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Acta Cryst. (2005). E61, o2461-o2463  [ doi:10.1107/S1600536805021446 ]

4'-Hydroxy-4-methylstilbazolium tetraphenylborate dimethyl sulfoxide solvate

W. Yang, S.-J. Li and D.-C. Zhang

Abstract: In the title salt, C14H14NO+·C24H20B-·C2H6OS, the cation is nearly planar and is totally disordered, each of the two positions being occupied equally. The crystal structure has an O-H...O hydrogen bond between the disordered cation and the dimethyl sulfoxide molecule. A C-H...[pi] interaction between the disordered cation and a phenyl ring of the tetraphenylborate anion is also present.

Online 9 July 2005

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