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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, m173-m174
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536813004984 ]


Ö. Dincel, B. Tercan, F. E. Öztürkkan, H. Necefoglu and T. Hökelek

Abstract: In the title complex, [Co(C7H4ClO2)2(C6H6N2O)2(H2O)2], the CoII cation is located on an inversion center and is coordinated by two 2-chlorobenzoate anions, two nicotinamide (NA) ligands and two water molecules. The four O atoms in the equatorial plane around the CoII cation form a slightly distorted square-planar arrangement, while the slightly distorted octahedral coordination is completed by the two pyridine N atoms of the NA ligands in the axial positions. The dihedral angle between the carboxylate group and the adjacent benzene ring is 29.7 (4)°, while the pyridine and benzene rings are oriented at a dihedral angle of 83.17 (15)°. Intramolecular O-H...O hydrogen bonding occurs between the carboxylate group and coordinating water molecule. In the crystal, intermolecular N-H...O, O-H...O and weak C-H...O hydrogen bonds link the molecules into a three-dimensional network.

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