Figure 1
Wide-sliced and fine-sliced data collection. The background and the reflection intensity along [varphi], assuming a Gaussian distribution of the reflection intensity with [sigma][varphi] = 0.05°, are shown. The reflecting range [xi], FWHM and [sigma][varphi] of the reflection are indicated. (a) Wide-sliced data collection with a rotation width of 1°. The intensity of a full reflection (green outline) is recorded on a single image without sampling of the profile along [varphi]. A large amount of background overlaps with the reflection intensity along [varphi] and is included in the integration. A partial reflection (orange outline) is recorded on two consecutive images with twice the background of a full reflection. (b) Intermediate fine-slicing at [Delta][varphi] = 2[sigma][varphi] = 0.1°: improved background separation and coarse sampling of the profile along [varphi]. (c) Fine-slicing at [Delta][varphi] = 0.5[sigma][varphi] = 0.025°. The reflection profile is densely sampled along [varphi]. The inclusion of [varphi] regions which contain background but no parts of the reflection profile and intensity in the integration is further reduced.  [article HTML]