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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry.

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Accepted 21 March 2018

Crystal structures of two polymorphic forms of DOTAM-mono-acid dihydrate

Two polymorphic forms of DOTAM-mono-acid dihydrate were characterized. Potentiometry was used to compare the solution conformation to the crystal structure.

Accepted 18 March 2018

∊-RbCuCl3, a new polymorph of rubidium copper trichloride: synthesis, structure and structural complexity

A new polymorph of rubidium copper trichloride (RbCuCl3) has been synthesized via chemical vapour transport (CVT). The crystal structure is based upon the octa­hedral framework of the 4H perovskite type. The structural complexity of the RbCuCl3 polymorphs is discussed.

Accepted 28 February 2018

The [4 + 4] thermocyclization of 9-anthraldehyde: synthesis, crystal structure, experimental and theoretical UV spectra, natural bonding orbital analysis and prediction of third-order nonlinear optical properties

The synthesis and crystal structure of a monoclinic polymorph of the dimer of 9-anthraldehyde have been investigated, together with a theoretical evaluation of its natural bonding orbitals, electronic transitions and second-order hyperpolarizability. The crystal structure shows the formation of one-dimensional chains through inter­molecular C—H⋯O hydrogen bonds linked by C—H⋯π(ring) inter­actions.

Accepted 22 February 2018

The Chemistry of Soils

Accepted 13 February 2018

Thione–thiol tautomeric equilibrium in the solid state: a complementary 1H NMR/FT–IR/X-ray diffraction structure determination

The thione–thiol solid-state equilibrium in a pyrimidine derivative is analyzed and its presence confirmed through three different techniques (SCXRD, NMR and FT–IR).

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