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Acta Cryst. (2012). E68, o3298-o3299
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536812045254 ]


K. Mulla, Y. Zhao and L. N. Dawe

Abstract: The title molecule, C58H44N6S8, has point symmetry 2 (in the Schönfliess notation C2). The related crystallographic twofold axis bisects the central ethane bond while it is parallel to the monoclinic unique axis of the unit cell. The dithiole=C-C=dithiole torsion angle is 103.7 (4)° and the triazole-anthracene moieties adopt a pincer-like conformation. The crystal structure features C-H...S and C-H...N contacts. The distance between the stacked anthracene fragments [centroid-centroid separations of 3.6871 (19) Å, off-set by 1.516 (3) Å and mean anthracene plane-plane separations of 3.361 (2) Å], which are parallel to (101) and (-101), indicates intermolecular anthracene-anthracene [pi]-[pi] contacts. One of the terminal methylsulfanyl groups was modelled as being disordered with two refined orientations that converged to occupancies of 0.809 (5) and 0.191 (5).

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