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Acta Cryst. (2012). E68, m1532-m1533
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536812047745 ]


P. W. R. Corfield, S. A. Grillo and N. S. Umstott

Abstract: The title compound, [Cu2(CN)3(C6H18N4)] or [Cu(trien)(CN)Cu(CN)2], where trien is triethylenetetramine, is a mixed-valence complex crystallizing as discrete molecules, with CuI and CuII ions linked by a bridging cyanide group. The CuII ion is in a square-pyramidal coordination environment, with the N atoms of the tetradentate trien ligand occupying the basal positions and Cu-N bond lengths in the range 2.028 (4)-2.047 (4) Å. An N-bonded cyanide group is in the apical position, with a slightly longer Cu-N bond length of 2.127 (4) Å. The CuI ion exhibits a trigonal-planar coordination geometry, bonded to the C atoms of the bridging cyanide group and two terminal cyanide groups with Cu-C bond lengths in the range 1.925 (4)-1.948 (5) Å. In the crystal, hydrogen bonding involving the tertiary N-H groups of the trien ligand and N atoms of symmetry-related terminal cyanide groups links molecules into a ribbon extending in the b-axis direction.

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