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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural Chemistry.

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Accepted 12 November 2018

Computational Chemistry

Accepted 12 November 2018

Low-dimensional bis­muth(III) iodide hybrid material with high activity for the fast removal of rhodamine B

The lead-free perovskite-type compound tetra­kis­(1,2,3-tri­methyl­imidazolium) di-μ3-iodido-tetra-μ2-iododo-deca­iodido­tetra­bis­muth(III), (C6H11N2)4[Bi4I16], has been successfully synthesized by a simple solvothermal method. It exhibits a zero-dimensional tetra­meric structure, including edge-sharing [Bi4I16]4− distorted octa­hedra. The band gap with 2.0 eV is close to that of (NH4)3[Bi2I9].

Accepted 11 November 2018

Mixed natural aryl­olefin–quinoline platinum(II) complexes: synthesis, structural characterization and in vitro cytotoxicity studies

The syntheses and structures of five new platinum(II) complexes bearing (iso)propyl eugenoxyacetate and quinolines are presented, as well as their in vitro cytotoxicity on four human cancer cell lines.

Accepted 9 November 2018

Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, and mol­ecular and supra­molecular structures of chloro–formyl steroids as precursors for hybrid heterosteroids

Two new steroids containing chloro and formyl substituents in ring A have been synthesized from ketosteroid precursors using the Vilsmeier reaction and characterized spectroscopically, and the crystal structures of three such compounds have been determined. When the fusion between rings A and B is trans, 3-chloro-2-formyl products are formed, but when this ring fusion is cis, a 3-chloro-4-formyl product is formed.

Accepted 7 November 2018

Structures and phase transition of three isomers of 1-phenyl­indolin-2-one derivatives: 6-chloro-1-phenyl­indolin-2-one, 4-chloro-1-phenyl­indolin-2-one and 1-(3-chloro­phen­yl)indolin-2-one

Among the structures of three isomers, the 6-chloro-1-phenyl­indolin-2-one crystal exhibits a phase transition from the monoclinic space group P21/c at 295 K to triclinic P\overline{1} at 90 K, which may be associated with the oscillation-frozen of the phenyl group of the mol­ecule.

Accepted 29 October 2018

Comparison of computationally cheap methods for providing insight into the crystal packing of highly bromo­methyl­ated azo­benzenes

Various computationally cheap tools are applied to five bromo­methyl­ated azo­benzene derivatives in order to provide insight into their crystal packing arrangements. The procedures and caveats for the various tools are discussed in detail. We find a surprising lack of halogen–halogen inter­actions in the structures.

Accepted 16 October 2018

The structures of benzimidazole derivatives and their potential as tuberculostatics

Searches for new tuberculostatics are important considering the occurrence of drug-resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The structures of two benzimidazoles – potentially tuberculostatic compounds – were determined by X-ray diffraction.

Accepted 11 October 2018

Crystal structure of the layered arsenide Rb3Cu3As2

The new ternary arsenide Rb3Cu3As2 is isotypic with K3Cu3P2. The structure features layers of inter­linked CuAs2 linear moieties.

Accepted 4 September 2018

A novel dicobalt-substituted tungsto­anti­monate: synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and catalysis for photoinduced water oxidation

A dicobalt-substituted tungsto­anti­monate was synthesized and reported as a stable catalyst in the visible-light-driven catalytic oxidation of water for the first time.

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