Figure 3
Comparison of experimental electron-density maps calculated for HMT-derivative DR6 crystals. The electron-density maps (contoured at 1[sigma]) were calculated from experimental phases (MAD experiment at 2.9 Å resolution or SIRAS experiment at 3.3 Å resolution) after solvent flattening and are shown in comparison with the 2Fo - Fc difference Fourier map calculated from the final protein model (stick representation). The experimental phases were either derived from the individual tungsten positions of the MR solution at 2.9 Å resolution (MAD) or at 3.4 Å resolution (SIRAS) or by spherical averaging in SHARP (SPHCLUSTER option) at 2.9 Å resolution (MAD) or at 3.4 Å resolution (SIRAS). The map correlation coefficient (CC) is given in comparison to the respective 2Fo - Fc map for each experimental electron-density map.  [article HTML]