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Acta Cryst. (2012). E68, m1502
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536812046818 ]

Bis[O-isopropyl (4-ethoxyphenyl)dithiophosphonato-[kappa]2S,S']lead(II)

S. Sewpersad and W. E. Van Zyl

Abstract: The title compound, [Pb(C11H16O2PS2)2], is a neutral four-coordinate mononuclear complex with a distorted square-pyramidal geometry of the PbS4 core. The apical PbII atom of each pyramid is 1.33059 (3) Å above the basal S4 plane. The metal atom is surrounded by two chelating dithiophosphonate ligands binding through the S-donor atoms. The ligands are anisobidentate as the pyramid is comprised of Pb-S bond lengths that vary substantially [2.6999 (7), 2.7128 (6), 2.8877 (7) and 2.9472 (7) Å], clearly indicating two short and two longer bond lengths. The P-S bond lengths are also paired as shorter [1.9959 (9) and 1.9877 (8) Å] and slightly longer [2.0115 (9) and 2.0245 (9) Å], indicating an anisobidentate nature of the ligand whereby the shorter P-S bond has more double-bond character than the other. The S-Pb-S (chelating) bond angles range from 71.841 (18) to 72.692 (19)°, whilst the Pb-S-P bond angles range from 84.70 (3) to 90.51 (3)°.

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