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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, m362-m363  [ doi:10.1107/S1600536813014669 ]


R. Centore, M. Ahmadi and A. Peluso

Abstract: In the title complex, [U(C17H14BrN3O2S)O2(C2H5OH)], the UVI cation has a distorted pentagonal-bipyramidal environment with the pentagonal plane defined by two N and two O atoms of the tetradentate Schiff base ligand and the O atom of the ethanol molecule. Two oxide O atoms occupy the axial positions. The azomethine C=N group and the Br atom are disordered over two positions in a 0.8356 (18):0.1644 (18) ratio. The ethylthiolyl group is disordered over three conformations in a 0.8356 (18):0.085 (6):0.079 (6) ratio, and the ethanol ligand is also disordered over three orientations in a 0.470 (16):0.277 (19):0.253 (18) ratio. In the crystal, molecules form centrosymmetric dimers through hydrogen bonding between ethanol O-H donors and phenolate O-atom acceptors. Weak C-H...O interactions consolidate the crystal packing.

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