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Acta Cryst. (2005). E61, o2376-o2378  [ doi:10.1107/S1600536805020398 ]

(S)-(+)-2-[2-(Biphenyl-2-yl)-1-methylethyl]-4,5-dihydro-1H-imidazolium hydrogen oxalate

M. Giannella, F. Gentili, B. Bruni, L. Messori and M. Di Vaira

Abstract: The (+)-enantiomer of 2-[2-(biphenyl-2-yl)-1-methylethyl]-4,5-dihydro-1H-imidazole is known to produce interesting hypotensive effects via inhibition of I1-imidazoline receptors. The crystal structure of its hydrogen oxalate salt, C18H21N2+·C2HO4-, has now been determined at 170 K, allowing the assignment of the absolute configuration of the parent molecule. The solid-state structure is stabilized by a network of hydrogen bonds between the ions.

Online 6 July 2005

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