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Acta Cryst. (2011). E67, m416-m417  [ doi:10.1107/S1600536811008075 ]

[1,2-Bis(diphenylphosphanyl)ethane-[kappa]2P,P']{2-[(4-nitrobenzoylmethyl)diphenylphosphanyl]phenyl-[kappa]2C,C'}palladium(II) trifluoromethanesulfonate-dichloromethane-n-hexane (1/1/0.5)

C. Rizzoli, K. Karami and F. Borzooie

Abstract: In the cation of the title compound, [Pd(C26H19NO3P)(C26H24P2)]CF3O3S·CH2Cl2·0.5C6H14, the PdII atom has a slightly tetrahedrally distorted square-planar coordination geometry. The PdC3P and PdC2P2 five-membered metallacycles adopt envelope and twist conformations, respectively. In the crystal, intermolecular C-H...O hydrogen bonds link cations and anions into a three-dimensional network. The dichloromethane solvent molecule is disordered over three orientations with a site-occupancy ratio of 0.5/0.3/0.2. The n-hexane solvent molecule has a crystallographically imposed centre of symmetry.

Online 9 March 2011

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