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Acta Cryst. (2012). E68, m1520
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536812046892 ]

Bis(butane-1,4-diammonium) di-[mu]-oxido-bis[trifluoridooxidomolybdate(V)] monohydrate

J. Lhoste, A. Hemon-Ribaud, V. Maisonneuve, S. Jobic and M. Bujoli-Doeuff

Abstract: The title compound, (C4H14N2)2[Mo2O4F6]·H2O, was obtained by solvothermal reaction at 443 K for 72 h from a mixture of MoO3, HF, 1,4-diaminobutane (dab), water and ethylene glycol. The structure consists of [Mo2O4F6]4- anionic dimers containing strongly distorted MoO3F3 octahedra (with twofold symmetry), diprotonated dab cations and water molecules (twofold symmetry) in the ratio 1:2:1. The cohesion of the three-dimensional structure is ensured through N-H...O, N-H...F and O-H...F interactions.

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