Figure 3
Sequence and structural comparison between APD and 4,5-PCD. (a) Structure-based sequence alignment of the [beta] and [alpha] chains of APD (APD-B and APD-A, respectively) and the [beta] chain of 4,5-PCD. The secondary-structure elements of APD and 4,5-PCD are labelled on the top and bottom lines, respectively. (b) Structure superimposition on the [beta] subunit of both enzymes: APD is in green and 4,5-PCD is in gold. The Fe atom is represented by a magenta sphere. (c) Superimposition of the [alpha][beta] dimeric structures, with the [alpha] subunit of APD in red and that of 4,5-PCD in light blue. (d) Overlay of active sites. The model of APD is colour coded by atom (C in grey, N in blue, O in red and Fe in magenta) and that of 4,5-PCD in gold. The labels for APD and 4,5-PCD are in black and gold, respectively.  [article HTML]

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