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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry.

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Accepted 20 June 2017

Two novel bimetallic transition metal–uranyl one-dimensional coordination polymers with manganese(II) and cobalt(II) incorporating bridging diglycolate (2,2′-oxydi­acetate) ligands

Two new bimetallic uran­yl–transition metal [manganese(II) and cobalt(II)] one-dimensional coordination polymers with diglycolic acid display one-dimensional chains of alternating uranyl and transition-metal building units. These chains assemble into three-dimensional supra­molecular networks through several hydrogen bonds between water mol­ecules and diglycolate ligands.

Accepted 20 June 2017

Iron pyrrole-based PNP pincer ligand complexes as catalyst precursors

A series of three iron complexes ligated by the pyrrole-based 2,5-bis­[(diiso­propyl­phosphan­yl)meth­yl]pyrrolide (PNpyrP) pincer ligand are described. These complexes are possible precursors to new iron catalysts.

Accepted 19 June 2017

Synthesis and characterization of (cryptand-222)potassium (2-methyl­imidazolato)(meso-tetra­phenyl­porphinato)ferrate(II)–2-methyl­imidazole–tetra­hydro­furan (1/1/2)

A salt of a (cryptand)potassium cation and a complex anion is described in which the central FeII atom is five-coordinated by an imidazolyl-substituted porphyrin and an imidazolate ligand.

Accepted 18 June 2017

Lamotriginium crotonate and lamotriginium salicylate ethanol monosolvate: the role of solvent mol­ecules in the packing organization

The solvated/unsolvated character of the crotonate and salicylate salts of lamotriginium gives rise to extremely different hydrogen-bonded packing structures from the same elemental motifs.

Accepted 2 June 2017

2,2′-(Disulfanediylbis{5-[(1E)-(2-hy­droxy­benzyl­idene)amino]-1,3-thia­zole-4,2-di­yl})diphenol: synthesis, crystal structure and theoretical evaluation of nonlinear optical property

The synthesis and crystal structure of a novel Schiff base compound obtained from salicyl­aldehyde and di­thio­oxamide have been investigated. A one-dimensional chain is formed along the b axis via double inter­molecular C—H⋯S hydrogen bonds. DFT calculations of the second-order nonlinear optical property of this mol­ecule show a high value in comparison with that of urea.

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