Figure 5
Measures of the quality of the optimized phases for the strongest reflections selected in the search. The measures were calculated using the map correlation coefficients (equation 2[link]) of the optimized phases ([varphi]S) and the known phases ([varphi]C). Each dot represents a set of phases yielding a certain skew value of the density map and a certain value of map correlation. The filled dots show the map correlation coefficients of the centroid phases calculated from a group of phases with similar skew value. All plots show the results from five independent runs, with a square marker representing the original centroid phases [varphi]B and a diamond marker representing the optimized phases [varphi]S selected as the output of the search process for (a) the 20 strongest reflections, (b) the 30 strongest reflections, (c) the 100 strongest reflections and (d) the 500 strongest reflections.  [article HTML]