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Acta Cryst. (2013). E69, m528-m529
[ doi:10.1107/S1600536813023040 ]

{2-[1-(2-Methoxy-6-oxidophenyl-[kappa]O6)ethylidene]-N-methylhydrazinecarbothioamidato-[kappa]2N2,S}(triphenylphosphane-[kappa]P)palladium(II) ethanol monosolvate

B. J. Anderson, K. A. O'Rourke, A. M. Keeler and J. P. Jasinski

Abstract: In the title compound, [Pd(C11H13N3O2S)(C18H15P)]·C2H5OH, the PdII atom is tetracoordinated in a slightly distorted square-planar environment by three donor atoms (NOS) from a thiosemicarbazonate ligand, forming five- and six-membered chelate rings, and a P atom from a neutral triphenylphosphane group. The five-membered ring adopts a distorted envelope conformation with PdII as the flap atom, while the six-membered ring forms a slightly twisted screw-boat conformation. A slightly distorted screw-boat form of a methoxyphenyl group is fused to the six-membered ring. Weak C-H...O interactions form dimers in the asymmetric unit and along [001] which help to stabilize the crystal packing.

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