Figure 5
(a) Right singular vectors (rSVs) at 233 K. The rSVs are weighted by the square of their respective singular value S. Four kinetic processes [tau]1....[tau]4 are globally observed (dashed vertical lines). Solid spheres, open triangles and squares: first, second and third significant rSVs. Colored thin lines around zero: remaining less significant rSVs. Solid black line, dashed line and dashed double dotted line: global fit of the significant rSVs by four exponential functions with the same set of relaxation times but different amplitudes. Relaxation times obtained at room temperature (298 K, red) are shown in parentheses for comparison. (b), (c) and (d): macroscopic rates [Lambda] (inverse of relaxation times) for processes [tau]2, [tau]3 and [tau]4 plotted as a function of temperature, respectively. Dashed lines: fits by the Van't Hoff-Arrhenius equation. (e), (f) and (g): temperature dependence of the main pathway microscopic rate coefficients k3, k4 and k8, respectively. Red lines, fits by the TSE. Insets, Arrhenius plots: dashed lines, fits by straight lines.  [article HTML]