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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, m302
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536813011884 ]

2-Amino-5-bromopyridin-1-ium (2-amino-5-bromopyridine-[kappa]N1)trichloridozincate

Fitriani, K. Hansongnern, N. Leesakul, C. Pakawatchai and S. Saithong

Abstract: The structure of the title salt, (C5H6BrN2)[ZnCl3(C5H5BrN2)], consists of discrete 2-amino-5-bromopyridin-1-ium cations and distorted tetrahedral (2-amino-5-bromopyridine)trichloridozincate anions. In the crystal, the complex anions and cations are linked via N-H...Cl hydrogen bonds into layers parallel to (101). Short Br...Cl contacts of 3.4239 (11) and 3.4503 (12) Å are observed, as well as [pi]-[pi] stacking interactions between the pyridine and pyridinium rings, with alternating centroid-to-centroid distances of 3.653 (2) and 3.845 (2) Å.

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