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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, m329
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536813012828 ]


C. T. Eagle, F. Quarshie, M. E. Ketron and N. Atem-Tambe

Abstract: The complex molecule of the title compound, [Rh2{N(C6H5)COCH3}4(C6H5CN)2], exhibits crystallographically imposed centrosymmetry. The four acetamide ligands bridging the dirhodium core are arranged in a 2,2-cis manner, with two N atoms and two O atoms coordinating to the unique RhII atom cis to one another. The Neq-Rh-Rh-Oeq torsion angles on the acetamide bridges vary between 1.62 (4) and 1.78 (4)°. The Rh-Rh bond length is 2.4319 (3) Å. The axial nitrile ligand completes the distorted octahedral coordination sphere and shows a non-linear coordination with an Rh-N-C bond angle of 167.14 (15)°, while the N-C bond length is 1.135 (3) Å.

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