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Acta Cryst. (2005). E61, o2360-o2362  [ doi:10.1107/S1600536805020362 ]


X.-J. Song, S.-H. Zhang, Y.-H. Li, X.-H. Tan and Y.-G. Wang

Abstract: In the title compound, C10H6F2N4O2S, the urea group is essentially coplanar with the thiadiazole ring and nearly perpendicular to the benzene ring. The face-to-face distance of 3.2225 (15) Å and the centroid separation of 3.5862 (17) Å between parallel thiadiazole rings indicate the existence of [pi]-[pi] stacking between neighbouring molecules. There are two molecules in the asymmetric unit.

Online 6 July 2005

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