Figure 15
Absent oligosaccharides. The omit maps of the four oligosaccharides from Kumar et al. (2007BB32) are shown for the protein complexed with the following oligosaccharides: (a) trisaccharide (PDB entry 2dt0 ), (b) tetrasaccharide (PDB entry 2dt1 ), (c) pentasaccharide (PDB entry 2dt2 ) and (d) hexasaccharide (PDB entry 2dt3 ). The 2.45 Å (a), 2.09 Å (b), 2.9 Å (c) and 2.28 Å (d) resolution mFo - DFc maps contoured at ±3[sigma] (green/red) and 2mFo - DFc maximum-likelihood omit maps contoured at 1[sigma] (blue) are shown. Maps were calculated for a refined model with the ligand atoms omitted.  [article HTML]

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