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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, m406-m407  [ doi:10.1107/S1600536813016723 ]

Poly[tetrabutylammonium [chloridohexamethyl-[mu]3-sulfato-distannate(IV)]]

T. Diop, A. van der Lee and M. Sidibé

Abstract: In the structure of the title coordination polymer, {(C16H36N)[Sn2(CH3)6Cl(SO4)]}n, the two independent SnIV atoms are coordinated in a trigonal-bipyramidal manner by three methyl groups in the equatorial plane and in the axial positions by either two O atoms of bridging SO42- anions or by a Cl atom and one O atom of a bridging SO42- anion, respectively. The [Sn2(CH3)6Cl(SO4)]- anion forms an infinite zigzag chain parallel to the c axis. The cations are situated between these chains. Two of the four butyl groups of the cation are partially disordered over two sets of sites with site occupancies of 0.79 (2):0.21 (2) and 0.75 (2):0.25 (2), respectively. Weak C-H...O hydrogen-bonding interactions help to consolidate the crystal packing.

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