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Acta Cryst. (2012). E68, i68-i69
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536812035040 ]

Redetermination of the low-temperature polymorph of Li2MnSiO4 from single-crystal X-ray data

M. Sato, T. Ishigaki, K. Uematsu, K. Toda and H. Okawa

Abstract: Crystals of dilithium manganese(II) silicate were grown under high-temperature hydrothermal conditions in the system LiOH-MnO2-SiO2. The title compound crystallizes in the [beta]II-Li3PO4 structure type. The coordination polyhedra of all cations are slightly distorted tetrahedra (m symmetry for MnO4 and SiO4), which are linked by corner-sharing to each other. The vertices of the tetrahedra point to the same direction perpendicular to the distorted hexagonal close-packed (hcp) array of O atoms within which half of the tetrahedral voids are occupied by cations. In comparison with the previous refinement from powder X-ray data [Dominko et al. (2006). Electrochem. Commun. 8, 217-222], the present reinvestigation from single-crystal X-ray data allows a more precise determination of the distribution of the Li+ and Mn2+ cations, giving a perfectly site-ordered structure model for both Li+ and Mn2+.

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