Acta Crystallographica Section D

Biological Crystallography

Volume 70, Part 2 (February 2014)

research papers

Acta Cryst. (2014). D70, 218-230    [ doi:10.1107/S139900471302631X ]

Structural basis for DNA-mediated allosteric regulation facilitated by the AAA+ module of Lon protease

A. Y.-L. Lee, Y.-D. Chen, Y.-Y. Chang, Y.-C. Lin, C.-F. Chang, S.-J. Huang, S.-H. Wu and C.-H. Hsu

Abstract: Lon belongs to a unique group of AAA+ proteases that bind DNA. However, the DNA-mediated regulation of Lon remains elusive. Here, the crystal structure of the [alpha] subdomain of the Lon protease from Brevibacillus thermoruber (Bt-Lon) is presented, together with biochemical data, and the DNA-binding mode is delineated, showing that Arg518, Arg557 and Arg566 play a crucial role in DNA binding. Electrostatic interactions contributed by arginine residues in the AAA+ module are suggested to be important to DNA binding and allosteric regulation of enzymatic activities. Intriguingly, Arg557, which directly binds DNA in the [alpha] subdomain, has a dual role in the negative regulation of ATPase stimulation by DNA and in the domain-domain communication in allosteric regulation of Bt-Lon by substrate. In conclusion, structural and biochemical evidence is provided to show that electrostatic interaction in the AAA+ module is important for DNA binding by Lon and allosteric regulation of its enzymatic activities by DNA and substrate.

PDB reference: 4git

Keywords: AAA+ proteases; allosteric regulation; DNA binding; Lon proteases.

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