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Acta Cryst. (2005). E61, o2770-o2771  [ doi:10.1107/S1600536805023913 ]


J. Hartung, M. Greb, I. Svoboda and H. Fuess

Abstract: The title compound, C14H18BrFO, is a hexasubstituted tetrahydropyran with two halogen atoms attached in [beta] and four C substituents in [alpha] positions with respect to the ether O atom. The C...C distance [3.183 (7) Å] between the two 1,3-diaxially oriented [alpha]-methyl groups falls below the sum of the van der Waals radii. The magnitude of the bond angle at oxygen [122.6 (3)°] and a comparatively small displacement of this atom [0.490 (5) Å] from the mean plane of four C atoms of the tetrahydropyran ring indicate a marked flattening of the heterocyclic ring in its 1C4 conformation.

Online 30 July 2005

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