Figure 5
Crystal structure of MBPA216H_K220H-SUFU-[Delta]W61D_L62S_G63F_P453A_[Delta]454-456_K457A in complex with GLI3p. (a) Superposition of the N-terminal domains of apo (yellow with grey linker) and peptide-bound (beige, N-­terminal domain; green, C-terminal domain; purple linker) structures shows a 58° rotation of the C-terminal domain via a flexible linker. (b) The position of GLI3p in the MBP-216H_220H_-SUFU-[Delta]W61D_L62S_G63F_P453A_[Delta]454-456_K457A-peptide co-crystal. An averaged kick OMIT map contoured at 3.0[sigma] shows well defined density for GLI3p lying between the [beta]-­sheets of the SUFU N-terminal domain (beige) and C-terminal domain (green).  [article HTML]