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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, m43-m44
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536812049987 ]

catena-Poly[[tetrakis(hexamethylphosphoramide-[kappa]O)bis(nitrato-[kappa]2O,O')erbium(III)] [silver(I)-di-[mu]-sulfido-tungstate(VI)-di-[mu]-sulfido]]

H. Wei, J. Zhang and C. Zhang

Abstract: In the title compound, {[Er(NO3)2(C6H18N3OP)4][AgWS4]}n, the polymeric anionic chain {[AgWS4]-}n extends along [001]. The ErIII atom in the cation is coordinated by eight O atoms from two bidentate nitrate anions and four hexamethylphosphoramide ligands in a distorted square-antiprismatic geometry. Together with the two nitrate ligands, the cation is monovalent, which leads to the anionic chain having a [WS4Ag] repeat unit. The polymeric anionic chain has a distorted linear configuration, with W-Ag-W and Ag-W-Ag angles of 161.37 (2) and 153.548 (12)°, respectively. The title complex is isotypic with the Y, Yb, Eu, Nd, La, Dy, Sm, Lu and Tb analogues.

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