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Acta Cryst. (2009). E65, m443  [ doi:10.1107/S1600536809009581 ]

{[mu]-6,6'-Dimethoxy-2,2'-[propane-1,3-diylbis(nitrilomethylidyne)]diphenolato}trinitratocopper(II)lutetium(III) acetone solvate

J.-C. Xing, Y.-M. Xu, X.-G. Cui and W.-Z. Li

Abstract: In the title complex, [CuLu(C19H20N2O4)(NO3)3]·CH3COCH3, the CuII ion is four-coordinated in a square-planar geometry by two O atoms and two N atoms from the deprotonated Schiff base. The LuIII ion is ten-coordinate, chelated by three nitrate groups and linked to the four O atoms of the deprotonated Schiff base. A molecule of acetone is present as a solvate.

Online 25 March 2009

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