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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, o875-o876
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536813012592 ]


S. K. Mohamed, M. Akkurt, A. A. E. Marzouk, F. Santoyo-Gonzalez and M. A. A. Elremaily

Abstract: The title compound, C24H19ClN2, crystallizes with two independent molecules in the asymmetric unit. The prop-2-enyl substituents on the imidazole rings adopt similar conformations in the two molecules. The 4-and 5-substituted phenyl rings and the benzene ring make dihedral angles of 67.06 (8), 5.61 (8) and 41.09 (8)°, respectively, with the imadazole ring in one molecule and 71.53 (8), 28.85 (8) and 41.87 (8)°, respectively, in the other. The crystal structure features C-H...[pi] interactions and weak [pi]-[pi] stacking interactions [centroid-centroid distances = 3.6937 (10) and 4.0232 (10) Å] between the chlorophenyl rings, which form a three-dimensional supramolecular structure.

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