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Acta Cryst. (2010). E66, i76-i77  [ doi:10.1107/S1600536810043539 ]


D. Zakaria, F. Erragh, A. Oudahmane, M. El-Ghozzi and D. Avignant

Abstract: Single crystals of [alpha]-Ba2P2O7, dibarium diphosphate, were obtained by solid-state reaction. The orthorhombic structure is isotypic with [alpha]-Sr2P2O7 and is the second polymorph obtained for this composition. The structure is built from two different BaO9 polyhedra (both with m symmetry), with Ba-O distances in the ranges 2.7585 (10)-3.0850 (6) and 2.5794 (13)-2.9313 (4) Å. These polyhedra are further linked by sharing corners along [010] and either edges or triangular faces perpendicularly to [010] to form the three-dimensional framework. This polyhedral linkage delimits large channels parallel to [010] where the P2O7 diphosphate anions are located. These groups (symmetry m) are characterized by a P-O-P angle of 131.52 (9)° and an eclipsed conformation. They are connected to the BaO9 polyhedra through edges and corners.

Online 31 October 2010

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