro-2,6-di­methyl­pyrimidine and carb­oxy­lic acids

Two series of ten cocrystals involving 4-amino-5-chloro-2,6-di­methyl­pyrimidine with various carb­oxy­lic acids have been prepared and characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction.

Accepted 18 June 2018

Synthesis and structural characterization of tube-type tetra­deca­vanadates

By controlling the hydrogen-bonding inter­actions between ammonium cations and polyoxometalates, structure conversion from anion-incorporated bowl-type dodeca­vanadates to tube-type structures was achieved.

Accepted 4 June 2018

Effect of the ammonium ion on proton conduction in porous ionic crystals based on Keggin-type silicododeca­tungstate

A porous ionic crystal based on Keggin-type silicododeca­tungstate with ammonium ions shows high proton conductivity and low activation energy under high relative humidity, showing that protons migrate efficiently via rearrangement of the hydrogen-bonding network formed by the NH4+ cations and the waters of crystallization.

Accepted 11 May 2018

pH-induced phase transition and crystallization of soft-oxometalates (SOMs) into polyoxometalates (POMs): a study on crystallization from colloids

Phase transition of colloidal {TEA–MoOx} SOM to crystalline {K·β-Mo8} POM depicting the pre-existence of the SOM phase in the crystallization of POMs.

Accepted 27 April 2018

An unprecedented Zr-containing polyoxometalate tetra­mer with mixed trilacunary/dilacunary Keggin-type polyoxotungstate units

A novel zirconium(IV)-substituted polyoxotungstate tetra­mer has been synthesized and structurally characterized. The tetra­mer polyoxoanion consists of two dilacunary Keggin-type germanotungstate units and two trilacunary Keggin-type phospho­tungstate fragments.

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